Hollowell likes OSU, IU; is keeping options open

INDIANAPOLIS — Jeremy Hollowell may very well be one of the smoothest prospects in the class of 2012.

The 6-foot-7 wing seems to glide on the court and from position to position — anywhere from the one to the four.

That’s a big reason why he likes Ohio State, Hollowell said during the adidas Invitational.

“I like Evan Turner,” Hollowell said.

Turner, of course, used his multi-position ability to lead Ohio State last season, was named national player of the year and was selected second overall in the NBA Draft.

Plus, Hollowell has family in Cleveland.

Indiana is also in on Hollowell.

“It’s just the home town,” Hollowell said. “I like the tradition. It’s a known program that is trying to get back to where it was at.”

His options are still open. Florida recently expressed interest, as well.


  1. I can’t believe Crean is not on this kid more, why on earth would he mention OSU first then IU. If crean was any good he would have mentioned IU first then OSU….just sad.

    Sincerely 4guards

  2. RE: Impossible is nothing

    With the temperature at 92 outside you’d think one would opt for the short sleeved version…

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