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Indiana coach Tom Crean was among those who did not attend the final day of the adidas Invitational. Ray Whitehouse | Herald-Times


  • The championships of the adidas Invitational were played in front of very few coaches, typical of AAU events, Dustin Dopirak writes.





Kanye West’s “Power.”


  1. Aww, Kanye wrote a song about Calipari (although he mixed in a little Gillispie with the drinking + driving verse).

  2. The reason coaches don’t stay the extra day at most tourney’s are:

    1. Not to over evaluate players. They have seen them dozens of times.

    2. Preparing information to see who they will prioritize, offer, and lay off on.

    3. Scheduling and preparation for the next tourney

    Crean staying would have had NO impact to the players they are already recruiting.

  3. I don’t know Region… I agreee with you on the reasons why most coaches don’t stay the extra day. But most coaches have successful programs and Crean needs to figure out a way to stand out. I disagree that it wouldn’t have ANY impact. I bet most recruits would notice that he was still there and I doubt any of them would feel “over-evaluated”. It would be a better gimmick than bringing Riley along.

  4. JB this is a little harsh: “It would be a better gimmick than bringing Riley along.” What dad would not love to spend some time with his son during the summer, and do his job, and be doing an activity that his son actually liked! There actually is a LIFE beyond recruiting “edges”.

  5. The coaches have to allocated their time. The NCAA allows only so many of these type of recruiting days. So, the coaches don’t want to spend too much time at one event evaluating one set of players.

    If you recall, part of our self-imposed penalties cut Crean’s off-campus time to less than the NCAA allows.

  6. Beat Purdue – Sometimes your dad is too busy to take you to work. I’m sure there are plenty of father/son opportunities in Bloomington.

  7. JB,

    I doubt Crean’s kid being present will deter a recruit from potentially committing. If it were to, I wouldn’t want that recruit here anyway.

    If anything, it speaks to Crean’s determination to emphasize the importance of family, and to create a family-like bond between his players.

  8. Kind of like when you take your puppy to the dog park to pick up chicks…why don’t other coaches feel the need to emphasize family values by bringing their kids? Because it was a gimmick as I stated earlier.

  9. JB…at a game here in Indy I saw Brad Stevens, his wife, and his new born sitting in the stands….was that a gimmick? Maybe the kids and family understand this is the nature of dads job, maybe the kid wanted to be there, he is on summer break…

    Secondly, most of players, like zeller say they really don’t notice who is there anyhow and the only way they know is the coach calling them prior to the tourney to let them know they are coming to evaluate them.

  10. JB
    I seriously doubt taking your son along with you when all you are doing is driving up the road a little ways to do some observing qualifies as a gimmick. Now if he traveled everywhere Crean went and Crean had the recruits always saying something to his son then I might think, maybe, he was using his son for some kind of gimmick. As I understand it the coaches can’t even talk to the recruits right now only observe. So it’s not like he is going to be using up his time there doing something other than talking with the recruits.

    I think if he was going to use a family member as a gimmick in some way it would be his wife for all of the obvious ( and unrealistic ) reasons.

  11. JB,

    You’re making something out of nothing. I know you’re not a Crean fan, but are you seriously bashing him for allowing his son to join him in watching some basketball games? Really?

    They went to a gym and watched basketball. While they were there, Crean evaluated players. He didn’t interact with them. I doubt Crean lets his kid sit in on private coach-to-recruit meetings. It’s not a big deal, and it’s not a gimmick. More like — a father who uses any opportunity he can to spend time with his son because his job demands so many hours of work from him — especially in July.

    Not everything is some twisted ploy or conspiracy. Not everything is so complicated or intricate. Good dads like spending time with their kids. There it is.

  12. Before I get blamed for inciting all of this, I just want to say that in the story, I pointed out that Crean was on the other side of Indy watching Ron Patterson yesterday. The point of the story wasn’t to question Crean’s priorities. It was just to talk about the general strangeness of a tournament getting less attention as it builds to the championship games.
    As for bringing your kids to games … please tell me this argument isn’t actually happening.

  13. To change this dead-and-beaten topic…

    I’m curious about and have not information on Chasson Randle. According to Scout.com he lists a “high” interest in IU (among 3 other schools) and is a highly-rated PG, which we are apprarently looking for. Does he have some plague-like flaw or is there another reason we never hear much about him on the recruiting sites?

  14. Dustin, I think the strangeness of the coaches leaving after pool play could have to do with how they want to spend their limited “off campus evaluation” time. As these tournaments progress, my guess is the kids’ legs get tired and you start seeing less than stellar play. You tell me, is that true? If so maybe the coaches want to spend their time seeing players when they are fresh.

  15. No question. the teams that played in the final yesterday played three games in about six hours. That’s obviously out of hand, and it took a toll. Again, in the story, I think I presented some reasons why this makes sense in the dynamic of the July evaluation period. It was just something that struck me as somewhat ironic that the more important the game the fewer people were watching. But again, from a coach’s perspective it makes sense, and I tried to point that out.
    A counterpoint, though, would be that you see a player’s true colors when he’s exhausted and battling for a title. Shows how much he wants it. Would I waste the opportunity to see another prospect for that? Probably not, but it could or could not be useful in your evaluation, depending on the player and what you need.

  16. People stick to basketball issues…do you want Crean taking his son with him or making a few extra phone calls? Grow up….

  17. For the record the entire staff on the last day of the adidas tourney were at the Hoosier Shootout, according to peegs….he did report if they kids or dogs were there or not.

  18. It’s really pretty stupid that the main thread of conversation here is whether Crean should or should not take his son along. Good grief, could we talk about anything less pertinent??

  19. Well,after previously just dipping a toe in the water, JB has now delved to the depths of stupidity usually reserved for his conjoined twin. I doubt we hear another coherent comment from this point on.
    Dustin, good point. The opportunities to see a player at the point of exhaustion are few and can tell a lot about his heart. Most big time players want the ball when they feel good. What do they do when they’re ready to puke?

  20. Thought maybe he left so he could go to WL and get a copy of Drew Brees’ book about coming back from adversity and get Drew’s autograph.

  21. You’ll all be happy to know that he is now in Louisville at the Kentucky Hoopfest. Watched Ron Patterson’s team yesterday and had Coach Buckley with him (didn’t see Riley).

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