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Peter Jurkin works inside during the adidas May Classic. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times






The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside.”


  1. I freely admit that I don’t follow recruiting as close as some, so the picture above is the first one I have seen of Jurkin. Holy crap! I hope and pray we sign this guy.

  2. You didn’t see enough of this with Bawa and Jobe? and soon to be seen Michel?
    What I see in this picture is him bringing down the ball so low, guys are able to slap at it.
    I hope we can land Kaminsky on 7/31. He would be a great addition.

  3. So now, 4guards is evaluating players based on a still photograph.

    Talk about zero credibility.

  4. To be honest, him bringing the ball down low was the first thing that came to my mind. Hopefully we get him and he can ball.

  5. Watching the recruting vidoes on him….whenever he gets a rebound he keeps on the ball nice and high…either for an outlet pass or put back

    I don’t think that will be his problem, and I’m guessing this picture came on a post move where he had to use a dribble.

  6. I have seen videos of Zeller at work offensively with the ball in the same position. No legitimate evaluation of Jurkin’s skills can be made from one still photo.

  7. 4guards….could it be Jurkin just received a bounce pass and is bringing the ball up?

    When you were young and saw a playboy magazine, did you complain about the font the articles were written in? Dude get a hold of yourself….critiquing a recruit based on a still photo, his African heritage, and three players who didn’t come in with 1/2 the experience Jurkin has.

  8. Talk about overreacting. Parakeet Jones said this was the first pic he saw of Jurkin and was impressed. I was just making the point that I see nothing in this pic to be impressed about. If I were making a decision based off this pic (AS PARAKEET JONES WAS) than I would be unimpressed.

  9. I doubt you are as unimpressed with Jurkin as we all are with your self proclaimed skill to evaluate talent. Parakeet Jones freely admitted he does not follow recruiting very closely. Hence his comment was taken as he stated by everyone except you. Some coach at a major school is going to be happy he recruited Jurkin.

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