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Yogi Ferrell at the adidas Invitational last week. Ray Whitehouse | Herald-Times





The Veils’ “Sit Down By The Fire.”


  1. Yogi seems more and more like a great fit for IU. If he continues to improve at his present rate he’s on his way to the top 100. Foot speed gives a team alot more options. The point makes or brakes in the NCAAs. Would love to see an early commit from him. Hulls fits better at the 2. I would start him, just say’in

  2. I hope we get Yogi, but if we don’t, I hope Lorenzo Romar does. I’m shocked UW is still in the running.

  3. Tom, I don’t mind your Butler partisanship; I like Butler myself. But I question the logic of going on an IU page with the apparent sole purpose of talking up Butler. Wouldn’t that be much more fun on a Butler message board??

    Don’t get me wrong, I was literally unable to sit still as the title game wound down and screamed aloud when Hayward’s heave went off the rim at the buzzer.I so wanted Butler to bring it home to the home of basketball–the state of Indiana. But I’m an IU fan and thus don’t go on Butler sites blabbing about the Hoosiers.

  4. Kyle Hornsby is a fine example of what a student athlete can become, and what we want to emulate going forward with the IU program. I am proud of what he’s accomplished and glad he’s supportive of the program and advocates a mending of fences between IU and coach Knight. I’m also proud that even people in Duke territory want IU to be good again. That’s a mark of lasting respect.

  5. Eric,

    I probably have been an IU fan before you were born (since the early 1950’s). I have watched many ups and downs in several athletic programs. I am not participating in any blabbing about any program. Rather, I am presenting rational perspectives on a current delima.

  6. Tom,

    With all do respect, no you’re not.

    We all appreciate your years of dedication to the program, but in all honesty, it seems as if you’re dead-set on posting that all of our top recruits would be good fits for Butler.

    The people on this site come to gather, discuss and bicker about IU athletics. Very few posters are interested in debating how well a player fits into Butler’s system. We’re interested in having that discussion about IU.

    You may have been a fan longer, by default, because you’re older. That doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than someone who’s been just as avid a fan for a lesser amount of time.

    If you want to discuss Butler basketball’s recruiting, why not head over to a Butler site?

  7. Tom, I believe this was THE site for IU BB like Casey and Eric point out. That is not true anymore because much of what gets said here about BB is an attempt to reason with 4guards and his 2 pals. I would much rather hear something positive than hear these guys bash our coach and players and then have guys like Casey try and reason with them over and over again. I can remember, Casey, when you told others not to feed the trolls but you feed them all the time. I would much rather see those IU bashing folks go to their own true web sites of Purdue, KY and New Mexico than worry about Tom and Butler. I do hope that one day this site will return as THE IU site. Eric and Casey please don’t miss understand I do know what you say is true but IMO until something can be done to correct the problem and turn this site around it really is not worth making comments here anymore.

  8. Stand corrected in re: Yogi’s ranking. Speed is lacking on the current version of the Hoosiers. It would be nice to see that we could get a few fast breaks in the course of a game Trailer 3’s are becoming standard fare as well. Don’t count on the Bulldogs being regulars in the final 4, the Horizon league is not or ever will be a major conference. Kids are smart enough to know that the SEC, ACC and Big Ten will be better vehicals to the next level than mid majors.

  9. As discussed before, you and I are of the same era. I remember the NC of “53”. So you have no IU seniority on me as you do the other posters. But I agree with the other posters in that you need to get on the train or get off the track. No body on here wants to down play the Butler success. But we also don’t want to talk about it.

  10. Southport,

    I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “troll” on this site (probably a direct result of reading “The Three Billygoats Gruff” too much when I was younger).

    I don’t try to reason — I simply hold a light to some of the ridiculous things these guys try to push on people and try my best to point out why they’re flawed. I think that’s healthy. But I’d do away with such conversations in favor of engaging discussion in a heartbeat.

    I guess part of me is just sad that 4guards and his brethren represent part of the IU nation, however small it may be. I think it’s just my mind subconsciously being incapable of processing some of the reasoning these guys use. No openness to a new way of thinking. No desire to change or evolve. Let’s all just sit in our plaid recliners, drinking Miller High Life and talking about the “good ol’ days” when Bob Knight was God.

  11. Tom, I appreciate the longevity of your IU fanhood, but I don’t see how expressing the opinion that any player that’s any good should go to Butler over IU is a rational perspective. I admire Butler greatly, but IU still plays in the Big Ten and as such offers things Butler can’t offer.

    That said, I don’t want to argue with another IU fan, that’s our common gripe with this site. We have a lot of friendly fire casualties here and I’m not going to participate in that any further than I already have. Have a nice day.

  12. Tom Butler is in the Horizon league. There are at least 4 teams in the horizon league that would not beat Bloomington South, Bowman Academy, or Lawrence North. My point is, on an IU board, no one cares about Butler. There 15 minutes are up, great story, good run…now go back to the Horizon league.

    How come Butler doesn’t have their own blogs or websites? Oh that’s right, they are Butler and in the Horizon league.

  13. Tom is right, it is rational for this kid to go to Butler rather than IU. Twitter ranting coach, arrogant fan base, and odd years of recruiting makes IU a pool of nonsense.

  14. IUFanNoMore….wouldn’t you be arrogant too if your team had 5 more titles than Butler and Purdue combined. One school has NO A/C in their gym, the other has a top 10 team and yet finished behind…IU in attendance. BU or PU don’t have practice facilities and finally neither school cannot successfully get the states Mr. Basketball to come to their schools…

    Call me arrogant, I love it.

    Again please answer this question…if you love Butler so much and hate IU, what website can you visit that talks about Butler and Horizon league basketball? It hurts knowing you will always be 2nd to IU no matter what happens.

  15. IUFanNoMore,

    – Get over Twitter. Attacking technology of which you’re not an adept user is childish. Crean being on Twitter has nothing to do with his ability to coach. Tons of successful and notable individuals have Twitters. It’s meaningless.

    – Please direct me toward a fan base that isn’t arrogant. You don’t think Butler fans are arrogant right now, after making that run? You don’t think Purdue fans are feeling pretty haughty with Hummel and Moore returning? Please. It’s part of fanhood to take unreasonable pride in your team. Show me a team whose fan base isn’t arrogant, and I’ll show you a team that’s headed nowhere.

    – “Odd years of recruiting” is a pretty broad statement. If you call bringing in a top ten class and being “in” on nearly every major in-state prospect in the next three recruiting classes “odd,” then so be it.

    – If IU is a “pool of nonsense,” why are you spending your time wading in it?

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