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The future of college basketball, with Dora the Explorer. Courtesy of Austin Etherington.


  • The NCAA is looking to prohibit verbal or written scholarship offers before July 1 of a football player’s career. Bill Lynch said he is OK with the rule as long as everyone abides by it, Dustin Dopirak writes. Of course, no one is going to abide by the same rules. I hear Lane Kiffin is telling recruits right now that him opening up his wallet in front of them means scholarship.





We Are Scientists’ “Rules Don’t Stop.” This, for my money, should be the official theme song of college coaches just for this one verse: “Rules won’t stop me/ Forget about it/ Rules don’t stop me/ We’ll get around it.”


  1. Sounds like from all the sites that are covering the recruiting situation Crean has focused mainly on these guys…..

    Zeller & Young

    Patterson & the Indy elite team

    I’m not sure on this one

    Trey Lyles & others.

  2. Thanks Jubilee, hadn’t checked my tweets yet! A lot of these rising freshmen have been paying up with 15U teams this season. High school season will probably allow them to “be seen” more by regular folks and next year they will probably play with their own age groups. It will be interesting…

  3. 2014,

    No problem at all. I thought I would try to talk recruiting today without it turning into a who’s a better coach/team battle.

    ISH article on Young is promising. I think he would be an excellent addition to the team. Young & Hulls could more than handle the PG duties. Also, I think that opens things up for him to create for Hulls/Creek, so they can drain the trey.

  4. I seem to remember Lynch and company having what experts said was the easiest non-conference schedule the year after the bowl year and they went 3-8. They’ve improved since then, but I’m not seeing seven wins this year. Something always goes awry. I guess being a Cubs fan has made me pessimistic about all of the teams I’m interested in, though.

  5. I can’t get over how dorky Mason Plumblee looks, and how happy I am that he is not coming to IU. We don’t need any more glorified bench warmers with fancy family pedigrees – we have Rivers.

  6. I have friends that coach at Christ School. I’ve gone to see him a few times. It’s hard to tell since he’s never challenged. He’s averaging something like 8 or 9 points a game and, other than Oak Hill and a couple more glamor games, Christ School plays an absolutely pitiful church school league schedule. Most games he’s the only potential college player on the floor. Sometimes the opposition doesn’t have any legitimate high school players. He seems like a great kid and I’m sure Coach K will coach him up

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