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Indiana coach Bill Lynch argues a call against Wisconsin earlier this season. Chris Howell | Herald-Times





Rooney’s version of “Forever Young.”


  1. Can we please offer BJ Young now and get his verbal commitment in the next week or so? I would be very happy with Young and Etherington until Cody decides.

  2. and while we are at it maybe we can get Bud Mackey now too.
    A lot of the hypocrites on here would be railroading Calipari right now if Young went UK.

    Give me JD any day of the week over kids like this.

  3. Railroading Calipari? Coach Crean monitors the citizenship of the personnel in the program and manages their actions accordingly. Criminalipari and Sanctions simply turn their heads away from troubles in a program. BJ Young can be managed. I am very comfortable with his recruitment to and his possible future at IU.

  4. I’m now officially on board with Chet and Southport.

    It’s not worth responding to 4guards. He proves his own ignorance within each post. There’s no need to refute anything he says. The refutation is implied.

    I can’t claim that B.J. Young is a model citizen, but I also have no knowledge of his dismissal, or the circumstances that surrounded it. But, you can bet Crean has an in-depth knowledge of that situation. If he’s aware of what happened, and feels comfortable moving forward regardless, that’s good enough for me. After all, this is a coach who has proven through past actions that he values character and will not tolerate insubordination.

    I’d welcome Young. He seems like a light-hearted kid who loves basketball, from his interviews.

  5. J. Davis gets suspended by his own school due to actions on the court……and 4 Guards claims him as a model citizen.

    How is this so 4 G?

  6. Casey, I am happy to have you join. If we can get others who try to reason with someone who is unreasonable he may go away. lord knows we have tried everything to combat his negative view on IU Coaches and Players and Recruits. IMO no reply to him is a great reply.

  7. 4guards-

    Keep up the good work. IU basketball has been run by these hypocritical Yacht Club dweebs for far too long.

  8. Jubilee,
    J Davis was suspended a few games, not kicked off his team entirely. He also doesn’t have the grade issues, and is not nearly as selfish on the court.
    Casey, Not everyone can blindly follow the coach. You prob did the same thing with Sampson. I know many did. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

  9. D-5, I have heard Coach Davis and Sampson called many things, but never “these hypocritical Yacht Club dweebs.” Originality-A. Coherence-F.

  10. Steve Alford just signed a contract extension with the Lobos of the MW. Proving he cannot succeed against big time conference competition and he knows it. I cannot wait for BJ Young.

  11. Nice music choice, Hugh. I’ve not heard the song before, but it had a feel that evoked memories of the heart.

  12. SA’s contract means something him because he has to stay in the bush leagues to stay successful. He is smarter than you in that he knows his limitations.

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