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What Indiana’s new scoreboard, the second-largest in the Big Ten, will look like. Courtesy of Indiana athletics.


  • Fred Glass went for top of the line with the new football scoreboard, Dustin Dopirak writes. It’s all LED and can be used as a giant video screen and also broken up to display game info, out-of-town scores, ads and replays.
  • Maurice Creek is back on the court but taking it slow and trying not to push himself to far, Dustin writes.
  • Stephen Strasburg is taking the hill tonight against Cincinnati. The Hoosier Scoop crew, including my two stepsons, will be headed that way. It’s about shared experiences and catching a phenom at the beginning, Chris Korman writes.





The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star.”


  1. Chris Korman,

    Those excellent thoughts will mean even more in the decades ahead.


  2. This comes from the expected revenue from the Penn State game in DC. Money well spent; the haters of moving this particular game should now thank Fred Glass because these new scoreboards in the facilities are now state of the art.

  3. Since the subject of baseball was brought up…

    Congrats go out to former IU baseball standout (and b-baller), Kipp Schutz. Last night he hit a walk-off grand slam for the Aberdeen IronBirds.

    And, more importantly, after a mediocre ’09 season, he is scorching hot this season, hitting .385 with a 1.031 OPS. Not bad.

  4. Alford’s buyout is highest until March 2011, Coincidence that will be around the time IU will come calling?

  5. Korman – how would you compare the hype around Stephen Strasburg with Dwight Gooden’s beginning of his career?

  6. Aruss,

    I was 2-years-old when Doc made his debut. But he’s the one guy you hear talked about as being on the same level as Strasburg.

    Both SI and ESPN have dubbed Strasburg the most hyped pitcher in history, though.

    Anyone have insight on Gooden’s rise?

  7. As exciting as it will be to see Strasburg tonight, it will not come close to the excitement of last Friday’s MC Hammer concert at the Reds game. Strasburg may indeed be Too Legit to Quit, but when compared with Hammer, U Can’t Touch that.

  8. Caught several of Doc’s games in Cincy as a youngster. Pretty impressive stuff. Biggest difference there, however, was the star power of entire team. Doc was only part of the show. Plus, the hype machine then wasn’t in same galaxy as it is today.

    Nonetheless, they inspired some of my homeboys to cut this song.

  9. Disclaimer: Actual screen size may not be proportional to potency of team. Results may vary.

  10. “Alford’s buyout is highest until March 2011, Coincidence that will be around the time IU will come calling?”

    Steve Alford is not coming here.

  11. I know our defense has struggled but I just can’t believe they gave up so many points to have worn out the scoreboard.

  12. popeye-

    Great film. I particularly enjoyed the therapist scenes….Very touching. Oops. I’m eagerly anticipating the next version of ScoopTalk when Korman unveils his thick cookie duster. The world of Hoosier sports coverage will never be the same. Cey it aint so!

  13. Funny to me about the scoreboard. I guess for 2 reasons. First, the other board was not that old by scoreboard standards. Second, IU never shows anything worth watching on the big screen and they sure don’t show replays that could have gone either way. Oh, I have another…if the new scoreboard was what the athletic dept spent the money to move the PSU game…I am giving them the finger as I type! Yes, I hated that and still do. I am a loyal season ticket holder and it is the worst home schedule I can ever rememeber, it sucks, and it was the game I looked the most forward toooooo…I am out!!!

  14. A. The scoreboard was 11 years old and the video screen was tiny. The video technology was really outdated, and the sound quality was awful. Also, many replacement parts were getting hard to find, so why keep it around? Look at what most other schools have now…its nice to not always be behind the times.

    B. Other sports are getting new scoreboards as well. The swim facility’s old board literally doesn’t even work anymore.

    C. Navy, Mizzou, Wake, and Virginia will be coming to Bloomington in the next few years, so calm down.

    D. The PSU game here always has terrible attendance. I’m looking forward to the Michigan game.

  15. Jimmy, I like how you spin the positive but you must admit this is an awful home football schedule. Ark St for homecoming??? The scoreboard looks great but IU hardly ever shows a replay worth watching and the camera guys are awful…even my wife complains about that. Maybe you can research it but I don’t think the PSU attendance is that bad…maybe it is compared to PU and OSU but I am not sure. Anyway, thanks for the calming nature.

  16. Oh Jimmy, that tiny video screen was one of the biggest in the nation and state of the art when it was built. The board was built after I graduated so in early 2000 or late 99. The scoreboard in Assembly was ancient and just finally replaced a few years back. I see a lot being done to get better recruits, big money being spent everywhere but on COACHES…just food for thought. I hope the AD is making all the right calls for our future. Maybe that bugs me a little!!! You can have IU playing in Lucas Oil but most of all you need a GREAT coaching staff. Maybe this year they turn the corner…if they do I will jump on the bandwagon and put an “I love Lynch” bumper sticker on my car!!!

  17. J Pat, why would you complain about a homecoming game we *should* win? The last time we played PSU at home, in ’07, it happened to be homecoming, and we drew all of 36K. Other than O$U and PU, it doesn’t matter if it’s Michigan, Penn St, whoever, the crowds just aren’t there.

    I’m continually amazed when people complain about the schedule…I’m sure these same people complain when we lose non-conference games, too. We tried to schedule semi-“sexy” teams a few years back, remember? UNC, NC St, Utah…attendance was pitiful, and that was with Randle El. There are 35 bowl games now, meaning 70 out of 120 teams get to go, meaning 6-6 gives you at least a realistic shot. “Strength of schedule” is not a factor for a team like IU who just wants to play 13.

    Let’s use the K-St./Minnesota model to try to get over the hump. If we’re beating all these teams 50-0 every year, then we’ve outgrown it, and let’s change. But until that happens, this is exactly what our non-conference schedule should look like. Two years ago I heard the same nonsense about how bad the schedule was, and we managed to lose 2 of those games. If we win all 4 this year (like in ’07, our only bowl game since ’93, hmmmmm), that’s a good thing, trust me.

  18. Andrew, I have had season tix since I was a student in 95-96, give me a break. Ark St is a non Big 10 homecoming game, how many of those have we had at IU??? I am not talking strength of schedule…I am talking about taking my family and all my gear to watch Towson, Akron, Mich, Ark St, NW, and Iowa. Trust me…the home schedule at IU this year stinks compared to the last 15 years!!! If you think 36,000 was low vs PSU, how many will show up (not the 5 buck student tix) for Towson, Akron, and Ark St??? I know I sound negative but I have been there…

  19. J Pat, I’m with you on all of your points and the not so flattering ones about the coaching big time. Hopefully they are upgrading a lot of the other things while Lynch’s contract gets closer to being at an end and will have the upgrades already in place to show the new coaching prospects that we are serious about finally getting rid of the “loser” tag we have had around our necks for so long.

  20. JPat, No you are not alone but I see things looking better like a rebuilt stadium, a new score board, better recruiting. Hey, IU had an article on ESNP about our recruiting, a positive article, no not about basketball but Football. When was the last time you saw that? I yelled as hard as anyone to change Coaches last year but I think Fred Glass is giving our coach a fair chance to build a program and if he can’t at least now we have all the new things and enough talked about Players to attract a decent coach. You could not say that 2 years ago. I think the AD wants a truly good football program and he is moving things forward from the ice age. You and your family are great fans so don’t stop going to games because they moved one game. IU needs your usual positive support. I have never seen you so down hang in there man I know you love your school IU

  21. Does anyone know what happened to Husky Tom? I miss reading his comments. Rarely see many posts by him anymore. It’s a shame because I think Scoop has lost a level of spark that it sorely hungers for. I always enjoyed his unmatched artful use of the English language and his unique sense of humor. He offered intelligent viewpoints and never seemed to get too down on IU sports. Though a Seattle native, he seemed more true to Indiana than many born and raised here. I was proud to know he was a Hoosier fan. Sure hope he comes back.

  22. IUMIke1, Southport, thanks for the great comments…as I said, the scoreboard is great, it is actaully really cool and I will love it when in the stadium. I am looking forward to this season too…nothing beats gameday and being at the stadium, nothing! I do fear the same old song and dance though. I mean I have seen a lot of low times and losses but IU really really underacheived the last 2 seasons after the bowl with an easy schedule and a lot of talent. I guess I fear it will happen again, the confidence just is not there for me with this staff. I could be wrong and I hope I am because I know in my gut they are good guys. Thanks again for the comments guys. Take care.

  23. JPat,

    You may not have much respect for or hold much hope that Arkansas St. will be a worthy homecoming foe, but the Hoosiers better be aware and prepare. They played the Hawkeyes in Iowa City last season and lost 24-21. The Red Wolves may make this a more enjoyable game for the viewing fan than PSU would.

    I as you am not in favor of relinquishing conference home games. But for the monetary return for the PSU game I do think there is good value in this one instance. Extra revenue is needed to pay for the inexpensive student tickets, scoreboards, pool touchpad repair, a new Sembower, image building for recruiting and everything else the athletic department is financially responsible for. I judge the Penn State game arrangement as simply one piece in the puzzle AD Glass has chose to use to get all the athletic balls off the ground and in the air.

  24. Clarion, good thoughts. OK, I will give them this year and try to be at peace with it, but I hope it does not happen again anytime soon. Take care!!!

  25. Pierre-

    I have a feeling Husky is just resting. A few months back he started expressing some serious frustrations with the state of the blog, and how it had become basically a whine-a-thon dominated by 4guards and his faithful Scoop sponsors such as Chris Kremlin.

    I got the feeling he was going to slip away for the summer months and come back when there were real games and real happenings to talk about, as opposed to banal speculation about Cody Zeller’s shoe size or the state of the 2018 recruiting class.

    I’m sure he appreciates your kind words, though.

  26. L.A. Woman-

    You may costume the artful flow of your words, but the fragrance of such beautiful verbal fabric flows like purple in a field of lavender.

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