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Jeremiah Davis, left, and Austin Etherington are two of 16 players profiled in today’s Herald-Times. You can read it for free today at HeraldTimesOnline.com. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times






Tom Petty’s “Free Falling.”


  1. The discerning eyes and ears of Kent Sterling astutely recognize the vision, thoroughly comprehends the rebuilding process and masterfully articulates both about Coach Crean and our Hoosier BB program.

  2. From Kent Sterling:

    “The more fun thing to write is that Tom Crean is a tan twittering twit who is in over his head in this massive project, but the evidence doesn’t support that.”

    Has there ever been a quote more aptly directed at 4JBtards than this one?

  3. It’s actually fun to write because he’s really really tan. I mean seriously…can we at least agree on that? Its wierd.

  4. Yes, I agree Crean is tan. Mike Fratello, Pat Riley, John Calipari, Jon Gruden, Mike Shanahan, and many other successful coaches have also been tan at times.

    Perhaps for the average Indiana fan with a JB-level IQ, any shade of skin that is darker than pale white is somehow a threat. It baffles me.

  5. JB,

    Frankly, who cares?

    Matt Painter is pasty-white. Bruce Weber wears a perpetual baby face (the ugly, whiny kind — not the R&Bish, smooth and sexy kind). John Calipari’s hair looks like the Gulf of Mexico after the BP spill. Tom Izzo is legally a midget in the state of Michigan. Coach K loos like a mix between Hitler and a beaver.

    There are a lot of weird looking coaches out there. Being tan isn’t a major offense.

    Oh yeah, and it has nothing to do with anything.

  6. Casey – Frankly…it really doesn’t matter to me and it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I think its funny. Being that tan should be a major violation though and while many coaches have been tan at times, Tom Crean is tan all of the time. It is the first thing people say after they meet him, “Jeez he’s really tan”. Seriously he glows and can be seen easily after dark.

  7. who gives a fat rat’s if he’s tan or not! Really getting to be old hearing about it.

  8. I saw Crean at the HPER a month ago, and he looked no more tan than your average Ambercrombie-Clad Kelley School frat boy . It’s all in JB’s (small) head.

  9. Glad to hear you’re still checking out the frat boys Husky…we sure have missed you on the Scoop.

  10. On the scale of stupidity, I put this conversation on “4Guards” level. Who cares that he’s tan? Get over it.

  11. Guys, he’s not tan. There are pics from his youth in the HT archives. He’s darker than you. He always has been. Some people just are. I know, it’s a rude awakening for you.

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