Kaminski to Michigan State

Kenny Kaminski, a 2012 forward, has picked Michigan State as his college choice, Scout.com’s Evan Daniels is reporting (subscription is required).

Kaminski, a 6-foot-7 shooter who could also go in the post, was choosing between the Spartans, Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio State.

He is on the 16U Indiana Elite Team Indiana team that also features D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin.


  1. Hey DubG the loosiers arent recruiting a guy named Parea?????? You evidently really follow basketball??????? For your information the Hoosiers are recruiting a kid named Perea. By reading your post it is evident you didnt go to school at IU probably another Indiana school up north..

  2. Im not sure who Parea is, but im sure if you had any clue about hoops you would know who Hanner Perea is. Maybe take a spelling class b4 your troll classes next summer!

  3. Can we get a new update so we don’t have to keep reading the good news for MSU? Anything will do. I’m not interested in seeing that a player went to a anotehr program and I certainly don’t need to see it displayed at the top for more than a day.

  4. Hanner Perea tweeted that he is transfering to a prep school in Indiana. According to indystar.com

  5. LaLumiere in LaPorte County, was established in the early 1960’s. Could become the prep school destination of Indiana for premier HS ballers, instead of them enrolling in some other state with some more headliners like Perea following. I hope it at least neutralizes McLeod and his plans.

  6. Christ School in Asheville, where the Plumlees headed to, had nothing for a basketball program 8 years ago. I’m not sure what their formula has been but they keep getting players.

  7. Just another huge recruiting miss. We are all used to this by now. Crean cannot compete with the big boys.

  8. Dont talk out of both sides of your mouth 4guards. If we would of had KK sign it would of been that we get the worst of all prospects. It would have been something negative. If you have been following the recruiting trail at all, even moderately you would know that Kenny was not high on our list. Would much rather have Perea, Jurkin, Patterson, DSR, Hollowell, Yoggi should I keep going? Besides aren’t you always the one yapping about recruiting from the state of Indiana. So when we miss out on Zeller, Yoggi, DSR and Patterson I will be right there with you screaming that we missed out on some real targets that IU was after. Until then, quit playing both sides of the fence. Your useless banter is becoming boring and pointless.

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