Let’s talk about recruiting

We’ll join with Inside the Hall at 7:30 p.m. today to talk about the first week of recruiting. Hope you can join us.


  1. It’s all about the questions you guys ask. I think everyone knows where IU stands for 2011. But we can talk 2012 and even 2013 to a certain extent if you guys have questions. Not sure we have much to say about rising freshmen, though. I didn’t watch any 14-year-olds this week.

  2. Here’s something to chew on. Below is a list of the primary recruits we’re after in 2011 and 2012. You guys and Alex try to give us a consensus view on the percentage chance that each commits to IU:


    –BJ Young



    That’s 21 kids (and not a complete list at that) for maybe 7 or 8 slots (not counting Etherington).

  3. Cody Zeller would do himself the greatest service by choosing Butler to play basketball. It offers him the most solid foundation to be successful. Butler is one of the most solid programs around.

  4. Seriously, Tom — give it a rest or take it somewhere else, man.

    We get it — you want Zeller to choose Butler. You say it offers him the best chance to succeed as if it’s fact. I think that’s extremely debatable.

  5. It would be nice if IU could grab just a few of these players. We all know that kids are just turned off by IU now. Zeller just got an offer from NC, so the question is, Does he do the same thing as Plumlee by joining his brother(s). Or does Cody try to make his own mark on College Basketball? Time will tell, but lets all cross our fingers and pray we get some of these kids to stay in state.

  6. not sure I have ever read that kids are turned off by IU, I have never heard it either. Funny that so mant assume so much!

  7. Tom , your a real moron/if you don’t like IU, fine. So do me a favour and keep your mouth shut. You no nothing about what your talking about, do you live near Butler. I hope so,for IU’s sake…..

  8. I guess I should not have used the word “turned off”. I just think that a past coach has left a program in a total rebuild and some kids don’t want to wait for greatness. This is why I think it is going to take those kids that know what tradition and a value to eduction is. I hope that the program can land a few local kids and show all of the other programs that IU is coming back to get all of you. But, one thing is, the players need to want it just as much as the coaches. Those coaches put in long days to get kids to come in. Let’s just hope that this leaks over to the player side of the house. To show that they are not going to give up, so don’t you either. Over and Out..

  9. I have been an IU basketball and football fan since the early nineteen fifties. Actually, I was born in the Bloomington hospital. I have a masters from IU. I still am an IU football fan, though I have often gave IU football somewhat of a pass. I still do not like what IU is doing in the basketball program. This includes style of play. IU recruiting has to win Indiana as the program to play in. It is just not happening concerning basketball. A big thank you goes to Myles Brand’s regime for that. Over the years I have watched and listened to hundreds of IU basketball and football games. The basketball program has along rough road ahead. Butler’s success will allow IU the opportunity to gain Butler’s coach and others he can bring into the IU program within 5 years. Then IU can get back on track to national success and own the state of Indina.

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