Marcus Thigpen: CFL star in the making

Former Hoosier Marcus Thigpen made a big splash in his debut with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League, scoring two special teams touchdowns, including a 93-yard kickoff return to start the game. Just for good measure, he returned a missed field goal 119 yards later.

That earned him CFL Special Teams Player of the Week honors. See an interview with Marcus and his coach here.

A week later, Thigpen returned a punt 93 yards for a touchdown against the Calgary Stampeders, which is broken down here. He also had a touchdown catch in that game.

A star is born, eh?


  1. A positive image for the IU football program. Not only has MT become another Hoosier pro but one becoming a star player in the CFL.

  2. This is what Marcus excelled at while at IU! He did great returning kickoffs and punts!

    The coaching staff should have left him there because he was NOT a running back and always ran East and West instead of North and South.

    Glad to see him back to returning kicks, etc… as he should be. He will excel tremendously doing that. Now, I hope my beloved Bears do the same thing with Hester! Let him run for daylight because he is NOT a wide receiver!

  3. Mike W,

    You are correct. MT was recruited as a WR/ST Returner. Hep switched him to RB. I agree he was not suited for taking handoffs.

  4. I used to think Thigpen could not run north and south…then I watched a replay from the endzone that showed the offensive line provided NO hole whatsoever. Thigpen’s only chance was to beat people to the outside. BTW, didn’t he have 3 TD runs of 80+ yards his senior year? Not an apologist here, but definitely not a hater.

  5. If Thigpen was a good RB he would be taking handoffs in somebodies offensive backfield. The talents he is displaying are from the position he is most valuable at on the football field. He makes headlines in the return game. I hope he continues and burns up the CFL.

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