Marrero focused on transition to outside

INDIANAPOLIS — DeJuan Marrero is a classic case of what is good for his high school team may not be the best for his future.

For Gary’s Bowman Academy, the team Marrero pushed to a 1A state title as a sophomore, the 6-foot-5 Marrero has to play inside. But 6-foot-5 is awfully small for a college forward, even if Marrero is hoping he has another growth spurt left in him.

That’s why Marrero is playing the two-guard position for Spiece Indy Heat during the Hoosier Shootout. He did the same thing for Puerto Rico’s U18 national team in a recent tournament.

“I just work the ball over,” Marrero said. “Just run off picks and get jump shots.”

Marrero is playing up a year for Spiece and two for Puerto Rico. The experience, he said, can only help.

“It was amazing,” Marrero said of the experience with Puerto Rico. “It was different. How you work, how you play defense and just the whole rules. It was great competition. It was like EYBL. More passing, you have to play better defense and have to play hard on every play.”

Marrero has offers from Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State, Illinois and Cincinnati. He wants to schedule visits in August.

The pitch from Indiana to Marrero has been a similar one: keep the best prospects in the state of Indiana in Indiana. The Hoosiers have had difficulty over the years pulling in prospects from the Region, but Marrero insists Bloomington is a viable option.

“I told them my decision is open,” Marrero said.


  1. Would you please quit calling Northwest Indiana “the Region”? I grew up in the corner of the state. I went to high school and played sports against teams from Gary, Hammond, Hobart, Portage, Michigan City, South Bend, Valparaiso, Chesterton, Merrillville..There are small towns and mid-sized cities. Many people commute to Chicago from communities tucked along the Lake Michigan shoreline. My father ran a business for over three decades in the area. We were as close to Chicago as Bloomington to Indianapolis. Newscasters on Chicago television stations have no problem referring to the individual towns of Northwest Indiana by their names. “The Region” is a derogatory reference intended to strip the individuality from the multitude unique, hard-working, and diverse people that never asked to be geographically identified minus the name of the towns or the sector of the state they proudly inhabit a northwest corner.

  2. Northwest Indiana Hoosier,

    To be quite honest, I had no idea it was a derogatory reference. None at all. My knowledge of that area is limited, but those from there had frequently referred to themselves as being from “the Region.” The Times of Northwest Indiana even has a policy on capitalizing the R. I will try to limit my references to “the Region.”

  3. Hugh,
    I am also from the region. I do not have near as soft of flanks as Northwest Indiana Hoosier does. It has been called the region long before I was coherent. No one in Indiana will mistake what locale the term, the region designates.

  4. I grew up in east central IN and never knew that part of the state was referred to as “The Region” until I went to IU…and everyone who lived remotely close to that part of the state proudly claimed they were from “The Region.”

    If you listen to Dakich’s radio show, he spends about a quarter of every show talking about “The Region.”

    We may have stumbled upon the first and only person who finds the term offensive.

  5. I feel safe in saying that South Bend is not part of the Region and those living there would be surprised by its inclusion in a list of Region towns and cities. Its a stand alone place, like Fort Wayne.

  6. GFD,

    You are on the money. As a kid I always considered the region as only Lake county, but while growing up I soon found out people felt it stretched almost to LaPorte. South Bend, never.

  7. I like nicknames-“The Region”-sounds tough. What would you call the area from Bloomington through Nashville, to Columbus-“The Country Club”-sounds privileged? “The Library”-sounds smart? “The Hills”- sounds familiar? “Home”-sounds about right?

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