Rivals updates 2011 top 150

So soon?

Rivals.com updated its top 150 for the class of 2011 today. This is the second update of the spring and will be attached to every prospect throughout the July AAU evaluation season.

Here are where the IU-targeted prospects were listed:

25 — Branden Dawson

33 — B.J. Young

35 — Cody Zeller

95 — Aaron Thomas

99 — Marshall Plumlee

109 — Naadir Tharpe

118 — Jeremiah Davis

119 — Mitch McGary

Notice a missing name? Yeah — Austin Etherington missing time this Spring with an injury did not help him get into the Rivals150.


  1. Well it’s positively disturbing to see 3 players from Indiana committed to Kentucky, Louisville and Xavier, and for one to be from Bloomington. I know Crean and his staff have really tried, but I can’t see a lot of returns on their efforts to recruit in-state players. I agree it should be the primary focus, but this is discouraging. And I hate to admit that.

  2. I am not surprised by the lack of Indiana high school signees by the Hoosiers so far. Since the weird spring recruiting period my expectations for the 2011 class have dropped considerably.

    Indiana University at this point is a tough brand to sell. It’s a team with a tarnished/inconsistent recent past (with regards to Knight, Davis and Sampson) and a floating identity.

    Similar on some levels to what is happening in the the NBA during this wild free agency period. Take the New York Knicks. Historically significant team, recent troubled past (with regards to our Isiah Thomas) and in a rebuilding phase. The New York Knicks would be a perfect fit for Lebron James…three years from now. No question.

    Like the Knicks, IU in my mind is a few years away from landing consistent top tier talent. What I am hoping happens is that one or two top in state recruits for 2011 wants to be part of the “long” rebuilding process. Really if we land just one, I’d be thrilled.

    Any other thoughts or expectations? And if we could take the meathead caps off for this one, it would be much appreciated.


  3. I can’t see alot of return on their in state recruiting efforts….


    Did I miss something here? Oh thats right, Elston and Hulls don’t matter.

  4. Guys,

    Think about what you’re saying when you interpret Indiana kids going elsewhere as some sort of indictment on Crean or the Indiana program.

    The kids that committed to UK, UL and Xavier also spurned Matt Painter and Brad Stevens. Some kids don’t have the desire to stay in their home state for another four years past high school. It happens.

    Don’t read so much into it. It’d be different if all of these guys were going to Purdue, Butler, Notre Dame, Ball State and Valpo or something.

  5. PB has settled for mediocrity. It is a shame really. “If we land just one, I’d be thrilled”
    Wow, a loaded 2011 class we have been hearing about for 3 years and you would be thrilled with one. 2011 is Crean’s 4th recruiting class. The excuses have to stop or we will never be relevant again.

  6. I think it’s premature to make a judgment on how Crean’s done with this class, given that the majority of players we’ve been recruiting have yet to commit or tip their hands.

    But I agree, Crean needs to cash in soon. I think this is where Crean either paves the way for a string of great recruiting classes, or puts himself in a hole he’ll have to work even harder to get out of.

  7. 4guards,

    I wouldn’t say I’ve settled for mediocrity, it’s more of a conservative/realistic stance.

    After Carlino (not too disappointed in him as a potential player, but the situation was embarrassing) and our string of consecutive misses in the spring with 3 star prospects, it’s hard for me to believe that any top tier talent would choose IU for the near term.

    How the 2011 class pans out will play a large role in how Crean’s reign pans out at IU. To Casey’s point I will agree. It will either make us a relevant and legit recruiting player or make it harder for Crean going forward. Progress on the court can skew the recruiting picture upward of course. But many of the 2011 recruits I feel will have made up their mind before the 2010-2011 team notches a victory.

    Illinois was making some noise on that Rivals list. Recruiting wise they are hitting on their in-state talent in spades. But, that compared to Indiana’s situation is apples and oranges.

    Enjoy the 4th everyone and don’t lose a digit.


  8. Would like to see Cody Zeller go to Butler….Great School Great Fit….Great Coach…Stay away from IU and mediocrity all around its program.

  9. I would like to see Cody Zeller go to Butler…Great School…Great Program…Great Fit…Great Coach…

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