Kentucky Hoopfest, part one

LOUISVILLE, K.Y. — Hello friends.

Dustin Dopirak and I are here at the Kentucky Hoopfest in beautiful Louisville. Lots of underclassmen talent on display here.

The big news from this morning’s games is that there is a new prospect to report on. T.J. Warren, a 6-foot-7 junior forward from Durham (N.C.), said he has been offered a scholarship by Indiana.

“They’ve been talking to my dad and coach a lot,” Warren said.

Warren, who is here playing for the Garner Road Bulldogs, hit a step-back 3-pointer to win the game this morning.

“It was a play for me where I come off a double screen at the elbow,” Warren said. “It’s supposed to be a switch, but I just took the 3.”

Indiana assistant Tim Buckley was watching Warren do just that. Buckley straddled the line between the courts, so he could watch Warren and Jeffersonville guard Darryl Baker play at the same time.

Warren is, judging from this morning’s game, a very solid prospect. Good size. Solid handles. Good leaping ability. And he scored in a variety of ways — dunks, leaners and 3-pointers.

“I am trying to work on my handling, getting faster and get my defense right,” Warren said.

He also has offers from North Carolina State, Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Xavier, as well as interest from Duke and North Carolina. has him as its No. 13 small forward in the class of 2012.

In other news, Peter Jurkin continues to show he is more than a tall young man. Jurkin, who now stands 6-foot-11.5 and weighs 200 pounds, is helping to carry the Indiana Elite Team Indiana 16s that are playing without Hanner Perea (more on that from Dustin) and D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera.

“It’s hard because we lost a point guard and a forward,” Jurkin said. “… We try to do what we can to win more games.”

Jurkin said he is working on his post moves and is trying to get stronger in order to play center in college. He has offers from Indiana, Clemson and South Carolina. Tennessee and Florida State are showing interest.

“(Indiana) is a good program with a good coach,” Jurkin said.

Team Indiana coach Mark Adams said Jurkin needs to work on his consistency. The same goes for Obij Aget.

Also, before I leave wonderous Panera Bread and head back to the Hoopfest, I need to share Kentucky’s love of the metric system. On 265 Dustin and I discovered all road signs included kilometers. Why? Good friend and Kentuckian Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall had no explanation.



  1. Kentuckians should use the furlong system.

    Westport Rd
    8 furlongs (1 mi)

    Corvette Museum
    680 furlongs (85 mi)

    Billy Wade’s Garage
    Not Sure (aint been there furlong time…)

  2. I grew up in Jeffersonville, just across the bridge from Louisville. I haven’t been there since my Mom’s funeral a few months back. In fact she lived just off Westport Road, as seen in your road sign. Glad to hear it’s become ‘beautiful’. Apparently it burned to the ground and was rebuilt since my last visit, when it was little more than a collection of pot holes, billboards and WalMarts. I hope no one was hurt as I still have family there.

  3. I’ll take a stab & say the metric system’s inclusion is:
    a) a complementary gesture to the foreign visitors there for the Derby and/or World Horse games;
    b) a clever ruse to trick out-of-state travelers into thinking Kentuckians are becoming more intelligent & cosmopolitan; or
    c) an estimation of the number of klan members (km) you can anticipate passing before the next exit.

  4. Chronic Hoosier:

    As usual good stuff.

    Truth be known it is there probably for a reason that only a kantukeean can come up with and understand.

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