’s 2011 rankings

Dave Telep and Evan Daniels apparently do not like fireworks and alcohol, because they put out the pre-July 2011 rankings late last night.

Anyways, here they are for the IU prospects:

14 — Cody Zeller

21 — B.J. Young

24 — Branden Dawson

29 — Chane Behanan

40 — Marshall Plumlee

87 — Aaron Thomas

88 — Naadir Tharpe

95 — Jeremiah Davis


  1. Cody Zeller has now earned himself a 5 star ranking with his impressive showings against top talent. 10 spots ahead of Dawson. He is a must get.

  2. along with Zeller, I like B.J. Young and Aaron Thomas. No scholarships for all three.

  3. I was just looking through Scout’s 2012 rankings and Austin Burgett is ranked ahead of Peter Jurkin. For some reason, you don’t hear much about Burgett. I wonder why we are not after him harder.

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