Assembly Hall floor being redone after damage from condensation

Workers were taking pick-axes to the Assembly Hall floor on Friday, tearing up a court that was damaged by condensation from the recent high humidity. An IU spokesman said the damaged parts of the court are being removed and replaced, and that the court should be refinished by the beginning of basketball practice on Oct. 15. There was no word yet Friday on the cost of the repairs.


  1. Timing is everything in life! Stopped by AH today and walked away with two panels from center court!

  2. Speaking of tearing up the floor…

    Gordon, Durant lead U.S. in FIBA worlds opener against Croatia
    Associated Press

    ISTANBUL — Kevin Durant scored 14 points and got the United States started in a dominant second-quarter stretch in a 106-78 victory over Croatia on Saturday in its opening game at the 2010 FIBA world championship.

    Eric Gordon made four 3-pointers and had 16 points to lead the Americans, who turned a close game into a blowout by limiting the Croatians to six points in the second quarter. Chauncey Billups finished with 12 points.

    I think some Bozo at Inside the Hall presumed EJ wouldn’t see enough minutes to contribute….WRONG!

  3. I have a pen made out of the “glory years” AH floor that I think my wife paid 20 or 30 bucks for as a Christmas present. Now, the floor that saw the “glory” that was the Davis-Sampson-early Crean era (apologies to the brief period of credibility that was the “Dakich era”) is being thrown in a dumpster. Fitting.

  4. McHoop – Any chance you would part with some of those panels? I’m a huge fan and would love a piece. Thanks.

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