Buckley: In-state ties getting better

The Indiana coaching staff mostly recruits as a team. Tom Crean and each of his assistants get involved with every player through phone calls, and when more than one of them have the opportunity to watch the same player at the same time, they take it.

That means they all know the players in the state of Indiana fairly well, but the others will admit that none of them know it like Tim Buckley, who was the head coach at Ball State for six years and an assistant there for five more in addition to several other midwest jobs.

“If you walked in today and said, ‘Hey, could you get me a number on this kid in Indiana?” new assistant Steve McClain said. “I’d go to Tim Buckley. There’s no question about that.”

If there’s an Indiana Elite team playing a game in July, Buckley is probably there to see it. Ditto for the other Indiana AAU powers like Spiece and the Eric Gordon All-Stars. He’s been in the forefront as much as anyone on the staff in terms bringing the state’s top players back to its most historically successful program.

Though Buckley had good relationships in Indiana when he came with Crean from Marquette, he said in-state recruiting has become a lot easier since the staff has had time to get settled and get to know players early in their careers.

“As recruiting has gotten younger and younger, and you have to get in earlier and earlier, it’s taken us a little bit of time to get in there and develop those relationships,” Buckley said. “We feel really good about where we are with those relationships at this point in time.”

Though they still only have 16 wins in the two seasons they’ve been at IU, Buckley said he thinks the staff has strengthened its connection to the state’s high school coaches.

“I think Indiana has always been Indiana,” Buckley said. “I think that (Indiana high school coaches) have always been supportive. I think a lot of the coaches, if not the majority of them would like for their players to stay in-state, because obviously that gives them a chance to see them play, and they know how important it is for their families to be able to see all of their games. I don’t know if the perception has changed, as much as now they’ve gotten to know Coach Crean even better. He had relationship with guys prior to that, but he’s been all over the state to speak and spread the word about what we’re trying to do here. And I also think they can start to see the results on the court. They can start to see what our style of play is going to be.”

There have been some oft-reported positive results. After signing Indiana’s Mr. Basketball in Jordan Hulls and Derek Elston of Tipton in 2009, the Hoosiers didn’t sign an Indiana player for the Class of 2010. In 2011, however, they already have a verbal commitment from Hamilton Heights guard Austin Etherington and they are one of three teams still in the running for Washington star forward Cody Zeller along with Butler and North Carolina. They already have 2012 commitments from Broad Ripple’s Ron Patterson and Peter Jurkin, a center from Sudan who plays for the Indiana Elite AAU program.

Indiana assistant Bennie Seltzer said he’s seeing the same positives.

“I think the coaches, the high school coaches around this area, there’s so much support around here,” Seltzer said. “You go out and you hear, ‘Hey, you guys are going to get it turned, you guys are going to get it turned.’ Those are nice things to say, but now I think they’re starting to see the work that we’ve put in in terms of the in-state kids and trying to stay local in terms of the in-state, the region and recruiting some of the top players around the country, I think the high school coaches and everybody are kind of taking notice in terms of the things that we’re doing in this area. I think they’re taking a little bit of notice nationally too. But winning helps it all. If we have a great year this year, we’ll be able to do even more. That’s what we’re banking on. Winning will take care of a lot of things.”

Seltzer is starting to get some national interest himself. He was one of three finalists for the open Central Florida coaching job this summer, he said, and is hoping that even though he didn’t get that position, the experience will help him in his quest for a head job eventually.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” Seltzer said. “One day I think it will happen and whenever it does I’m ready. … It’s so secretive. It’s such a secret society, man. I get the phone call, and the guys on the other end whispering, and I’m looking around, and (the guy) is like ‘I need you to meet me here at this time.’ But you know, I talked to a couple of people during the process, and you just have to prepare yourself because you never know what would happen.”


  1. Coach Crean has assembled a team of coaches that have now had the time to show results. Fans have remember that finding good fits to play the roles that are needed bring championships. This is a important year to close the deal on some additional in state players. This is going to happen, hold on to your hats, this is going to be fun!

  2. Good progress over the last year. Hope to get back to the days when IU not only got the best Indiana players but also recruited well in Illinois and Ohio (for instance Quinn Buckner and Scotty May). CTC is doing it the right way and this bodes well for the future. Once we get some wins then Calipari and the rest can stay home! If we get Perea and or Zellar than we can truely say – we’re close

  3. Good points, iubase. And let’s not forget Chicago and Isiah Thomas. And where did ND find the 2008 Big East Player of the Year? Wasn’t Harangody from Kentucky?
    I don’t know why, but the article doesn’t really sit right with me. It doesn’t show much analysis the subject when it leaves the highest ranked player from the state out of the discussions…..No mention of the highly talented kid from Northwest Indiana going to Izzo? We’re making inroads on the in-state recruiting front when Crean’s mentor effortlessly plucks from our borders the recruit with the whole package of skills in his game? Dawson is a kid that loves to get up and down the court. His body is ready to accept the maturation of his improving game..Read some of his quotes about his recruiting..Izzo didn’t do anything magical to make this kid abandon thoughts from IU and Purdue. He simply started going to his events and showing some sincere interest..We were on his list, but we sure didn’t act like we cared. This kid will be one of the best in the Big 10.
    Dopirak often sounds like a broken record of 4guards..I don’t understand why he took hard questions to16-year-old recruits about a “scholarship situation” but can’t ask a coach, a grown man, blowing his horn about recruiting Indiana if he ever heard of the kid from Indiana that is the highest ranked recruit in the 2011 class. Where did he go? What’s the name of the college in our conference that has the most success in the NCAA tournament the last 10 years? What’s the name of the coach that turned down an NBA job? Who’s that dude that seems to know the type of talent that translates into deep runs in NCAA tournaments? Who’s the guy the nursed from bottle the greatest coach in Marquette’s history? What’s he doing recruiting in the corner of our state? Do they play basketball up there? Doesn’t he know how to perform a robbery a hundred miles south? Why did you not ask Buckley why Izzo didn’t go to his knees begging for Cody Zeller to wear Spartan green and lead him to his team to his next Final Four? I know why…because you’re too busy being 4guards.

  4. New Coke,
    Obviously, this wasn’t my deepest work. I won’t lie, my goal with blog posts is put up as much information as I can as quickly as I can before I start writing stories that go in the paper which have significantly more depth.
    As for asking Buckley about Zeller and Dawson, coaches aren’t allowed to talk about specific recruits until they sign. It would be an NCAA violation.
    As for the scholarship story, I’ve stated my case more than a few times. I don’t think the questions were that tough, I think the recruits in question are much more mature, media savvy and mentally and emotionally capable of handling such questions than you’re giving them credit for. Austin Etherington, Cody Zeller and Jeremiah Davis aren’t average 16 year olds. I was one of about 10 guys standing around them with a microphone. They deal with this stuff every time they walk off the court. They know how the game is played. I certainly don’t think the story (which I often wonder if anyone actually read before blasting me) was unfair. Like I’ve often said, I went into those interviews assuming they would have been prepared and know what I was talking about. I think the fact that they didn’t provides an interesting look at how recruiting works, and I think that was worth a story. I don’t think I printed anything that was detrimental to them at all. I asked them if they knew about a situation that could possibly change the recruiting of the school they were being recruited by. They said no. I explained it to them, made clear that things can obviously happen, people can transfer, and this doesn’t mean that there’s definitely no scholarship for them at Indiana, but then asked if it was something they were concerned about.
    My additional question is this. 4guards’ argument has always been that Crean doesn’t recruit the state of Indiana well, that he’s ignored in-state kids to go to out of state for players like Victor Oladipo and Will Sheehey. My story just states that Tim Buckley thinks Indiana’s in-state recruiting situation is improving. I fail to see how I sound like 4guards.

  5. I believe calling someone 4guards has evolved into something of a vague insult referring to someone who doesn’t think enough about what they write. I’m not saying you’re guilty of that, just explaining the reference.

  6. Chet, you’re as superficial as you’ve ever been. How’s your beautiful wife doing? You haven’t written anything about her lately… No, listen, he’s accusing Dustin of being 4guards literally. Which, of course, is a little misleading: the real 4guards is Crean. It also matches your description. The guy is completely lost, disoriented: why, just the other day he said he thinks (sic!) he has put together a tough enough away non-conference schedule to prepare the team for the grueling Big Ten season. 😆 Way to go, Coppertone Tom! Clap, clap, clap!

  7. I am still laughing over the comments on Chet’s wife, but anyhow….
    New Coke is a joke who can’t even get his facts straight. Harangody is an Indiana kid.. Dawson is not the top rated Indiana kid, Teague is…
    Dawson and his high school team got used and abused on the big stage by Zeller and his Monster game. You also can’t understand why a journalist would want to get the facts that people care about??? I guess this is America 2010.

  8. Ahhh yes. Getting the facts straight is very important to 4guards. He likes to put everything out on the table as to not create a misleading portrayal of events.

    In that vein, let’s make sure we’re doing that.

    Washington beat Gary Wallace 65-62 in overtime.

    Cody Zeller: 20 pts, 26 rebounds. Fantastic game.
    Branden Dawson: A game high 22 points, 11 rebounds.

    I’d hardly call an overtime game in which Dawson and Zeller hung 22 and 20 points, respectively, on each other constitutes either side being “used and abused.”

    You should be thankful for “America 2010.” It allows perpetually negative folks like yourself to voice your biased, whiny opinions without being arrested.

  9. You’re right about Teague, 4-Aguards. I had completely forgotten about the young man that didn’t get to showcase his talents on the “big stage” of the Indiana 3-A Tournament of Cupcake High School Champions.

    The Kentucky reference aimed at Luke Harangody was sarcasim. I’m from Northwest Indiana..Harangody’s family was originally from Whiting. I knew a guy that roomed with Luke Harangody’s dad at Foster Quad in the late ’70s. I could tell you many funny stories about Dave Harangody. He was a tight end for the IU football squad…On Christmas holiday he actually played in one of those bowls designated for “cupcake” football teams. Doubt you would be interested. Back to hoops..Did you know that back in the days of Bobby Knight(the guy your idol played for), Indiana basketball used to include recruiting kids from Northwest Indiana, Chicago and its many suburbs(the old stomping grounds of my youth..thus explaining my sadness that we didn’t put a wholehearted effort into recruiting B.Dawson ..How ’bout a big shout-out for Delray Brooks!!)..This was long before Southern Indiana and Kentucky migrants, like yourself, took over the alumni base of basketball influence at IU. I could go on by diving into the topic of Bloomington South Basketball Academy, A-Hope, etc, but this post is already getting way beyond tedious and lengthy…Maybe another time. Do you think I like seeing talented basketball players from the backyard my Indiana hometown not being recruited by my alma mater anymore? Why? Why do they keep going to Purdue, Michigan, ND, and MSU? Mr. “Cupcake Ball State” Buckley is not being candid and forthright with Dustin. You’re not being candid and forthright with Dustin..You don’t want to recruit Indiana. You want to recruit every town south of Indianapolis. You’re isolating Indiana from the whole its own wide borders..You cut the state in half.

  10. This was a good positive blog, although a little light. If the coaches would talk about each recriting class, then this story would be more interesting. To sum up, the days of IU ignoring Indiana high school coaches are over.
    If Zeller wants to be a legend, he’ll be heading to IU!
    Go IU!

  11. I hope we play you guys in the future. I’m a Miami (Ohio) grad and although we don’t have Ron Harper or Wally any more, the program is rising again.

    I always enjoyed the visits to IU.

  12. At the risk of being too unsophisticated for this board I will point out that Crean is recruiting Beachem and Scott from Fort Wayne, a city lying in the northern part of the state.

  13. Dustin,

    I read your recruiting story questioning scholarship availability, thoroughly. I blasted your story not for the information gleaned but the means used, the questions asked and the slant that those young people should feel sorry for taking the ride belonging to someone else. It was at the top of the list of lists titled “unprofessional” and your continued defense about it makes it more so today. Now your most recent article above is enlightening and definitely gave me the idea that Buckley over many seasons has done much of the “dirt under the nails work” to organize recruiting in the state of Indiana. It also leads me to believe this staff is working the whole state.
    IIRC Coach Crean was in Merrillville for a competition in the past 4-6 weeks. Certainly he will be in the LaPorte area, starting this season. Adding GFD’s info I would say northern Indiana is getting the most attention seen from an IU staff in say 10-11 years.

  14. While men don’t make wives and children targets it does seem about right for you. She’s great. Thanks for asking.

  15. It would be nice if we could stay on topic and keep the “tit for tat” crap off this blog. I understand everyone has a right to speak their mind but let’s keep it on target. I’ve also mentioned this before… when certain posters are just talking their same’ole anti-CTC crap…don’t respond. This is what they feed off of. Only respond when the facts need to be corrected, if then. Eventually they will either go away or go back to their real PUke blogs.

  16. OK, HC. I’ll make the following concession. The one thing I’ve come to regret about that story is that I asked those questions with a video camera present. If I ever do a story like this again, I’ll pull the kids over to the side and have a less pressurized conversation about the issue. That would allow me to present perhaps a more fair view of things and allow them not to feel like they are on stage. If I sense that they’re wildly uncomfortable with the topic, I can just not quote them and nobody’s the wiser. Aaron Thomas, for instance, seemed totally blown away and clueless about what I was talking about. So I didn’t quote him. That’s an adjustment I need to make at a bigger beat at an internet age. I’m still go in to most interviews with the mentality that I’m conducting them to gain as much information as I can, then using my discretion with what I actually print and putting them in context with the rest of the story. With the internet and video involved, the reactions to questions are part of the public record. I need to conduct myself with a better understanding of this fact.
    But I wasn’t trying to insinuate that the players should feel guilty for taking someone else’s scholarship. If that was the slant you picked up from that, it was inadvertent. If I’m insinuating anything, it’s that these kids ought to be informed of this stuff. It shouldn’t be hidden from them as though they’re too fragile to handle it. These are life-altering decisions they’re making. They ought to have a very real understanding of whether or not there is a place for them.

  17. I don’t understand why a journalist should be involved in a “life altering” decision of a recruit. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if you think the recruit, his parents, and high school coaches have failed to do the necessary investigation of the facts.

    For many weeks preceding the “scholarship situation” interviews, I seem to remember a particular blogger on this website making a huge issue of the subject. It wasn’t long after that Hoosier Scoop found it necessary to corner some kids at a Bloomington event and deliver the same message. I still don’t agree with the putting-on-the-spot tactics, but maybe we’re all making this a bigger deal than necessary because we feel you were delivering the heavily prejudiced views of Scoop’s biggest anti-Crean blogger to these young kids ears. I also wonder if some potential recruits may have been dumbfounded because they believed anything they might say could be construed as jeopardizing their relationship with Tom Crean and IU.
    Even with the best of intentions a “scholarship crunch” question, I witnessed the sending of the same message to these young men that I heard on this blog repeatedly delivered for a much different reason. Anyone that has spent a few weeks on this blog knows exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t play dumb, Dustin. You certainly must be aware of what goes on here..Haven’t you seen how a particular blogger on here takes every detail surrounding decisions made by our coach and distorts them to reach conclusions of his gross incompetence? This may make our judgments of you very shallow and unfair when you adopt his same opinions. I won’t even go into how much you have mirrored his opinions on the recruitment of Zeller. In your chats I have seen the same views expressed on how critically important you believe it is to the restoration of our program’s image for this one recruit to wear cream and crimson. Personally, I think it’s all ridiculous. There is no balance. There was no balance when those young men were treated as if the rooftop of Assembly Hall was about to fall on their heads. I’m sorry..My eyes didn’t see Dustin Dopirak asking recruits a legitimate question that showed great heart and compassion their futures. I didn’t even see a microphone. I saw 4guards crap from this blog being thrown in their face. I see it every day in the same way when he throws crap at Crean. I see it every day when he throws crap at the name of Branden Dawson or any other recruit that may suggest anything other than Zeller shoved down our throats. And if we don’t get Cody in cream and crimson, it will be more of the same..more exaggerations and talk of the sky falling used for purposeful destruction the reputation our head coach; a never-ending maliciously construed “situation” to blow the winds of blasphemy in his face.

    4guards does it for his love of IU..I’m still trying to figure out why the rest the voices in this town can’t get enough of the taste of ruin. I guess all we need to do is turn on a television or a talk radio show…There is an obsession with unveiling the horrible thorn part of every rose…Negative sells.

  18. Let me just say that I really like both Dustin and Downing. However, I give Downing the upper hand in this exchange.

    Downing, don’t forget Remora’s role in this, though. You pin all the anti-Crean stuff on 4tards without remembering that Remora is the journalist who is/was out at Yogi’s with the Scoop staff; the one whose feelings were hurt by Crean and needed to create another faceless identity in order to express those feelings.

  19. Dustin,

    There’s no point to pay attention to the New Coke.

    Didn’t he write:

    I’m a true narcissistic and jealous a$$hole… Had no reason to go after you guys so hard. Don’t have much face to save, but felt a need to apologize. Please don’t take any of my crap seriously… It’s a product of my own lack of confidence and inner struggle of believing a person much use for this world. Once again, I’m sorry.

    He did: take a look.

    If a man says: “don’t take my crap too seriously” believe him.

    The other one is a frustrated narcissist. Best thing you could do would be to ignore him too.

    Hoosier Clarion seems to be a normal, down to earth person, who believes what he believes and sticks to it and offers valid arguments.

    4guards and Clarion: real, normal people. The other two just two lunatics. Don’t take their crap too seriously…

  20. What a bombshell. The poor guy must be completely shattered. The Scoop will never be the same? Somebody call 911!…Call Herald Times! Downing could be jumping off a tall building any minute! The entire world now knows he is a giant lunatic. He struggles to find truth in his own existence. His life is filled with bipolar tendencies, inconsistencies of opinion, and severe depression. What a narcissist. What a fool. What a surprise? Read them all, Scoop bloggers. Read the private diaries between Chris Korman and the wacko of all wackos. It’s a cookie jar full of voyeuristic delights. Have a tall glass of milk with your Oreos and spend the day with your jaw dropping down to your ankles.

    Now that we’ve uncovered the hideous attic painting of Dorian Downing in a dusty old Greenspan thread, let’s get back to the topic at hand while he slowly turns back into very handsome young gent. Yippee! :mrgreen:

    I really have no problem with bloggers that are anti-Crean. They are expressing an opinion. When most rational human beings hear drastic viewpoints, it is taken with a grain of salt. Again, I think the key word is “balance”. I doubt anyone believes Crean is flawless. Voicing concerns(whether honest or intentionally distorted)can open up discussions that are unique to an environment that allows complete anonymity a boxed-in comment world. How many of the extreme thoughts often seen on blog chats would be heard between strangers sitting next to each other at a Hoosier basketball or football game? Nothing is held back here. On blogs there are no constraints of decorum or worries of identity that could soften the extremes. There is likely less inhibitions on this blog than what would be found in sports bar fool of drunks..Every day it starts out nice and ends in a brawl with no blog- bouncer to toss out those of us too intoxicated our own egos and expertise. Within the circle of blogging debates it seems to be the norm for opinions to have no gravity to keep them centered. Most of what you read soon finds the outer limits/borders a solar system no longer guided by rational orbits. It soon becomes the Hatfields vs. the McCoys feud …The Perfect Pollyannas vs. the Disconnected Discontented …Downing vs. Scoop…The Intelligent World vs. Lord 4Tards.
    Just a couple weeks ago Korman wrote a very nice piece in response to a blogger on a Thursday LiveChat. He took a deeper look at an old topic hidden in another attic of sorts and it refreshed my ears to hear him express opinions I think he had repressed for quite some time..It was a shining moment of eloquence and honesty as he dissected the ugly time period surrounding the vicious and extreme opinions that had become forever attached to kids that played for Kelvin Sampson. Unlike the rants of this bipolar blogger, I think it should be required reading every journalist in Bloomington. It finally showed balance on a subject that I feel our current head coach has failed to find in his own heart. It’s easy to get caught up in the extreme views. It’s easy to assemble an army of support on any battlefield when hate and contempt is the weapon of choice. A true leader can take a different road. I don’t think Dustin had any intention of sabotaging IU or the hearts of young kids when he dropped the scholarship questions. Maybe he just got a little too caught up in the popular world of extremes. And I am not immune to the same temptations. If I had a chance to interview Cody Zeller I would do nothing different than Dustin..I would also do everything possible to tell him the obvious. I would abandon restraint..I would toss out the door those rare ideas that could conclude things may not be as drastic I want them to be..I would not hold back the truth of Cody’s scholarship situation and the facts,, as I saw them, surrounding his life-altering decision. After a polite introduction and compliments the great improvement I see in his game, my final questions would sound something like this: “Do you think any human being could live up to the hype that now surrounds your recruitment? Does it concern you that you hold the keys to Tom Crean’s career? Do you fully understand that situation?”


    QUESTION: Korman,

    Since this is your last chat, please tell us (1) your favorite moment covering IU, (2) your worst moment covering IU and (3) your most bizarre moment covering IU.

    Keep up the excellent work and I am sure I am not the only HT reader who will be bookmarking your Baltimore blog.

    Kelvin Sampson/Stringer Bell, Milwaukee, WI

    CHRIS KORMAN: Kelvin/Stringer, 2) There were so many heartbreaking stories, starting with Terry Hoeppner’s death. What happened with Kelvin Sampson was his fault, yes, but it still hurt so many people. What just happened to Paul Phillips, the freshman football player, is enough to make you want to stay in bed for three days. It’s awful.

    Those were some awful moments. But as we’ve said in this space before, journalists are different. In those moments our work is most important, and so we have to put aside many of the emotions of the moment and try to report and write as best we can. At the end of the day you are still going to drink a glass of bourbon and cry, but at least you know you did the best you could.

    So maybe for me the worst moments were reading the comments on some of the stories about young athletes, especially those who left in the wake of Kelvin Sampson’s departure. Some of the things said were so flippant and cruel that I just could not believe one human would say them about another human — especially since they really have no clue what they are talking about. Yes, those kids screwed up. And maybe they didn’t belong in the program. It is absolutely a privilege to play basketball at Indiana. But they’d been begged — not asked, begged — to do it by a man promising he’d be a father figure. Then all that went away, and some kids who’d never had anything stable in life faltered. And all some people could do was condemn them or call them names or wish them the worst. Those were terrifying, sad days for me. I realized that maybe no matter how hard I tried to tell the full story of what went on at IU, some people just wouldn’t want to know. They liked their version better.

  21. oops. “….sports bar [full] of drunks”.

    Would anyone like to join me in the attic? Put on your dance shoes, Remora.

  22. Nice to see Remora cry for once. He’s the real lunatic; the late-night drunk keyboard cartoon artist obsessed with inventing new names for GF Dave, Clarion, Coach Tom Crean, and anyone else who disagrees with his negativity.

  23. Dustin,

    There is no need for you to make a concession to me. Korman gave you the directive to take up that line of questioning with those young folks and you complied. I would have told him no(regardless of the consequences). No matter how flattered you are thinking you uncovered the depth of their awareness would then allow you to educate those recruits was a professional privilege that was not yours to take. Now that makes two bad decisions, back to back, one by Korman and one by you. Now that he is gone maybe that type of inappropriate and unprofessional actions has left too. This is the crap that has led me to refrain from buying a newspaper during the last 11 years. The excessive competition of reporters coming out of our modern day journalism schools did not result in an increase in the quality reporting, only in the amount of BS filling the pages. So I decided not fund the growth of something that disappointing. As I stated earlier your words about the assistants take on IU recruiting in the state was enjoyable. The fact is the reading of your reporting will be even more enjoyable as your relationship with the staff grows. Good Luck.

  24. I’m negative? I’m not negative. Proof: Bill Lynch is a great coach. That’s what I say. Can you say that? No, because you‘re negative, that’s why.

    And I’m not crying, for crying out loud. (Wait… but let’s move on.) Je suis plutot mort de rire if you know what I mean.

    I just didn’t want Dustin to take you too seriously. You know very well he shouldn’t. I wanted him to know too.

  25. Saying Bill Lynch is a great coach is like Glenn Beck quoting Martin Luther King the other day. It’s purely political; your intention is to wind up your rivals.

    At the very least I’m glad you used a name that you’ve used before. It’s so obvious who you are; however, since you are too yellow to use that name, I will consider it a lesser victory that you used your self-given title Remora.

  26. Does everything need to be about you and your victories? You’re the ultimate nut case. Proof: you follow Glenn Beck and write down his quotes. You’re nuts, buddy! No attention for you.

  27. Hoosier Clarion, I couldn’t help but notice you were lumped in with tards as a ‘normal’ person. Has that driven you to seek out a therapist or perhaps, even, a suicidal rage? If that’s ‘normal, well…you know. Personally, I think you’re fine.

  28. Downing,

    Your diary with Korman can be Googled. I tried to find that thread where Korman wrote three pages of elowuent explanations only to receive the following reply from you: “Bull” I googled what I thought would take me there and I found the other one.

    I realized then that no matter what one will ever write on this blog you’ll have 2-3 of your socratic personalities “at it” arguing opposing points of view, to find out the truth — but in your own way.

    That’s why Dustin should not pay attention to you. Because you’re never done, because he might have other things to do. Maybe he realizes that. Otherwise most of what you write is delightful.

    Hoesky Toem, (please excuse my French accent) on the other hand hasn’t been delightful in quite some time. He used to — but lost it thoroughly. He’s now into ludicrous conspiracy theories, etc.

    I like 4guards. He has everybody’s number on this blog — much like Sarah Palin two years ago.

  29. Chet,

    I have not yet sought professional help, but my self analysis is ongoing and becoming more critical.

  30. This is a weird set of comments. Of course, I’ve been off the blog for a few weeks, so it would naturally seem weird if you haven’t been immersed in it for a while.

    When did IU get a commitment from Ron Patterson? That’s terrific news!!

  31. Here’s Tom Crean’s tweeting goodbye to Korman: tweet, tweet (they’re both dated Aug 15, 2010, only a few seconds apart.) This should put to rest most of the ludicrous conspiracy theories. There was a lot of mutual, professional respect between Korman and Crean. Crean didn’t have to say anything. He did — and that speaks volumes.

    Korman was here during a really unusual time. His story may resemble Bob Hammel’s. Hammel graduated from IU and took his first job with Huntington Herald Press. He returned to IU 12 years later and the rest is Hall of Fame stuff. Perhaps with Korman going back home another Hall of Fame story is in the offing. Good bye, Korman! Once a Hoosier always a Hoosier!

  32. I think it’s impressive with all the clapping he’s doing (he keeps clapping outside practices and games, though never during press conferences, right?) he’s able to drive the car and tweet. So I think that makes it special.

    He’s going to make plenty of headlines when he’s going away after a disappointing season next year. Going close to 50% into the first official game of the season, despite all the cupcakeness of the pre-conference schedule is going to be the decising factor.

    Crean would be the worst coach ever if he were a coach. He isn’t, he’s just a swindler. Good one too.

  33. decisi[ve].

    Oh, Crean, you’ve damaged this program more than Sampson and Greenspan together.

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