Gordon makes Team USA

Former Hoosier Eric Gordon will represent Team USA at the World Championships.

Rajon Rondo withdrew from consideration, meaning the USA coaching staff did not have to make a final cut to get to 12 players.

Gordon had turned heads as a long-range shooter, something international teams rely on against packed zone defenses.


  1. Can’t wait to watch EJ play! U! S! A!….U! S! A!

    One of the most powerful guards going to the hoop that I’ve ever seen play the game. He’s always had the range, but now that he’s healthy, his shot is looking more spectacular than ever this year…Pure athleticism with explosive power. Go EJ!!

  2. Did anyone catch a glimpse of Isaiah Thomas in Bloomington today? I walked right past him in front of Kilroys on Kirkwood. Shorter guy than I thought.

    Pretty exciting to see a HOFer that close up.

  3. If your talking about the inferior product, the munchkin that played for the Huskies with the wrong spelling his name, I caught a glimpse of his poster in your garage.

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