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Safety Chris Adkins, center, will miss several games with an ankle injury. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Chris Adkins’ ankle injury hurts Indiana’s depth at cornerback, as Lawrence Barnett and Lenyatta Kiles will shift to safety to replace Adkins, Dustin writes.




Brandon Flowers’ “Crossfire.” He’s the lead singer of the Killers, by the way.


  1. It is a shame we don’t have Fife on our bench right now. He is destined for great things.

  2. Nice to see Kravitz step out there and make a bold statement about the football team. He is predicting 6-8 wins. Here’s what I like the most:

    First, again, that schedule. If they can’t win at least six games against that schedule, then athletic director Fred Glass has to think long and hard about hanging onto Lynch and his staff.

    Actually, it isn’t a bold statement. It’s the darned truth. I know there are some around here who think that another 4-8 or 3-9 season is acceptable, but I’m glad to see that this sportswriter isn’t one of those people.

  3. I’m not big on studying the details in the differences, but it just seems like IU football doesn’t have the depth and breadth of talent found in the tradition powerhouses of the conference(Michigan, OSU, Penn St). Can this cause teams to just wear us down? Does it make for a disadvantage in Special Teams? Can Michigan put a kid on kickoff return coverage that could be a starting corner for the lower echelon teams? Am I wrong? How long do you need to establish success before the recruiting pool available for IU even remotely compares to what a traditionally dominant school can suit-up to watch from the sidelines? Is this not the greatest obstacle in turning IU into a legitimate, year-after-year, future contender for top spots in the conference? Will I ever see that day? Keep in mind that I’m old enough to remember Lee Corso and The Huddle restaurant on E. 3rd St.(formerly located at the Red Lobster corner).

    Hoops Comparison: Indiana has always had a plethora of basketball talent within her borders. Seems like a much simpler formula than football..Get the program back on her feet..land one or two highly-talented national recruits…fill in the roster with the wonderful array of skilled Indiana kids. Isn’t there just a lot more apples on the trees when it comes to basketball in Indiana?

    Final Thought: Should it always be about revenue, bigger stadiums, and trying to the best in all worlds? Maybe we should just support the football team, hope the talent we have remains injury-free, and pray for a few major upsets. Just think of all the fans across the nation in Cinderella’s corner when we do finally get that once in a Pasadena moon shot at a big bowl game.

  4. I really like Dane Fife. But he made a tough choice early by taking the IPFW head coaching job. The only way that I have seen to go from a nowhere school to the big time was done by Steve Alford. He started in Indiana at, I think, St. Joseph, then went to SE Missouri State in a very short time, 2-3 years. Then he hit it big at SEMO and went to the NCAA and won through to the regionals. Then he left SEMO after 2-3 years for Iowa. I don’t see how you can slug it out for 6-10 years at IPFW and get the next move up. There are too many assistant coaches who are recruiting big time HS stars at KY, Memphis, Duke, NC, Kansas, MI St, etc. who will get the call ahead of you. Good luck Dane!

  5. By the way why didn’t Dane try to sign Bawa? That might have been his best chance for real recognition in the next 4 years.

  6. Football Novice’s remarks around the football program are spot on. While IU has made and will continue to make improvement, this is a long build process. The kids at the power house schools come in to their respective programs better conditioned, more experienced and with proven skills. By contrast, IU’s players are typically not at that level which is why Coach Lynch red shirts most of them to give these kids an opportunity to develop to a level where some may be able to compete in the B10. I think a realistic expectation this year is 5-6 wins which includes 1-2 B10 wins; although Arkansas State may prove more of a challenge than we think. Still, assuming we go 4-0 non-conference; I think we should get 1-2 wins out of Michigan, Illinois and Northwestern.

  7. ^^^Ridiculous. Illinois somehow went to a Rose Bowl and beat OSU on the road a few years ago, with a similar “talent problem” to IU. As Kravitz has pointed out, EVERY Big 10 team has had a big, breakout season in the last 20 years EXCEPT IU. No excuse to expect 1-2 Big 10 wins.

    I seriously can’t believe how low expectations are here. You must be working for Coach Lynch – are you his publicist?

  8. Illinois broke out to the tune of USC 49 – Illinois 17. They also broke out in 1984(UCLA 45 -Illinois 9). Hope they kept room in the scrapbook for 2024.

  9. Which, unfortunately, is better than we have done. As I recall, a 16-7 loss to OJ and SoCal, in 1967. It was a 3-way tie and the rule at the time sent IU to the Roses. We really have little to rest our laurels on. I still have faith.

  10. That’s the best way to look at it. Keep the faith in Lynch and hope to catch a few guys on their heels this year. Cinderella is due.

  11. Illinois football in 2007-2008, even after the blowout loss to USC:

    -9 overall wins
    -Rose Bowl appearance
    -A win at Columbus

    In contrast, IU was blown out by a 6-6 Oklahoma State team in a bad bowl game in it’s last “magical season” – at in only one 3 conference games to boot.

  12. I think you’re ignoring some main points.

    -depth and breadth of talent found in the tradition powerhouses

    -legitimate, year-after-year, future contender for top spots in the conference

    Maybe Illinois is finally making progress in its ability to remain competitive with the top echelon teams in the conference. I’m not an avid follower of their program. What do you think? Of course there will always be the occasional down years. How did the Illini do last year? From my novice point of view, bad seasons for the traditional powerhouse teams(Michigan, OSU, Penn St) seem to be the exception to the norm.
    IU has been through a lot of coaches over the past 40 years. I don’t know if Bill Lynch has the coaching ability to even give us a Cinderella year. You seem to believe he doesn’t..Do you believe a super-talented running back would choose IU over OSU if he felt Bill Lynch was one of the top 10 coaches in the country and was destined to put IU football on the map? Even if this potential future NFL running back is from Indiana, in love with the Bloomington campus, adores the colors of cream and crimson, convinced Indiana has better looking girls than the state of Ohio(this is an indisputable fact), psyched about seeing his breakaway runs highlighted on the new giant scoreboard while the William Tell Overture plays, and completely convinced Bill Lynch is the guy that can finally move IU football up a few rungs on the ladder, will it be enough? Will all the above combined with hopes a Cinderella Pasadena event in the next four years be enough to lure him away from those silver helmets littered with leaf-stars his glorious achievements? When will any top football prospect look with equal eye a star worn an IU helmet next to the heavy symbol of dominance the celestial leaves upon a plastic cranium protector worn in Columbus. I did a little research..

    Buckeye Leaf: Refers to the stickers placed on the helmets of the Ohio State football players. If a player makes a good play, he is awarded with a Buckeye Leaf sticker to place on his helmet. If a player’s helmet is completely covered with these stickers, that probably means he’s a pretty good player!

    Like I said, I’m a novice. I’m such a big novice that the first thing I notice when an OSU football team takes the field is all them damn unimportant leaf-stars. Brent Musburger’s voice morphs into Carl Sagan’s when I see those helmets..Why can’t these kids just sign on dotted line a giant football gamble? Unfortunately, probabilities of egotistical realities are likely involved and the ABC camera guy zooming in on the “billions and billions” of leaves(?) from afar appearing as stars might be worth enduring a few years of ugly chicks.

  13. If those cheerleaders were ugly, then you are gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    In regards to your point about the highly-touted running back, I’ll just say this: In football, the 5-star recruit doesn’t mean nearly as much as in basketball. Football is much more of a team game than basketball, and requires much more physical maturation. Recruits often have to spend a lot more time watching, learning, listening, lifting etc. to make an impact. Football also requires a lot of directing: Playbooks upon playbooks, coordination between multiple teammates, different units, etc.

    This means a few things: 1) From a players’ standpoint, the training and preparation weeds out a lot of the guys that are “supposed” to make it, including some 5 star recruits, while some less heralded players have more of a chance to rise to the top. The end result is that the 5 star running back isn’t always the key to the team of the ultimate horizon for the success of a program.
    2) From a coaches’ standpoint, the coach has more of an impact on the outcome of the game, since the game is much more of an orchestration from the top. It isn’t like hoops, where a coach can often just turn the talented guys loose and things take care of themselves. Therefore, if you lack the 5 star running back, but have a coach who can see the diamonds in the rough and know how to use them, you may be able to still achieve a level of success that you wouldn’t otherwise.

    Sorry- a lot of wind there. I think Lynch is a good guy, and this year will determine whether I think he can coax out a cinderella season. Like Kravitz said, if he can’t get 6 wins out of this patsy schedule, let’s get him out of there.

  14. Husky-

    For what it’s worth, I’m not gay….at least I don’t think so. When the engines of passion not as responsive the foot on the accelerator, and the old Hoosier dog can no longer turn the head of a young Husky pup as gorgeous and flirtatious a University of Washington cheerleader, its very testing the argyle and the lonely moon I howl.

    You made some great points. Though I’m not sure impact players don’t play a much bigger role than you give credit. Football is a complicated game, but like basketball, simple execution, determination, and a little Lady Luck can often even out the disparities of talent and open the door an opportunity to steal victory against the odds. And you still avoided the discussion of depth and breadth of talent and how teams lacking the tougher soldiers on the sidelines can suffer in Special Teams and wear down as season progresses. You’re a smart guy, Tom. Did you play football?

    Enjoy the rest of your blogging days with the one that voyeurs in the haze.

    The Scoop couldn’t keep me quite. Now I think it’s time I silence myself for some long while. It will be difficult. This has always been my escape..My mom is her last days and I must be one sick a$$hole to be blogging while she suffers and turns to skin and bones on her deathbed.

    Goodbye my friend.


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