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Indiana quarterback Dusty Kiel is fighting with Edward Wright-Baker for the backup job. Jeremy Hogan | Herald-Times


  • Dusty Kiel and Edward Wright-Baker continue to be even in their fight for the backup quarterback job, Dustin writes.
  • Officials need to make a decision on IU’s public golf course, Mike Leonard writes.




Cake’s “The Distance.”


  1. Is there any way that Kiel or Wright Baker end up first string or is Chap that much better?

    or is it that Chap knows the offense that much better and is a leader now and then the awards he is up for and all?

    Just making conversation here really, not stirring the pot. After watching practices, Kiel and EWB are really GOOD!!!

  2. I have always liked what Kiel could do with his feet better than EWB could do with his arm. Kiel’s arm and our receivers match well together, that along his running ability is what the pistol is made for. Next year he will be the man.

  3. J Pat: What I liked about Chap all last year is that he knew how to manage a game and a play. He was perfectly willing to take what was given and not force the issue. He’d throw the ball away when required and just move on. Very mature for a college QB. I expect more of the same this year. I don’t know that those qualities show through in practice. What do you think?

  4. I can’t remember a time when IU had as much depth and talent at QB as this year! I think what Coach Lynch is doing with the QB position is exactly right for this season and beyond. What continues to concern me is injuries. I know they are to be expected and every team has to contend with this, but unfortunately, our B10 competition is in a better position to reload with talent than we are, so I’m nervous.

  5. Sounds like IU has two excellent backup QB’s behind one of the Big 10’s best, Ben Chappell. I can’t remember the last time that was the case. Just like wide receiver with Wilson, Muhammad, Logan, O’Connor and Hughes behind Doss, Belcher and Turner. I think that there is also a red-shirt freshman whose name I am forgetting. IU has some real talent on offense. Let’s not be conservative with the play book. We need to average 40/game to be bowl good.

  6. GFDave, I can agree with that. He plays smart and mature and usually does not try to do anything he knows he can’t. I think the backups I talk about can step in in case of an emergency or at anytime and do pretty well. I will say that I feel Kiel is much more talented than Chap and maybe EWB too…I am talking in the long run.

  7. No way anyone besides Chappell starts. Experienced senior QBs, like senior point guards on a basketball team, are a special commodity, and Chappell has a good enough presence in the pocket to where we can expect a lot from him.

    Not that I am a Mel Kiper fan, but he sees Chappell as the most draftable Hoosier.

  8. JPat…”not stirring the pot…” {but) [I’ll stirr it anyway?]…strongly and publicly(in two comments)suggesting that based on talent Kiel and EWB are better than Chappell.

    Your evaluation, based on arm strength, running ability, youth…(fill in the blank after reading the entire comment)

    In all sports, but particularly in football leadership and the individual qualities that enhance it and add to the team’s confidence create the belief by teammates that they can rise above their own human limitations and combine to succeed and achieve goals.

    And, for that judgment, I’d rather rely on an experience and tested (sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully) but never sounding pedantic or bombastic and always retaining an element of humility, such as Coach Lynch. And, he picked Chappell

    Forgive me if I sound reluctant to follow you into the danger zones…you just sound too self-centered to be a leader.

  9. Tsao, way to call me out. I have never been called self centered but I guess have never been 100% sold on Chap. Maybe an awesome year and after your comments it will change. Sorry for coming off exactly like I did not want to. You are right about leadership. take care.

  10. In all sports, but particularly in football leadership and the individual qualities that enhance it and add to the team’s confidence create the belief by teammates that they can rise above their own human limitations and combine to succeed and achieve goals.

    Didn’t Dirty Harry use that line in Magnum Force?


    You took the high road with that arrogant pair of pantyhose. From the cast of characters I’ve seen on this blog, I’d choose you to captain my ship through a rough sea and put most of the rest these blowhards schooled in tooting their own horns in the specially designated leaky lifeboat.

  11. J Pat,

    I generally tend to agree with you, but questioning that Kiel or EWB would even have a chance of becoming the starter over Chappell has me baffled.

    Having watched Kiel play at Columbus East, and watching Chappell play his career at BHSS and now at IU, there is no way I would want Kiel over Chappell.

    I can see using EWB in certain situations because of his speed and ability to move.

    Chappell is a more than capable QB and with the experience in the offense, being a 5th year senior, and the season he just came off of, I don’t see how this was ever a question.

  12. Mike P, you have always sung Chaps praises and I understand that. I have just been overly impressed with the back ups and am looking towards the future…maybe too much so. No offense, just really think we have talent at the QB position.

  13. J Pat, Your comment was hardly inflammatory and not deserving of being called out. Disagreed with, sure. Called out? Nope.

  14. When it comes to arm strength, Chappell, the 5th year Senior wins hands down. Just read the recently done interview with TE Ted Bolser to get that info. But like JPat says I too believe DK is our future at QB. He runs tough with some quickness. His arm strength, accuracy and leadership skills are developing as we post. I never like to say one player reminds me of another, but for this one time I do. Dusty Kiel in my eyes is a little like Tebow and Troy Smith but with better passing skills.

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