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Indiana defensive end Darius Johnson will stand up as part of the Hoosiers’ 3-4 formation. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Dustin gets all Football Outsiders with his story about the subtle changes in Indiana’s 3-4 defense that really isn’t.
  • I use the idea of Indiana and Purdue playing the last week of the regular season and again in a Big Ten title game to argue that manipulating the divisions for the sake of Michigan and Ohio State is not the Big Ten way.




All this ridicilous talk about making sure Michigan gets to a title game only makes me think of one thing: the first football game the Big Ten Network ever broadcast. Also known as the day everyone in the country knew the name of my alma mater.


  1. The idiocy surrounding this divisional alignment is astounding. It sounds like the Big 10 is going to really botch it with some contrived, artificial split (like the ACC) and ruin the whole expansion. How aggravating and unnecessary- a straight East/West split is the only thing that makes sense. It is simple, has parity and protects rivalries. Everyone is whining about the Michigan/OSU game, THEY ARE IN THE SAME DIVISION NOW!
    Figure it out Delany, create a simple geographic split with a provision that it can be revised every 4-5 yrs (if needed) due to a gross imbalance.
    Wow, that was easy, and I don’t even have a fancy office in Chicago.

  2. It is SOOOOO obvious! One division, call it “Home Cooking”, has IU, Purdue, Northwestern, IL, MN and Iowa State-scratch that last one they are not in the Big 10-Iowa. That leaves MSU, OSU, PSU, Nebraska, WI and MI for the “Restaurant Division”. A lot of us, on limited budgets, need to save some money and eat at home. All the big spenders need to go out to eat to stimulate the economy. This alignment does both!

  3. Here is a direct quote from Purdue head football coach Danny Hope upon learning that #2 QB Caleb TerBush was declared academically ineligible for the 2010 season: “It’s academics. What does it matter?” Hope said.” (as reported in today’s Indy Star) What true candor! Academics does not matter! Why do his players have to attend class and do academic work? (unlike Fox News I will admit that I took the quote out of context and did not provide the second sentence which explains what he meant). But it is a GREAT QUOTE all the same. A football coach being honest!

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