Kiel, Bolser among stars of scrimmage

Saturday’s scrimmage at Memorial Stadium was mostly about mixing and matching for the Indiana football team.

The most important thing Bill Lynch was trying to do, he said, was get an idea what his depth chart should be heading into game-week for the opener against Towson.

“We had to make some decisions off today’s scrimmage and a little bit over the next couple of days about who the travel squad should be,” Lynch said. “That’s why we made a real effort of playing the young kids. There was a lot of bubble kids, when I say bubble, whether they’re gonna be in the mix or whether they’re gonna be scout team players on both sides of the ball. It was really important to get them all a lot of reps.”

There was also a lot of mixing going on among starters. As usual, the secondary rotations gave no hint of the current depth chart, though that position may have taken a hit. Chris Adkins was helped off the field with an ankle injury. Coach Bill Lynch said he was uncertain what the extent of the injury was.

The offensive line also experienced some significant shuffling. Lynch said right tackle James Brewer and center Will Matte are virtual locks at their positions, so he played them very little so he could see other people in different positions. For instance, Justin Pagan, last year’s starting left guard, spent some time at right tackle with the second team. Jordan Marquette played some center but also played some guard.

“We did a lot of moving around, but that’s really good, because honestly, it’s hard after this to do it,” Lynch said. “So we wanted to get as many looks as we possibly can.”

Among the stars of the scrimmage were redshirt freshman quarterback and redshirt freshman tight end Ted Bolser. The two hooked up on a three passes in four plays, including a sharp 17-yard slant route. Kiel also found Bolser on the fade in the back of the end zone in a red zone drill.

“We stayed after practice a little bit too to get a little more timing down,” Kiel said. “He made me look good today.”

The play of the day was an accident. Redshirt freshman tailback Nick Turner fumbled the ball at the offense’s 3-yard line, but freshman wide receiver Kofi Hughes picked it up and ran 97 yards for a touchdown.


  1. Good to hear Kiel played well. Very happy for him. At some point this season he may be very important.

  2. Only a few things are certain in life: death, taxes, and IU football starting out the season 3-0 and then losing the rest of the schedule.

    I don’t know about you guys, but I won’t be watching until game 4 this year. I don’t know what kind of fan that makes me – fairweather? Jaded? Bitter? But I don’t care. HIstorically, it hasn’t mattered whether IU has crushed Indiana State or squeaked by Central Michigan; either scenario is an equally ominous sign of a 3-9 season.

  3. I was in the chow hall last night here at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. I was wearing my IU T-shirt. I saw a guy with a “Go Blue” shirt on and told him we were going to beat them this year. He looked at my shirt and just laughed out loud…

  4. HT,

    You are probably a fan who is honest and critical. I will say this, I am more optimistic for the team this year than I have been in the the past 6 to 10 seasons. I like the programs vision and development over the past 3 seasons on and off the field. I will not list those reasons as you have read them from me in the past. The issue with most fans is not the team necessarily, but with Coach Lynch. Since the 60’s there have been only 3 coaches at IU with lifetime winning records, BM, TH and BL. The real rip on Coach Lynch was his record in the MAC at Ball St. What not many know or remember is the athletic dept. at BSU while he was there was experiencing a financial drought, affecting every team in the dept. but impacted most was the number of scholarships available for FB. You’re a sharp thinker and can fill in the blanks from there.

  5. We may not play a tough non conference schedule, but we haven’t sunk to what Alabama has done. They play a Georgia State squad that is fielding it’s first ever football team. Love to see an upset in that one.

  6. Hey Juan Blanco, you will have the last laugh, talent-wise this is the best IU football team in years. I believe that IU will knock off michigan and surprise a few others this year.

    p.s. Thanks for serving.

  7. For a team like Indiana if you do not go 4-0 in the non-conference, you will not qualify for a bowl game. The bowl game is where IU wants to play a quality opponent out of the Big 10.

  8. The only reason IU stayed close to Michigan last year was because Forcier and his center couldn’t get the snap count right; the center hiked the ball over the QB’s head at least 5 times. If this weren’t the case, Michigan wins 45-21. This worries me. Even with an “Improved” IU team, I feel the worst this year.

  9. I propose Husky Tom to play the part of 4pullingguards during the 17th Street Gridiron Follies production this year.

  10. JImmy- You have to try to be as positive as you constantly are. Seriously, you are delusional. I remember after the Virginia game last year (UV went 3-9 and fired their coach, by the way, and still beat us by 40), you were prancing around as if we lost by 1 point to Ohio State in Columbus. You are mental, my friend.

  11. HT,
    No doubt the home game against the Wolverines will have the most sets of IU eyes watching this year.

  12. Ahhh, Husky, the voice of reason before the season!

    I try to be more like Jimmy prior to the first snap. I can’t wait to see what this offense can do this year and hopefully the defense can surprise us.

  13. I’m more optimistic than usual this year. Clarion made a good case for optimism, and I am following it for now. I do think that Lynch’s record at the small schools means something, just like Tressel’s record at Youngstown State did.

    Still, I think that there is a level of counterproductive delusion amongst the fan base that I can’t help but react to.

  14. Husky,

    There is a lot to be optimistic about this year, on the flip side of that coin there is more to be cautious about than optimistic.

    The offensive line should be improved, but is still a question. Darius Willis is our best back, but can he stay healthy all season? He had ankle issues last year and hamstring issues during the spring and fall camps. We still don’t have a FB to lead block for him when we need to power the ball for short yardage.

    The entire defense is questionable. When Richard Council is one the corners who is making people take notice, that should worry anyone there is.

  15. Hey, Tom you have tweaked my curiosity. I am interested to know your synopsis about the counterproductive delusion of the fan base. I know what direction it takes me and wonder if yours is the same.

  16. Clarion- the delusion I refer to is the small town homer idea that IU football was, is, and will always be bad, and therefore we should keep our expectations low and minimize accountability.

    Another part of this delusion is the idea that progress can only be made in tiny increments that aren’t visible in the win column. There is just too much evidence out there to the contrary.

    For example, Washington may go to a decent bowl game this year, only 2 years removed from an 0-12 season. There are dozens of similar examples.

    Anyway, it’s the same old argument that I have been putting out year after year. You’ve heard it all already. Needless to say, I am on board this year, thanks in a large part to listening to your opinions. However, I will change quickly if we start getting blown out again by 3-9 teams.

  17. Husky Tom it’s called un-ending optimism. Its the same thing that brings butts to Cubs games year after year decade after decade.

    Dont mistake un-ending optimism for “counterproductive delusions of a fan base”. Besides, who are you to tell me I cant be optimistic? Not being rude, being serious. It’s OK for you to have your attitude, but me not mine? Why, because you dont agree with it? So what.

    It’s a message board. Dont let it become more than a message board because in the end Husky Tom, THAT is delusional

  18. Husky Tom it’s called un-ending optimism. Its the same thing that brings butts to Cubs games year after year decade after decade.

    Dont mistake un-ending optimism for “counterproductive delusions of a fan base”. Besides, who are you to tell me I cant be optimistic? Not being rude, being serious. It’s OK for you to have your attitude, but me not mine? Why, because you dont agree with it? So what.

    It’s a message board. Dont let it become more than a message board because in the end Husky Tom, THAT is delusional.

  19. With all the injuries to the running backs I was wondering if Matt Perez got any carries….and if so, how did he fare?

  20. The day our athletic director sees no need for carnival-like gimmicks to fill the stands, may actually give cause any “small town homer” IU football fan a slight suspicion of optimism. Until then, attempts at overly hyped halftime ceremonies with whimsical wishes the attendance our bitterly departed Hall of Fame basketball coach, t-shirt giveaways with Winston Churchill quotes, gong bells, Fred Flintstone horns on cardboard rock quarry cranes, 1/2 price tickets for kids, etc..etc..etc… leaves me unfortunately believing the baton twirling of Fred Glass, the furious waving of the giant IU flags to the band playing the hijacked version of the William Tell Overture our basketball hoopla, and the giant ostentatious scoreboard larger than the artificial turf playing surface, is more masking and slathering the same old cake with thicker layer of frosting.

    My greatest fear is these needless obsessional party gimmick attempts to shock life into Hoosier football are foreshadowing events of a heavier truth to come…Will we tinker so long this experiment of selling the inferior product across the parking lot that IU basketball forever remain lost in the shadows of a Cook Hall billboard our past? The William Tell Overture should have been left sacred to Assembly and Bobby Knight should have never been asked to walk on field our gridiron follies.

    Wait!!…? Is that Bill Lynch in a photo op dropping back to pass?..Or is it the Statue of Liberty gum toss to the referee going in a fake “play-under-review” motion? …Cue the band!! Cue Husky Tom!!

  21. Husky, I get your drift. I would add one thought to the “tiny increments of progress” in contrast to the W’s and L’s. IU football until the last half of this most recent decade has been branded in tradition akin to football before blitzing defenses and shotgun formations. Clearly here I am not talking X’s and 0’s. I am talking about IU football tradition. With no coach after the decade of the 50’s owning a winning IU career record makes having a cubs fan mentality for small successes easy for me to understand. (Hell I damn near give up during the Dinardo years.) When we had Branch and RMK for BB we could brag. Because of their successes our past AD’s treated FB as a middle child because it ate up large chunks of their kingdoms budget and they did not establish priorities for FB. Your Huskies had in recent history Don James for FB and the “ole Buckeye” had great success, a little of which came from seeds nurtured from success of decades past(tradition). If we could have shared human resources in coaching our tradition in football would be more positive, and possibly Huskies BB might have been also. Now large amounts of resources have been anointed on the FB program(long over do, badly needed and much appreciated)and this season and next are the watershed time for changing the tradition. My only thoughts about these next two seasons is I wish the wholesale practice of red shirting at IU could have started two seasons earlier but our tradition did not allow it. I contemplate we will dominate the 4 OC teams. Now if we have enough talent, high enough caliber talent, enough mature talent and can stay afar from the injury bug(like everybody else), 7th place in the conference is about what I think IU can achieve.
    By the way, I enjoyed reading about your Huskies FB way back in the 50’s.

  22. Clarion-

    Good points and thoughts. I also enjoyed “I Won’t Tell”s post.

    I’ll conclude by saying that another 1-7 conference record will merit a serious look at the ability of the coaching staff. You would think that with all the huge leads we had last year, and all the close games at halftime that we had the year before, that we would be able to win at least one more darned conference game.

  23. That is why I hope there is more maturity this season, to close out those games.

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