Etherington in top-100; Zeller, Young top-20

The post-summer class of 2011 ratings are out from and its good news for some Indiana prospects.

Cody Zeller is the No. 16 prospect nationally, followed by B.J. Young at No. 17.

And Austin Etherington, who admitted he wanted to get into the top-100 rankings again, is at No. 98.

As for other prospects IU is mentioned with, Michael Chandler is at No. 67 and Naadir Tharpe is at No. 94.


  1. Zeller is actually underrated. Not often you can say that about a 5 star recruit.
    Glad to see AE back in the top 100.

  2. This is all very good news. IU has Young in their back pocket if he can just get his grades on track. If you are Cody Zeller wouldn’t you want to play with Etherington #98 and Young #17 over Butler’s group of Jones NR, Smeathers NR, Aldridge NR and Woods NR? I say it is down to Indiana and NC. Cody you are a Hoosier, be the biggest Hoosier of them all!! At IU Zeller will be THE MAN on the team!! At NC he will be number 2-3-4 in his class!

  3. Sorry, Jones is ranked #124 by Rivals. But how can Rivals rank J Davis #123 and Donnie Hale #144 and NOT rank Austin Etherington at all??

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