Ferrell confirms unofficial visit to IU

Park Tudor guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell confirmed an Indianapolis Star report that he will be visiting Indiana for Saturday’s football game against Akron. There had been talk that Ferrell would be visiting for the Oct. 2 Michigan game, but Ferrell said that didn’t work with his schedule.

Ferrell said he doesn’t have any visits scheduled, but also said that doesn’t mean he’s zeroing in on committing.

“I’m not going to be making any decisions any time soon,” he said.

Ferrell said that along with Indiana, he’s also still considering Butler, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue, Virginia and Washington. He is the No. 17 rated player in the Class of 2012.


  1. “he’s also still considering Butler, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Notre Dame, Purdue, Virginia and Washington

    Awww, gosh…how could Yogi be considering a school that has only been to 3 out of the last 6 Sweet Sixteens? Hasn’t he seen the dusty banners won by white guys wearing tight shorts before the days of 3 pointers?

  2. Is that right, Chet? How is it that a supposedly irrelevant school like Washington is even a possibility for Yogi at this point? I think it speaks volumes for what recruits care about these days. Translation: recent history is infinitely more important that distant decaying banners.

  3. The mighty Huskies ranked 51st in home attendance last year. Hmmmm…lets see…go play in front of 9,000 fans (maybe) in the northwest…far, far, far, away from your family and friends….or, go play a few hours from home at a place that is 11th in the nation in attendance (during its down years)…just built a new practice facility, and in a state where the prep talent is apparently lining up at the door to all play together. Sorry, Husky Tom, I don’t see it.


  4. Husky,

    I most always enjoy your posts and find them entertaining.

    But why the insistence upon being the blog’s champion of Washington University athletics?

    Very few people are going to be welcoming of those sorts of posts.

  5. I have a Husky Jerk lure in my tackle box and I have jerked that lure in 5 states and never had a fish even look at old Husky despite
    his flashy gold color. But if all of a sudden I started catching fish on it, even small fish, my confidence level would go up on using it. So maybe old Husky Jerk Tom maybe needs to toot his horn because they are getting some bites from some bigger fish like Yogi. I will tell you no matter how hot a Husky Jerk could get It would not stop me from getting out my old favorite red and white lure because I am always confident it will catch fish and it will happen and be remembered more than any short term flashy lure. Right now Fish are biting on both so enjoy while you can but remember old red and white will turn hot again and soon!

  6. Tom,

    I recently viewed those banners from a location of close proximity and there was nothing dusty at all about them and I can also acknowledge no decay is advancing.

  7. I have nothing against Washington and wish them the best but bragging about the Sweet Sixteen kind of says a lot about a program. Sure, IU has been on the ropes for a while but I don’t ever remember anyone being thrilled about the round of 16. I am not saying the program is currently at the same level but a Sweet Sixteen for UNC, KY. Duke, etc., is considered a disaster.

  8. Tom, I used to enjoy your posts when you seemed to be a UW fan that had to some degree adopted IU as well. I’ve never known of any animosity between the two schools or states in any sport or anything else. Thus I’m perplexed by your rather acrimonious comments. And it seems you’re crowing a bit prematurely, as Ferrell lists quite a diversity of schools among his candidates, from Florida to Virginia to Washington. Maybe you just need to calm down a bit.

  9. IU has had two or three good years since 1993 including ’94 and 2002. That’s a couple of years out of 16 or 17 seasons. GO IU, but let’s get a clue. These kids can look anywhere they want-it’s not as if they are turning down Duke, or other recent national contenders.

  10. That is true to a large extent but there is another dynamic to that. Duke and UNC recruit in Indiana a lot. There are a disproportionate number of great basketball players than the population would suggest. Indiana DOES have an inherent advantage due to tradition with INDIANA recruits. Indiana kids know about IU tradition. It’s in their homes. The same can’t be said of many places. UNC doesn’t focus on that many NC kids, usually. A lesser shining star of a program program (currently) can compete for 5-star players with the reigning royalty if those kids grew up with all that ‘home team’ tradition.

  11. Just more proof that he is not really an IU fan. It is impossible to be true fans of 2 different teams. It is a good thing you are so happy with Sweet 16’s. That is all you will ever see there.

  12. I guess if a recruit is intent on crashing out in the Sweet 16 or sooner for their 4 years in college, then Washington is the place to be!

  13. “It is impossible to be a true fan of 2 different team.”

    Wow, just when you think he has already made the most stupid comments in the world he raises the bar.

  14. Chet
    Obviously we are talking about NCAA men’s basketball teams, since you may not be smart enough to understand that.

  15. Quit trying to sneak a look-see up Tom’s dress! I have no doubt that Tom is a Hoosier at heart…At times he just enjoys a bit of flowery cross-dressing…While enjoying his lead role aboard this blogging Love Boat, he’ll occasionally slip into his Nancy Sinatra outfit and prance arrogantly about the stage in boots glossed with Washington Husky gold. And don’t be hoodwinked by Korman..Though now pretending to be a traitor and conspiring as a contributor to Inside the Hall, we must always assume Chris Kremlin is still wearing his Scoop captain’s cap and singing backup. 4guards and JB, forever dancing in clueless tandem, should be easy to pinpoint.

    And yes, somewhere a silenced Downing statuesquely provides a small bit of guidance aboard this lost ship of fools.

  16. I really like Yogi’s game and hope that he selects IU. But, if he is going to wait until next November to make his decision, then he needs to lay out his plan like Cody Zeller did, stop tweeting “signals”, and follow through as responsibly as Cody has done. No one can respect a recruit with a list of over 5-6 schools. It just shows that he is insecure (needs the 15 offers to “prove” that he is good) and totally unsure of what he really wants from college (no one can really investigate 15 different colleges and all that they offer apart from basketball for the right “fit”). There are no positive benefits from having 15 “offers”. There are a lot of benefits from having really serious offers from the 5 schools that you like and you will select from because you know what you want and feel comfortable with! But in Yogi’s defense, he is ONLY just starting his junior year in HS. I can give him all the time he needs to mature and to narrow his choices. But he is a little obvious in using the current offers to “solicit” for additional offers from Duke, UNC, KY, and Kansas. That kind of manipulation can become a real turn-off. There will be a time when IU has only 2 scholarships available and 4 great guys who REALLY want to come to Indiana…oh, that is EXACTLY what Yogi’s dad said: “Indiana needs to step up in recruiting Yogi, because that is where he wants to go” (or words similar).

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