updates its 2012 top 75 unveiled an update of its 2012 rankings today, and IU commit Ron Patterson comes in at No. 69.

Peter Jurkin, IU’s other verbal in the class, was not ranked in the top-75.

Indiana prospects include: Gary Harris (No. 15), Hanner Perea (No. 21), Jeremy Hollowell (No. 29), Yogi Ferrell (No. 36), D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera (No. 37), A.J. Hammons (No. 45) and T.J. Warren (No. 61).


  1. Peter Jurkin not ranked?? This has to be a mistake, right? haha.
    I am glad to see Ron Patterson move up in their rankings. He will be a good one.

  2. These are rankings for players who still have two years of high school left. It’s always nice and encouraging to see IU players included in them, but let’s take them for what they’re worth.

    Remember Jeremiah Davis? Look at him in 2012, then look at him now. Things change. Sometimes for better; sometimes for worse.

    Oh, and 4guards, glad to see you find enjoyment in the fact that one of our recruits isn’t on the list. Keep on proving your case for being a “real fan,” bud.

  3. I agree Casey,Only a slug would find humor in a teens ranking that is going to play for I.U.This site is for fans.

  4. The first time that most of the US will really appreciate Peter Jurkin as a basketball player is when he is Freshman of the year in the Big 10 for 2012-13.

  5. The only thing I find amusing is the fact you guys act like Jurkin is a stud and in fact he is not very talented. The professionals obviously agree.
    Congrats to Patterson. Much deserved.

  6. Did rankings ever make a difference in a game! Yet another way to exploit the game and the kids who play it. Peter Jurkin in two years will be a defensive monster and with some good coaching be able to chip in 10-12 points a game He’s a really solid add for the Hoosiers and why should anyone get a rat’s — what some paid service has to say!!!

  7. Oh, so now you’re defaulting to the opinion of the professionals? OK — that works for me. Let’s look at other things the professionals are saying:

    – Most “professionals” agree that Tom Crean has the IU program headed in the right direction.

    – Most professionals agree that Crean has shown that he is adequately recruiting in-state, as evidenced by the recent commitments from Patterson, Etherington and Blackmon Jr., the previous commitments (and re-commitments) of Hulls and Elston, and the high level interest being shown by top recruits such as Zeller, Ferrell, Hollowell, Harris, Perea, DSR, Lyles, etc.

    – The professionals at Rivals, whom you cite in your post, don’t even rank or rate Spencer Turner. Which is funny, since you classify him as “an unbelievable miss,” by coach Crean. I find it amusing that You act like Turner is a stud and in fact he is not very talented. The professionals obviously agree.

    – Any professional would agree that winning in the Mountain West Conference is far easier than winning in the Big Ten, as evidenced by Alford’s sub-.500 record in the Big Ten, and winning record in the MWC.

    Hmmmm…what else?

    – Rivals ranks Jurkin as the 137th best player in his class. As a sophomore. He’s seven feet tall with two years of high school left. You do the math, and see why most fans are excited about him.

    – Professionals would agree that Guy-Marc Michel has never played a game as an Indiana Hoosier, and thus it’s probably premature to judge his impact on the team prior to the start of, ya know…the season (It’s a crazy idea, I know).

    So let me ask you this question: Are the professionals always right?

    If they are, then quite a few of your views are apparently flawed, and you should probably rethink you outlook on IU basketball.

    If they’re not always right, then couldn’t this be a case in which they’re not?

    Maybe this is the better question: Are the “professionals” only right when what they’re saying supports your opinion, and wrong when what they write doesn’t align with your thought process?

    Answer: Yes.

  8. Casey- I feel sorry for you, because you write really well and really clearly, but your time is wasted, because JBtards won’t read it – he’ll get one sentence into it, and he will already have coined his blockheaded two sentence reply.

  9. 4guards, Patterson actually moved down in the rankings from 57 to 69, not up. Also, recruiting rankings don’t mean a whole lot. Every year they miss and overrate tons of prospects. Looking at a recruit’s offers is usually a better way to determine how good they are.

  10. Rankings are rankings… have to find guys who fit your system

    Big who plays defense and can run = Jurkin
    Wing that can play defense and is explosive = Patterson

    Now if you add in a PG (Yogi)…solid big (Perea)…and scorer (Harris, Hollowell, or DSR)…and I think Crean has done a terrific job. I wouldn’t be upset if they just add one of those guys…

  11. hoosierfan2, I am fairly certain Patterson went from 3 star to 4 star on Scout.
    When did I ever say Turner was an unbelievable miss? If that even happened, somebody else posted it under my name. You may also be mistaking Turner and Dunham.

  12. Someone posted that regarding Turner under the name “4guards.” If that wasn’t you, nevermind.

    But if you want to talk about Dunham, he’s ranked #144 in his class — behind Jurkin, still.

    If the 137-mark is the “not very talented” threshold, then I guess Dunham didn’t make the cut either.

  13. Aruss,

    Not a newbie. Not debating.

    Debating would entail two people carrying out a constructive discussion using valid points and objective reasoning. 4guards isn’t interested in those types of discussions.

    I simply enjoy exploiting flawed, biased arguments, and don’t appreciate someone who claims to be a “fan” constantly ripping the program, coaches and players he claims to support.

  14. This is a perfect example of 4retards sending out hate. Hate on our coach,players,IU and now recruits. He speaks so much out of both sides of his mouth. I wish I had tons of time to research his crap but no body has that much time because he is a 24/7 non stop crap shooter. He posted under the title of “Goff sets visit.” On 9-13 at 1056 AM he posted “unbelievable miss by Coach Crean” referring to Spencer Turner. Now on this date he claim he never said anything about Turner. How can you believe anything he says? If you show him his mistakes he just says that wasn’t him. Right! Don’t waste time on this retard anymore he just tries to lie his way out so he can’t be held accountable for his statements by saying it was not the real him

  15. I went back and looked at that post and that was definitely not me. Most comments on that page did not come from me.
    I have never been a fan of Spencer Turner.
    It seems it was possibly Southport65 who made those comments since he is bringing it up now.

  16. Only a complete idiot would say a kid ranked in the Top 150 is not really good.

    There are THOUSANDS of kids that play basketball in each class. To get in the Top 150 is impressive.

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