Glass: “All this speculation is premature”

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass said he continues to support football coach Bill Lynch and his football program and that talk of Lynch’s dismissal is premature.

“There’s a lot of football left to be played,” he said. “There’s still a third of the season left. That’s where we are.”

Asked if he was in the process of contemplating Lynch’s job status, Glass essentially refused to go there.

“I’m just totally supportive of this team and this coaching staff,” Glass said. “All this speculation is premature. I understand it’s going to happen, but I’m not going to feed into it or endorse it. I wouldn’t have any comment other than that. There are still four games left. I was in the locker room with the coaches and the players and saw them leading and talking about what they’re going to do with these next four games. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I’m four square behind the players and the coaches.”

Lynch is coming under fire from fans, however, after the Hoosiers lost four of their last five games. Heading into Saturday’s game against Iowa, he has an 18-27 record at IU and a 5-23 mark in the Big Ten. After this season, he has just one more year left on his contract.


  1. Just as Lynch is classy in public, so is Glass. I don’t think for a moment Glass isn’t planning something in the background and getting together a preliminary list of folks in his head. Publicly, you have to support Lynch until the season is over. This is how the game is played, and Glass has a good poker face going.

  2. Certainly I would think that we are all behind these players. They have conducted themselves well on and off the field even if they haven’t won any Big Ten games. It would be nice if they had the best preparation and chance to win on saturday.

    The coaches? I’d say that’s a vote of confidence. . .

  3. Well said 16, if he comes out and blasts the coach or any of his staff, how could he ever lure another coach here? He would lose any and all credibility. I think the next 4 games Glass is going to be closely evaluating the staff as a whole. Only Glass knows for sure what he’ll be looking for, but I’m sure it will come down to more than wins and losses. My guess though is if we lose the rest of the games, and suffer more games like the Illinois game, Lynch is a goner.

  4. “I’m looking for attendance over revenue, improvement more than important than wins or losses, but looking to win more games.”

    – Fred Glass, August 2010

    4-8 last year, maybe 5-7 this year. Next year they have Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, MSU, Wisconsin, Penn State and Virginia.

    A loaded offense has done nothing this year, defense has been mediocre and special teams have been below average.

    Recruiting is nearly impossible for a coach who only has a year left on his contract.

    The $40 million dollar end zone is usually occupied by a few fans and the band. The $2 million dollar scoreboard isn’t too useful when all you can show is lowlights.

    If Glass were to keep Lynch another year I’d be incredibly interested to know the reasons other than not wanting to pay the severance package.

  5. I agree with everyone else on here. Glass has to say what he did, in public he has to support Lynch and his staff even if the search is on behind closed doors.


  7. support the team! we can win out! trust me! ive been saying it all alone? well, acually i adjust after each game im wrong, but whatevers!

  8. Worst case scenario: IU manages to scrap out two more wins, gets their butts kicked in the bowl by a MAC team and Lynch gets a big extension because he took the team to a bowl game.

    Glass was pretty quick to pull the trigger on Freitag, but he doesn’t have the stones to get rid of Lynch? Lynch couldn’t win in the MAC so what says he can win the Big 10.

  9. Since when is public speculation over a coach’s job not premature? It’s about as premature as… well… you complete the joke.

    This team will not win 2 games here on out. They won’t even win 1.

  10. glass has plans to drop IU to the MAC in football, this is where lynch can win a game or two, but dont count on a 6 win season.

  11. AD Glass is exactly right. Most of us have had our say on the coaching staff, me included. Now it is time to cheer for Indiana in these last 4 games. No one can deny the existential urgency to win 2 out of these 4 games, We will see how the head coach and his staff reacts to pressure. Playing close will no longer work! A 6-6 record is imperative!

  12. no, a 6-6 record and cheezewizbang bowl are a death sentence for IU football. i started out the season giving lynch another chance, but he an his staff have failed miserably. winnning isnt always everything, but effort, improvement, and motivation are. lynch cant even provide that.

  13. I hope Glass will make decisions base upon what’s best for IU and not for Public Relations reasons. That being said, he does have to support Lynch and the players and should. However, he shouldn’t support Lynch after the season is over unless he thinks he’s the coach to turn IU into a respectable football program in the Big Ten. I don’t think Lynch is that guy and I hope Glass feels the same way. We can and have had success in football(though limited to certain coaches in certain time frames) and can again. I am an IU Alum interested in IU over-all and not just in basketball. This is doable. We/Us/Someone just needs the will to do so.

  14. IU should go after the coach from Tulsa. I understand Notre Dame isn’t anything special these days, but if you take Tulsa talent and go into South Bend and win, you’ve done something. Todd Graham is his name and I hope he’s coaching IU next year.

  15. There is no reason IU should not be a powerhouse in football and basketball much like Ohio State, Florida and Texas.IU needs to pony up the cash and hire a coach or coordinator with a proven record from a MAJOR conference like the SEC or Big 12.

  16. I agree that Glass is handling this situation properly and with the kind of class that we should expect from IU. The issue with Coach Lynch is truly unfortunate for all concerned. With Coach Hep’s passing, both IU and Lynch were put into a no win predicament. IU needs to be fair to its coaches, so giving Coach Lynch the opportunity to try to suceed at this level was the right thing to do. But, at the end of the day, he is not a B10 coach. That is not his fault—he never said he was and he has certainly given this job his all and more. And, he clearly has improved the program, to his credit.

    But, the program has not made sufficient strides to warrant keeping Lynch as head coach even if IU were to win another game this year which is unlikely.

  17. Cam Cameron will never look good as a head coach. I’m also a Dolphins fan, and he managed to underperform to even my bleak outlook while he was here in Miami.

  18. Mike Leech is not presently coaching, and he is a winner. Why would an SEC or Big12 coach want to coach IU football. Rich Rod should be available

  19. Aruss,

    I don’t know why I’m even answering your ignorant a$$ postings, but I am.

    Better than a 50/50 chance they win 2 more? Really? That means you think IU wins 3 of the next 4 at least? Who?

    Iowa is not the same team that beat IU last year, they are A LOT better. Only reason IU stands a chance, is they usually have at least 1 top 25 upset each year.

    Penn State is beatable, but that is something IU has never done, that is a 50/50 game to me. If it was being played at home, I say IU wins, but being in D.C., I have to go PSU.

    Wisconsin will beat the tar out of this IU team. There isn’t even a discussion needed for that one.

    That leaves Purdouche. Give me a break. Do you remember the last trip to Ross-Ade stadium? Two 3-8 teams, IU gets drummed 62-10! Two 4-7 teams last year, Purdouche walks on IU 38-21, a game that started with IU down 21-0, not getting their first score until almost the end of the 3rd quarter. This year will be the same, two teams that will be 4-7 going into the game with nothing but bragging rights on the line.

    Hopefully I’m wrong on all the above, but I’m doubtful I will be.


    I have been on the Todd Graham bandwagon for a couple years now. Do you think IU could really get him away from Tulsa? He is a Texas native, played his college ball in Ada, Oklahoma. He took the job at Rice, earned Coach of the Year honors, got an extension and big pay raise, then bolted for Tulsa a few days later when he was offered that job. Not to mention he already makes 1.1 million dollars (2nd in C. USA) in a BCS conference, it would probably take 1.9-2.2 million to get him to move. I just don’t think IU could pull him away from his roots. Money talks though.


    When Lynch accepted the head coaching job, he told the AD, the IU fans, the Big Ten and the rest of the nation that he was a Big Ten caliber coach. Actions speak louder than words, and his actions were to take the program and run with it. He didn’t need to say a word. Can’t say as I blame him, and I’m sure he thought he could get it done. He just hasn’t.

  20. Glass knows Public Relations, but he does not know football.

    Money is the primary issue guys. That’s what Glass is most concerned about. When the financial pain associated with keeping Lynch exceeds the financial risk of firing him, Glass will make a move, but not until then. Remember, this is an AD that has never publicly stated what his expectations are regarding Wins and Losses for his football team. I don’t recall Glass ever articulating his vision ofr IU football or IU athletics in general. Glass is simply a “manager,” not a “leader.”

    There is no comparison between firing a soccer coach and firing the head football coach. The difference in the financial impact of the two programs is enormous.

    The good news is that the questions about Lynch’s job status are being asked openly. Glass has got to know that he’s being scrutinized regarding his decisions on Lynch and that the Hoosier nation is running out of patience.

    Aruss; thank you for your post and for making my prediction come true. Of course it was no great accomplishment, because you’re a broken record. Same lame posts day after day. Aruss, one last question; what are you going to say when it is numerically impossible for IU to have a winning record or even go 6-6? Will you just go away or will you start referring to next year? I can hear it now, “IU is undefeated in 2011.”

  21. I’m not basing everything on wins and losses but the Hoosiers just look bad. It’s not like the breaks just aren’t going their way. They just don’t look like they are learning anything about football. That’s on the coach. Lynch is a good guy but he’s in over his head. If it’s the assistants, it’s still on him.

  22. The reason a Big 12 or SEC coach or coordinator would coach at IU ? MONEY,and the challenge of turning a program that has lingered at the bottom of the collage football world for far to long into a winner.MONEY, FLASH THE CASH AND THEY WILL COME.

  23. AD Glass is a class act and is displaying the right approach. He should not tip his hand to the fans. You just do not perform due diligence in public. If/when a change is made he will have available plenty of money to get any available high caliber talent that wants to be a HC in the B10.

  24. Hoosier Clarion; I agree that Glass behaves as a “class act,” but I’m not sure he’s competant. I’d rather have competance that class. I’d rather have Bob Knight that Bill Lynch. Class is nice, but it does not pay the light bills.

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