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A host of Michigan defenders tackle Indiana’s Terrance Turner. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



MY WORD, THAT IS A FINE SWEATER VEST (or news on Ohio State)



Foo Fighters’ “Best of You.”


  1. In honor of Dave Grohl, a little piece of exciting news out of Seattle from Steve Kelley:

    “On Tuesday afternoon, inside the Garfield High School gym, with the school band in front of him and his teammates standing behind him, Tony Wroten announced he was going to play his college basketball at Washington.

    He could have gone to UConn, or Villanova. A couple of weeks ago, he entertained Louisville coach Rick Pitino at his home. But Wroten chose to stay in the city and play for Lorenzo Romar.

  2. It has been so quiet around here. Nothing to say. Zeller promises to use IU as leverage between UNC and Butler, and the football team promises to not even put up a fight at OSU. Big whoop.

  3. No One Cares. This is a Hoosier Blog. Please, no sports other than Hoosier basketball.

  4. I think he made the leap from the Foo Fighters (former Nirvana members which are a Seattle based band I believe)of whom Dave Grohl is guitarist and lead singer to the tidbit about Wroten. Personally, I have bigger fish to fry than to worry about an obscure posting on a general section of the Scoop. But that is just me…

  5. I once saw Ben Folds Five open for Foo Fighters at Deer Creek(now the Verizon Wireless Music Pavilion). I know most of you, like I, also have a great big fish to fry, but I merely offer this obscure posting to tie together Hugh’s last two music clips in Hoosier Morning editions with aforementioned strange coincidence. Is it bad to admit I really only went to see Ben Folds Five and didn’t know much of Foo Fighters until I heard them play a popular song I had recognized from the radio? Would it be even more dweebish to tell you that I heard them playing the opening song to their set while I was leaving the Deer Creek music park..I feel like a jerk for not knowing it was a Foo Fighters song because I liked the song a lot. It was a powerful song. I think it was this song..To be totally honest, I probably would have stayed for Foo Fighters but I had brought along my 10-year-old niece to the concert and it was getting late. Gosh, I’m thinking this was nearly 10 years ago..She’s in college now..I just realized I’m blogging on a Friday night. LOSER!! I have to go check my big fish…I’m grilling a nice fillet of Icelandic salmon on bricks and I think I’m drowning in my pathetic life slowly. May I add that if the dudes on this blog know as much about Hoosier hoops as Pho and Foo, then you likely have no use for any my whoop-de-doo. I hope you’re not reading this now because it’s not Saturday morning yet…You should be out partying..You should actually read this at noon tomorrow while sipping a Bloody Mary cocktail and listening to a Pearl Jam song…maybe with a homemade Belgium waffles with syrup you drained from your own maple tree. Look to the sky to save me and maybe Hugh can play some UFO.

    I’ll see you all later.

  6. ^ Nice anecdote. I think if I were in your position, it would be the reverse: I’d be at a Foo Fighters concert and not know who Ben Folds was.

    Don’t feel bad, my friend. To me, the thought of a quiet night with a big piece of grilled fish in the Windy City sounds pretty nice. Much better than the bloody mary and homemade syrup alternative, anyhow. Just make sure that salmon is wild-caught and not farmed.

  7. Thanks…I can always count on the Seattle Supersonic blogger to cheer me up. Glaze the salmon with a bit of Dijon mustard mixed with a tablespoon of maple syrup…? Watching the game today? No need. I am in possession of a condensed version of IU traveling to OSU.

    Go Hoosiers!!

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