An update on Moye

A.J. Moye is in good spirits, his agent Aaron Smith said today, and is showing no signs of paralysis or loss of motor skills.

Moye, who suffered a stroke earlier this week after colliding with a Deutsche Bank Skyliners Frankfurt teammate during practice in Germany, is expected to have a fully recovery.

“He’s doing much better than we all expected at this point,” Smith said.

His family — his mother, stepfather and daughter — are with him in Germany.

Moye has had issues with concussions in the past, Smith said, and further tests are being conducted today.

The 28-year-old Moye is in his first season with the Deutsche Bank Skyliners. Plans right now are to keep him in Germany.

As far as his basketball future, Smith said that remains uncertain.

“We’ll have to pass that bridge eventually,” Smith said, “but our No. 1 concern right now is A.J.”

Smith was Moye’s rommate during college.

“It was a tough couple of days for all of us,” Smith said.


  1. In Germany, Georgia or anywhere in the world, AJ is ‘one of us.’ Let’s keep AJ in our thoughts and hope he is able to take his life in a direction that keeps him safe. Hang in there, kid,

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