At least he played for a winner…

Guy-Marc Michel apparently not only played for a professional team in France, but a championship one.

The following page is an end of the year summation on for the 2007-08 French professional season when Guy-Marc Michel apparently played for Sluc Nancy Basket Pro in the French Pro A League. That team, which also consisted of former American college semi-stars such as Pittsburgh’s Ricardo Greer, Virginia Tech’s Zabian Dowdell, and Rutgers Jeff Greer, won the league championship.

Michel is listed on that roster, but it’s difficult to tell how much he played on the team. There is a list of scorers in the championship box score, but Michel is not a part of it.

Indiana announced before Wednesday’s exhibition game that Michel’s status is under review because of limited participation with that team.


  1. Some late night reporting for DD. I sure hope this isn’t a big deal. If this were a championship team, I’m hard pressed to say he played any sort of role on this team considering it was before his Idaho days. Even for France it’d unlikely he was there. Let’s hope for the best!

  2. The Star said that CTC and Fred Glass knew about this. Hell he got into college and played 2 years, it can’t be that big of a deal.

  3. Wouldn’t he have had to have been cleared to play at the Idaho JC? This shouldn’t be difficult. This isn’t Enes Kanter and Kentucky.

  4. If he played with professionals, he’s screwed. The NCAA has put the screws to several athletes in Guy’s situation.

    If he participated on a pro team with other pro players, I wouldn’t expect to see him in an IU uniform for a while. And if he was paid we won’t likely ever see him in uniform.

    Per the NCAA Amateurism Certification Program….

  5. Doesn’t his name appearing on a professional roster pretty much destroy any “amateur status” claim? Why wouldn’t IU get all this cleared with the NCAA before even offering the kid?

    Very big letdown. I was really looking forward to his size really helping us in conference play. I don’t understand why we bothered if these facts were known ahead of time. Puzzling.

  6. It is possible to be ‘cleared’ by the NCAA and then have them come back and ‘unclear’ you. It happens all the time.

  7. I believe a player has to pass through the NCAA prior to being allowed to join their team for PRACTICE.

    If Guy was in practice, then he was cleared and deemed eligible previously by the NCAA. There now appears to be additional information the NCAA would like to review.

  8. I’m sure things are different for a foreign student but all high school athletes planning to compete in college have to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse. The high school, usually a guidance counselor, then provides the NCAA with transcripts for the NCAA to review to determine eligibility. As Mike P. surmised, you don’t even get to practice until cleared by the NCAA.

  9. Everyone claiming to have an extensive knowledge of amateurism issues in the context of the NCAA and international basketball are kinda full of crap.

    Issues like this often arise with foreign players, and no — playing or practicing with professionals does not constitute a death sentence from the NCAA when it comes to foreign players. There’s more to it than that.

    Why don’t we all refrain from freaking out and questioning the competence of Crean and his staff until more information comes to light? Just a thought.

  10. When you say “playing or practicing with professionals” do you mean on an official team roster?

  11. Basketball in Europe is totally different in structure than it is in the US. We don’t know the NCAA rules on this matter, and it is not clear that the NCAA has a precise idea of how to apply their rules to the European player. However, there is a BIG DIFFERENCE between being “brought up” for a couple of games-without compensation, and being compensated for playing a full season to the tune of $100,000 plus!

  12. My understanding is that Selby in Kansas has been cleared to practice and attend class; but he is not yet cleared for games. I assume Guy is in the same place with the NCAA and the coaches just hoped this would be cleared up before the exhibitions started.

  13. And here I thought late night reporting was google. At least that’s how I research for school. Also sometimes I wonder if that’s the way IU’s offensive coordinator calls plays…

    I highly doubt that he’s been paid. More than likely, he never even played in a game. I’d be surprised to see GMM be disqualified, but the NCAA tends to surprise me often.

  14. 8/18/2006

    The misfortune of one is sometimes happiness of others. Pro B relegated at the end of last season, Paris-Levallois has seen its pool of young basketball players to disperse in the wild this summer. On the lookout for a while, Peter Verdière who maintained good relations with officials of the training center in Paris, took the opportunity to do its “deal”.
    Kingsley Pinda (son of former French champion in karate) and Kevin Thalien two young born in 1992, have therefore joined Lorraine, accompanied by two other recruits, Franck Garros (Nimes) and Romain Pintiaux (Lille), born in 1993. Four cadets will replace the starters, Ridouane Rabah (Lille, N1), Guy-Marc Michel (USA, College), Matthew Lefevre (Prissé, N1), Mourhad El Khir (Joue-les-Tours, N2) and Bryan Bourgeois

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