Belcher named game captain for Wisconsin game

In a show of solidarity with their heartbroken wide receiver, the members of the Indiana football teams leadership council unanimously elected junior wide receiver Damarlo Belcher a game captain for Saturday’s game against Wisconsin, coach Bill Lynch said.

“That tells me they have his back,” Lynch said.

Belcher, the Big Ten’s leading receiver, had the game-winning touchdown in his hand against Iowa last week but dropped it and the Hoosiers lost 18-13. His teammates made a point in post-game interviews to say the loss was not Belcher’s fault and that he did a lot to put Indiana in the game.

“His teammates have rallied around him since we got off the field on Saturday,” Lynch said.

Lynch was asked by several conference reporters about getting his team over the hump, and his responses were similar to the ones he gave to local media in his press conference Monday afternoon.

“”We’re close,” Lynch said. “We’re gonna get there. We’re just going to keep pounding away at it.”

Other notes from the Big Ten:

  • Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema said he thinks there is a good chance star tailback John Clay will play in Saturday’s game. Clay has a sprained MCL ligament, and Bielema said earlier in the day Tuesday that he was questionable. However on the teleconference, he said Clay had not been cleared yet, but was likely to go. “By the reaction John had, he’s gonna be ready to play,” Bielema said. “…He’s got a little time to get that out worked out.”
  • Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor apparently tweeted that he wanted to play basketball again. He was a top basketball prospect at Jeannette (Pa.) High School and there was talk about him playing both sports in college. However, when asked about it Tuesday, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel said Pryor hadn’t mentioned it. “Maybe he’s talking about our team basketball tournament in February,” Tressel said. “…He hasn’t mentioned anything to me for years.”
  • Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez said Denard Robinson is fine after going down with an injury against Illinois on Saturday and will be cleared to play this week.


  1. Belcher has been a third down machine all season. He seems to be the go-to guy when they need 3-5 yards to convert. I hate the fact his season will likely be remembered by one dropped ball.

  2. ^ My thoughts exactly. This is a first class move by a first class team run by a first class coach. For all those people saying we need to fire Lynch and get a big name coach, take a good long look at what happend in Colorado today. It takes more than a name to win, just as Colorado found out, and Notre Dame is finding out….again.

  3. Well as an extremely disappointed Hoosier football fan out here in the desert of Arizona ….I so look forward to each Saturday when the Hoosiers take the field …now with the BTN it seems every game is on for me to watch … And as angry, sad, frustrated, sick to my stomach as I get after ALL these losses since 2007 …I would humbly agree with you all that Lynch is just such a nice and honorable man …. But am I and everyone else that has spouted off about the seemingly endless and continued Big Ten losses to not expect some WINS in the Big Ten ?? I kinda just want a bowl game again …I mean I have personally attended the ’86 game in Alabama against Florida State …atteneded the ’88 Peach Bowl along with 20,000 Hoosier fans against Tennessee …the ’91 Copper Bowl in Tuscon shutting out Baylor …the ’93 Independence Bowl in God-awful Shreveport against and up-and-coming Virginia Tech Hokies who still have the same coach 17 years later …then the REALLY long wait for 2007 in Tempe where Hoosier fans outnumbered Ok State by more than 2 to 1 … These are very fond memories for me and I sure would like to go to some more in my lifetime ….So with all of that said …its great to hear all the wonderful stuff about Lynch being a nice guy… Now comes what obviously he has been really bad at for a really long time at Ball State and Indiana …stop the insane and unreal losing streaks he has had as a head coach at both schools and figure out how to win some important games …and get us to some bowl games even if they are after thought bowl games like in Tempe …we all sure had a great and festive time there …until the game started !!

  4. Here’s the thing…
    If Belcher catches that pass, Lynch is the coach that upset #16 in the country. He is the coach that finally got them to “finish”.

    I don’t really think coaching had anything to do with the drop.

    Doesn’t seem fair.

  5. Mav, while I agree with what you say, the pass was dropped and the game was lost! Also, I have blamed coaching a lot but this game was coached pretty well except special teams and clock management.

    Wynn, you are a true fan. How cool you can say you have been to all of those bowl games!!!

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