Chappell back at practice

Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell, not listed on the club’s current injury report, was back at work during Wednesday’s practice after being held out of Tuesday’s sessions.

Chappell, who wore a walking boot to Monday’s press conference and has taken a physical pounding in recent weeks, will get some breaks from practices for the balance of the season according to coach Bill Lynch.

“We didn’t have Ben really do anything (Tuesday), on purpose — not because he couldn’t have, but we thought that was the smart thing to do,” Lynch said. “You’re going to take some hits from the defense when you’re throwing it that many times . . . and not scrambling.

“It’s just the nature of the position. You’ll take a lot of hits. He’s a big, physical guy, fortunately, and he’s really tough. But we worry about (the hits) and that’s why we’ll be smart from here on out to make sure he’s feeling good on Saturdays. Especially as much football as he’s played, as aware of the offense as he is, he’s locked in, still getting mental reps, even when he’s not going (on the practice field).”


  1. Darn. Let’s starting building for the future and start Kiel the rest of the way so he’ll be ready for the new coach.

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