Crean: ‘I think they are very locked in’


Photo: Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Indiana coach Tom Crean said Friday that he is pleased with how his team responded to playing three games in five days, and how they have practiced since that stint ended.

“They have a very good focus,” Crean said. “They’re locking into gameplans. They’re locking into what have to do to get better.  But you have to do it everyday. That’s the sign of maturity: can you do it everyday and not just when you’re winning or in a span like this.

“To play the way they did and prepare the way they did in three games in five days says a lot about them in the first week of a season. But now it’s a whole other week and we got to make sure we keep taking it a little further.”

It’s not three-in-five, but Sunday’s 1 p.m. game against Evansville starts a stretch of three-in-six. Indiana will play North Carolina Central on Tuesday and then Northwestern State on Friday.

“We’ve tried to make sure that we understand we got another big stretch coming up, with a Sunday-Tuesday-Friday,” Crean said. “So we’re looking down the long range picture with that, a little bit. You stay in the short term with getting your team better everyday, but knowing that they’re really going to have to bring it over a three-game period of time.

“The most important thing is to stay completely locked in to playing Evansville on Sunday and I think they are very locked in.”

As far as Evansville goes, the Aces are 2-0 with wins against Oakland City and Texas-San Antonio. They’ve had four guys average double figures in those contests, led by 6-6 junior Kenneth Harris (15.5 points).

Sophomore Colt Ryan is a familiar face, having played for Indiana Elite with Hoosiers Jordan Hulls and Bobby Capobianco.

“(Indiana is) going to see more screens and more curls and more slips in one game than they have seen in three altogether right now and we are going to have to be prepared to deal with that,” Crean said.


  1. You get the sense that Tom is happy with his team on a level that he hasn’t been before. I don’t want to jinx anything, but we could be witnessing the intangible factor of “good chemistry” in development right now.

  2. I know it flies in the face of the thoughtful insights of 4tards but I personally feel that IU knocked it out of the park with Crean. I believe he is a find the caliber of Coach Knight or Coach K. I really believe he connects with the minds of young student athletes and has the ability to build a team with kids willing to devote their hearts and minds to a common purpose.

  3. Chet has finally went off the deep end.
    caliber of Coach Knight or Coach K ? Wow.
    11 years of coaching and he has made it past round 1 twice.

  4. You get the sense that Tom is happy with his team on a level that he hasn’t been before. I don’t want to jinx anything, but we could be witnessing the intangible factor of “good chemistry” in development right now.

  5. I didn’t want to jinx it either Husky. You can tell in his press conferrences that he is happier, more excited. He should be. I hope we all are.

  6. One can just feel that Crean is the real deal …I have been joking about his cheereleader sideline mentality, but then I realized during my 25 years of competitve USA softball…I was the same way …oops !

  7. One can just feel that Crean is the real deal

    Really? Because I’ve felt more sincerity coming from the mouth a carnival booth operator.

  8. Crean is a complete JOKE!!! THE DEVIL NEVER WINS! ALL of his illegal, immoral, destructful, ways will NEVER abide by IU! Quit destroying kids lives to line your own pockets…………..

  9. You have to LOVE the deep irony of “johnsonw”. Either that or he/she is a toad who can type but not think-or possibly a guy named Sampson.

  10. Something tells me 4guards does not live or work out in the real world. He probably cowers in some dark dorm room hiding behind his keyboard and ventures out only to cash his trust fund check.

  11. The performance of the team is certainly nothing to overlook when observing Crean’s present analysis. But you got to believe being McLeod-less and adding the positives of McClain is also increasing the dynamics during practices and making the IU coaching experience more satisfying to him.

  12. This in not 1976 or 1981 or even 1987. When knight won his first championship there were only 32 teams in the field. Times have changed, the players have changed,and the game has changed.I would bet that back in 1976 4Guards was only a gleam in the garbage man’s eye.

  13. Hey 4guards, I think we’ve found you a buddy — you and Johnson should totally hang out!!! Maybe you two can figure out a time to sit together on the back of the short bus and chat. Seems you’ve got a lot in common, you’ll probably get along famously . . .

  14. I’m sure 4tards and “Johnson” and many of the others whose posts sound just like him are close buds. Very, very close. Inseparable.

  15. Beating these teams is fool’s gold and does nothing for Big 10 preparation. Of course Purdue and Ohio State are playing lousy teams at home also– but they are beating them by 50 not 20. Doesn’t bode well for IU. If we are 0-4 against BC ,UK, No. Iowa, and either Colorado or New Mexico– that will give us an indication where we are as a team– I am hoping to go at least 2-2.

  16. I think there’s a definite calmness in Crean that wasn’t evident before. Husky Tom hit it on the head. He just looks happier…Gone is the ughly frustrations.

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