Crean talks Boston College, recruiting, his brother-in-law

For the first time this season, Indiana will head on the road when it plays Boston College at 7:15 Wednesday (ESPNU).

Head coach Tom Crean said it will be a challenge for his team.

“We know we are going to have a real, real battle with them,” Crean said. “Because they’re physical, they’re aggressive and they’re very athletic. They’re very good. They have a lot of inside-outside scoring.”

The Hoosiers will face a team that is 4-2 this season (one loss coming against Wisconsin). The Eagles are experienced in the frontcourt, with seniors Joe Trapani and Corey Rajij, and have a solid guard in junior Reggie Jackson (which Crean compared to former Cincinnati guard Steve Logan).

It’s also the first Eagles team led by Steve Donahue, who faced Indiana while with Cornell.

“They play very much like Michigan does with their offense,” Crean said. “And he has his own system, which is a little bit different the Princeton system it gets credit for. But there’s some family relationship there with that. What they’ve done more than ever, and I think this is where he’s playing to his talent level, is he is really utilizing the ball screen a lot of different ways.”

Ken Pomeroy gives high marks to Boston College for its offensive efficiency, especially its low turnover rate. Pomeroy, by the way, is predicting a six-point Boston College win.

The first road trip should indicate Indiana’s maturity at this point.

“How do we play in new surroundings?” Crean said. “How do we respond for the first time on the road? How do we keep it as normal as possible for this group right now, and how do we keep them focused they way they have been focused? To this point, they’ve been excellent with that. But we haven’t been on the plane yet.”

Asked about recruiting, Crean gave the oft-repeated line about selling Indiana’s history and tradition, along with the vision of where the program is headed. I asked him, more specifically, what kind of impact Cody Zeller picking Indiana made.

“When a player like that, but most importantly a person like that and a family like that, have the belief in what it is happening at Indiana it certainly makes it easier for everyone else,” Crean said.

Crean was also asked (by Dustin) if he had talked about the open football job with his brother-in-law, Stanford football coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I respectfully decline to talk about him or any other candidate in this,” Crean said. “Bill Lynch is a friend of mine and not only a colleague, but someone I have a lot of respect for. A ton of respect for. I have friends on that staff.”


  1. I like Crean’s reply when asked about Jim Harbaugh. Honest and straightforward. There’s something very reassuring in that. The Hoosiers can beat Boston. The team is better coached than last year and is far deeper. Three weeks ago Pomeroy had Boston win by eight points, not six. This is our Hoosiers’ coming of age. Crean will mastermind a furious start to the second half as the team has done in almost all of the six games thus far and they’ll come to Bloomington with a 7-0 record. We need to stay perfect before going to Rupp. We can beat Kentucky! We just have to keep believing! Go Hoosiers, Go Hoosiers, Go!

  2. Great job Dustin for asking the question. I’m sure everyone at the HT knew what is comment was going to be, but the question still had to be asked. Keep up the great work guys.

  3. The answer was classy. The type of answer that will minimize questions of that nature again.

  4. There’s your standard “pull my finger” Tom Crean picture posted for everybody to see on And the quote with which the story ends: “I think it’s pretty obvious,” Crean said, “that we’re headed down[…]” Another moment of sincerity from one and only Tom Crean.

    In other news UNLV has publicly apologized to the University of Wisconsin after their Sat Nov 20 game in Las Vegas. “We know that your conference is so much stronger than ours,” the letter said, “but we didn’t beat you too hard either.” Wisconsin wasn’t immediately available for comment (unlike Clarion, I am sure).

  5. ^ Someone needs to pull your finger. The resulting sound would be more intelligent than 99% of your posts.

  6. I am available, why the hell would I back-up from you. Even a MW team can be lucky sometime, on a home court. I like the B10 chances to be represented in the final eight of the big dance, the MW not so much. Go pull wings off flies you will be more successful.

  7. Yeah, nice telling us in the titel that Crean talks about his brother-in-law. Uh, no he didn’t. YOU did, but he didnt’.

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