1. IU has some talent, so why are they unable to perform as they should. It’s unbelievable to me. Coaching has to be an issue and/or their style of training generally.

  2. Crean cannot coach. Ferris State? Come on man! This guy should be gone before year-end. He acts like a cheerleader on the floor – not a coach. We’ve had three losers in a row. IU should have hired a guy with an IU pedigree.

  3. Ferris State !!!! Here we go again …we have a football coach that looks and acts like he’s “flat-lined” or had a partial lobotomy …seems to accept losing like its just no big deal … And then …we have a basketball coach that acts like he’s had too much coffee or something worse ….Bottom line …,either can ever seem to win at Indiana ….so very very very sad

  4. Fire Crean and Lynch now. If the ad whats to make his mark, he needs to fire both this weekend. Lynch will not win another game and Crean will not win 8 games. Do you think Zeller will come her when we can’t beat Ferris State…..

    Jack Willsey

  5. The Lone Ranger and dan mcclary in the future need to insure their powder is dry to avoid such misfires.

  6. The first 35 minutes of the game were no doubt largely disappointing. No reason to even be close. Definitely not acceptable, and you have to think that point will be driven home.

    That said, I have two thoughts:

    1.) This is a preseason game — let’s not freak out over a close win against Ferris State any more than we’d rejoice over a blowout win vs. Franklin.

    2.) Last year, down 10 with only a couple of minutes to play, we lose this game. I commend the team’s ability to erase the first 35 minutes of play from their minds and remember who they are. They found their pride, and dominated the end of the game and overtime. That’s something.

    Those already down on Crean and the team after two preseason games need to exit the building now. Xavier just lost a preseason game. Teams trip up early — especially teams missing their biggest player and their most established on-court leader.

    Let’s once again back away from the ledge.

  7. IU sandbaged. I think Crean did what he wanted to do. I don’t think he wanted it that close, but, they all showed what they are capable of at the end. No VJ3, no Guy, you can see how they will impact. Oladipo is the s@#!. Watford needs to play down low a little more. I know he wants to play the wing but he is effective around the hoop. Plus, he is a little slow on d on the perimeter. I like that they found a way to win.

  8. The problem I would say most of us long time Hoosier fans are having is just how horrible Indiana hoops AND football have been for so long …its really, for me anyway, not just this game but how low IU has fallen in the 2 major sports … Patience has worn so thin over this long period of time …. In my 30 plus years as a huge Hoosier fan I just don’t remember IU being really bad in BOTH sports at the same time

  9. CTC freaking needs to stop all the subs. Damn every 20 seconds he puts in another player. How the hell can they get a rythme going like that? He doesn’t have enough balls to be a good coach to afraid to upset the weaker players.

  10. Hoosierwynn,
    I am a 30yr fan myself. There is no excuse for IU football any longer. IU either wants a good football team or it does not. But this basketball program is moving forward. Tonight was good for them. A loss might have even been better. Parity is everywhere. It is tougher to recruit and or win now. Hang in there, you’ve made it this far.

  11. According to 4guards’ theory, if Zeller commits to IU, it will be in spite of Coach Crean — not because of him.

    That makes sense.

    Why did Hanner commit, again?

  12. Ben_M, you must be a novice basketball fan. You could’nt possibly want Zeller to come here and ruin his career.

  13. I guess the argument about Pritch and Capo from afew days ago is still a toss up. Cause they both played like arse tonight. I believe Guy will help more than they did tonight.

  14. Jeff I don’t care where Zeller goes as long as you don’t come here anymore. You must be a professional moron.

  15. LOL at the guy that said “Parity is everywhere” This is a brutal D2 team that you almost lost to. Parity, think not. Please, please, Cody don’t ruin your 4 yr college career at IU. Ask Rivers, Crean is a used car salesman at best even his brother Austin called Crean out on Twitter. IU will be cellar dwellers in the Big Ten for years to come with this azz clown. IU fans should be enough to scare you away, even they know their coach is a joke.

  16. Casey, Not really sure what you are talking about or why you are bringing up Perea, but to answer your question…. Drew Adams.

  17. Casey, I thought you made a nice point earlier. If people are saying “fire Crean” after this game, they must have been clamoring for a 10-year extension after beating Franklin by 52–it’s a similar overreaction. Since I don’t recall seeing any of that talk, the conclusion must be that there are a bunch of people waiting in the wings to pounce on any little negative they can find with the program. We don’t need people like that, but I can’t wait to see them all on the bandwagon when (not if) we become a powerhouse again.

  18. Oladipo did in one exhibition game waht Eric Gordon could not do in a whole year…change a game by putting the team on his back and taking charge!

    4G, did you say IU should not have recruited Victor??? did you say that he could not shoot??? Just curious!

  19. Classy post Dawg.

    Keep touting your team’s Final Four appearance — the best thing your program has ever accomplished.

    Good luck in what’s sure to be a grueling Horizon League season. Watch out for Green Bay!!!

  20. 4guards,

    I’m bringing up Perea because his main reason for choosing Indiana was Tom Crean, and because your posts insinuate that if Cody were to commit, it’d be in spite of the fact that Crean is coach.

    Why a player would commit even thought the coach apparently “can’t coach” is beyond me. If Zeller commits, I hope you see that as a sign that current players disagree with your opinion of Crean.

  21. JPat,
    Victor scored 14 points against a D2 school. I scored more against D2 schools than that.
    My point is that it means nothing at this point. What will he do in the Big10? That is important.

  22. You quote well Final4Dawg, but you obviously don’t read and comprehend earlier comments very well.

  23. 4guards,

    Direct from ITH’s coverage of Perea’s commitment:

    He is the highest-ranked commitment Tom Crean has reeled in at Indiana, and it was the coach, Perea said, that made his final decision easy.

    “That’s why I committed, because I know he’s going to help me make my dreams come true and is going to help me get to the next level,” Perea told Inside the Hall by phone shortly after leaving Bloomington Sunday. “He was really happy.”

    And another from the Indy Star:

    “I just felt like the time was right,” Perea said. “I’ve always felt like Indiana was the place I wanted to go and nothing has ever changed. I really like coach Crean and the more I’ve gotten to know him, I just believe he’s the right coach to take me to the next level.”

    I’d say it’s pretty clear.

  24. Ben_M
    I agree that adding Adams was a smart move. I would actually rather have him as an asst coach than any of our others.
    Did you really expect him to come out and say it was the Adams connection? Any idiot can connect the dots.

  25. 4gaurds…man…your IU nation wide….I here people bringing up your name on all the boards….I agree with you most of the time…but ya gotta give Crean some credit. He respects our program.

  26. Ben_M
    I respect our program too, but that doesn’t mean I deserve to be the head coach.
    I do like how Crean has turned the APR around and does keep the kids in line off the court.
    I just don’t see how we will ever be relevant again with him as the head coach.

  27. 4guards,

    He could’ve said he liked the school’s tradition, the campus, the players, the location, etc.

    He decided to specifically call out his affection for our head coach. If you want to read between lines that aren’t there, then that’s your prerogative.

  28. Ben_M,

    Yes, I know who he is. And his presence surely doesn’t hurt.

    But at the end of the day, a kid isn’t coming to play for the video coordinator — he’s coming to play for the head coach. That’s my point.

  29. Didn’t Syracuse lose to a D2 school last year? I think they went on to have a pretty good season. Exhibition games are just a glorified practice. Crean’s just trying to try different combinations into the game, get a feel for who’s going to play well with who. Give the team credit for rallying together and winning the game. Let’s be real, we aren’t going to cut down any nets this year….unless they’re NIT nets….but things are going to be much better than the last 2 years.

  30. 4gaurds…..first of all I respect Alford. I think he would of been a great choice for a coach, but the only way that would of played out correctly was to have RMK leave on his own terms and then have Steve step in. That didn’t and isn’t going to happen.

    If you can name one coach in the country (other than Crean) that has enough energy to handle all the problems that were going on with IU…I like
    to know his name. It wasn’t going to be a coach that had a nice cushy job with a solid big name program.

    Crean will make IU relevant because he will get great players. Crean is redefining IU while maintaining its tradition. The teams that are good every year get the best players. You gotta love the way he is going after Indiana kids (Patterson, Lyles, Blackmon ( not to mention the 12 class). He is what IU needs. If he can land the right players it will show on the court. Give it time. When coach K and Roy Boy retire those programs will suffer too….and Crean will be right there to take those 5 stars.

  31. Brad Stevens would be the next logical choice after Steve Alford.
    as far as Indiana players in recruiting, I just don’t know yet. It all depends on Zeller.
    We struck out in 2010.
    Best players in 2011, Zeller, Teague, Dawson.
    Best players in 2012, Yogi, Harris, DSR (Perea not IN kid)
    Without Zeller he could realistically go 3 straight years or more missing out on the top IN talent.

  32. People get a grip…..I.U. lost its once in a lifetime football coach. Crean took over an absolute mess of a program. He has a majore starter out and a bunch of kids trying to fill roles that are still vacant. He needs 5 years not three to rebuild a program much like kentucky did after their blow up in the 80s. YOU CANT WIN IN THREE YEARS WITH SOPHMORES!!!!! CALL BACK IN 2 MORE.

  33. Yea but the program was in shambles…he got in on the 10 and 11 late. The program was in absolute shambles. Plus, he was in the mix for Teague and definately in the mix for Zeller now. If we don’t land Zeller….we could still get yogi but it will be tougher. I don’t think its a question of if we are going to get Indiana kids but more so of when we will get them.

  34. Come on. 2011 is his 4th recruiting class. That is a poor excuse. He has had more than enough time.
    Last year this time, everyone was saying wait til 2011 class, this time next year , the same people will be saying wait til 2013 class. It is a never ending excuse cycle.

  35. According to you he has had enough time. According to people with realistic views it hasn’t been enough time. Also, to consider 2008’s recruiting class is pretty unfair. He got the job in April of that year. I’m guessing there were few top recruits still available at that time. Basically you just are just a baby because IU didn’t hire Alford.

  36. I think your down playing what Indiana was going through. I really do. Name one school that had a whole team leave? Now he has some guys that can play, but we need a point gaurd and some bigs.

  37. BEN_M

    I’ve been a fan of I.U. since 1960. I’ve been reading this blog for a while. Your last post was a pure distillation of my view in todays state of I.U. Basketball.
    Very nice insights and relaying of your thoughts. I look forward to reading your posts here.
    Keep hammering away and maybe some light will break through on some of the….Less receptive minds here.
    W.C.Fields said: “It’s better to remain silent and thought a fool then to speak-up and remove all doubt”. There are many here who keep removing that doubt. Peace on you and keep hitting those keys.

  38. Michael,
    Crean was hired in April ’08. He has had over 2 1/2 years to recruit these 2011 kids for crying out loud. Roy Williams just offered Zeller this summer. Anybody saying otherwise is making excuses. I never said Crean should have had a good 08 class.

  39. Ben ,
    according to you, we still need a PG and “some bigs”. Well if 3 seasons in, you still need a PG and some bigs then that should tell you all you need to know.

  40. “Come on. 2011 is his 4th recruiting class.”

    and at this point you killed whatever credibility you had left

  41. 4guards,

    I just believe there is a difference when it isn’t a level playing field at the start. I can’t argue with you on the fact that he has had 2 1/2 years to recruit for 2011, but I personally don’t think its fair to compare Crean’s ability to recruit compared to other programs that didn’t go through the same situation as us. I expect us to get Zeller which would make 2011 a pretty successful class. From that point forward I fully expect Crean to consistently bring in top classes. It seems as though 2012 and ’14 are well on their way.

  42. I agree with you on expecting to get Zeller and salvaging 2011 and turning recruiting around. I really do. I think Zeller changes everything on the recruiting front.
    I was only commenting on what it looks like if he misses on Zeller. It’s a whole different ballgame.

  43. Well I don’t know if you actually watch the team…but a point gaurd is needed….I don’t care what state he is from.

  44. If you guys think Hulls is a top point guard then you really have your sights set low. He is at best an average point guard for a div II school. You guys keep going and you will help keep this program at the level it is now.

  45. Crean deserves at least 2 more years to build and turn around our program. If we are 10-21 for the 2012-2013 season, then we can fire him. Until then, our team/his recruiting classes have shown promise. I expect a .500 season this year and then an NCAA tournament appearance next year.

  46. <14 wins I think you need a change.

    We can get Alford or maybe a guy like Drew. Brad Stevens is not coming. I think he fits better where he's at anyway.

    Yesterday was disappointing.

  47. Tom, I don’t think it is possible to not win 14 games with our nonconference schedule.
    I am a believer that we could Stevens though. IU would be his dream job, while we all know MSU is Crean’s.
    Personally, I believe Hulls is going to be really, really good.

  48. 4guards-

    Do you ever leave this board? What sort of mission are you on? Are you trying to fight world hunger by growing crops of narcissism in every field you seed? Are you attempting to win “Most Threads Visited” with Guinness World Records? Working toward your doctorate in hoops blogging? You’re Pavlov’s Blog and Chris Korman has set your cellphone ringtone to make you instantly salivate for a Scoop of Blogchow? You’re a backlash support artist named “Dutiful Joani” instructed to paint our ears with bogus bologna?

  49. 4G, the more I read of you the more I know what you say and think…you come up with crap off these blogs and create things in your mind that you think will stick and make sense. Who said MSU is Crean’s dream job???

    It is funny to me that you cannot admit you are wrong on saying IU should have not recruited Oladipo and how he was a waste because he could not shoot. He hit a long 3 to take the game in to OT and went 5 for 5 from the free throw line and a major block. He is a born leader but you formed your opinion on him and are still sticking to it. You did the same with Crean…unless Crean wins a championship in the next 4 years he will be a failure to you. A final 4 will not cut it with you, I know your type. That is sad, really sad.

    Oladipo will make an idiot out of you and I will let you know about it every time it happens. You have to admit your mistakes in life. If Pritch is awesome this year, I will own up to what I said last week!

  50. It is damn clear the raw crow VO fed 4brainfarts last night has made him even more bitter and out of sorts than ever before. What would happen to him if VO is recognized as Freshman of the Year in the conference? Suddenly there would be the possibility for the need of a straight-jacket to keep from doing himself bodily harm. All driven by the poor 2010 recruiting class. What a mess to be in.

  51. OK who brought up Alford’s name again? Crean gets 5 seasons to turn the program around. If he doesn’t then we can play the name game but unless Stevie does something major he won’t be in the mix.

  52. How do you argue with ignorance and fantasy. Hoosier Wynn said “The problem I would say most of us long time Hoosier fans are having is just how horrible Indiana hoops AND football have been for so long”. Football and Basketball success at IU are VERY different! If you don’t know that, then you are brain dead! In basketball we have had TWO bad years 2008-09(10-21) and 2009-10 (2008-09). That is IT! In 2007-08 IU was 25-8 and in the NCAA; in 2006-07 21-11 in the NCAA; in 2005-06 19-12 in the NCAA; in 2004-05 17-14 in the NIT; 2003-04 14-15, no post season; 2002-03 20-12 in the NCAA; 2001-02 IU lost in the Championship game of the NCAA (that is #2 in the nation)! Not even an IDIOT would call two bad years and one average year out of nine years “for so long”! Get real!

  53. I so agree with Adam’s comments! I’ve never seen a coach who substitutes like
    Crean, with no obvious reason. Often the team is just getting into a rhythm and
    he stops all progress with this maddening substituting. It has gotten so when a player makes a couple of good plays I say out loud, “Time to take him out, Crean!” Ridiculous.

    In my opinion Crean should have been hired for PR – he’s not a good coach, as
    witnessed by the past 3 years. Apparantly he’s made promises as to playing time, no
    matter the consequences.

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