1. Where is that high powered offense and the highly talented quarterback that beat the likes of Towson, Arkansas State, Western Kentucky and another that I forgot about… who have a combined won loss record by now playing there inferior competition of about 3 wins and 25 losses.

  2. What are we waiting for, Fire lynch and move on. Hes like a crazy ex gf you have to deal with, just ditch her glass.

  3. I wonder how many times Belcher will think about that pass during the off season? Tough day. Did anybody hear the amount in attendance?

  4. I’ve spent the past 15 years, from Mallory to Lynch, watching Indiana find the most creative ways to lose football games. I guess the “finishing games” philosophy is officially dead – the ball right in the hands of your best receiver who is wide open and he drops the ball.

    Another Saturday, another kick in the gut.

  5. @Hoosier Clarion-

    It was announced at (I’m nearly positive) 42,991.

    @the Hoosiers-

    Ouch. One of these days I’m going to stop falling for the kicks to the gut.

  6. Only problem I had the whole game was not going for it on 4th and 3 on their 45 ( I think) with 3 minutes to go.

    Our offense is supposed to be our strength…let them win the game.

  7. I don’t care if IU played and coached better for most of the game, when it mattered we didn’t and we lost. Pay the $2 million for a real coach and the $500,000 for Lynch’s buyout. The fans pay to watch these games and see victories, not close losses.

  8. Stop complaining hoosier fans. We went out there and lost to a good team. Let’s count that a victory coming within 5 points of that great program.

  9. Can someone please tell me why Dre Muhammad is not getting any playing time. And please don’t give me that his is to small answer.

  10. We did not lose to a good team, Iowa was awful today. Their ranking doesn’t matter, it’s up to IU to take advantage of a team that is screwing up and get a win.

  11. Bill, this just isn’t working. You are seemingly a man of integrity but what will be done after next season should just be done now so we can move on.

    For whatever reason this didn’t work. Sorry but it is what it is. Good luck in your future endeavors.

    Names of possible replacements anyone?

  12. Kevin Sumlin Houston 1,130,000
    Al Golden Temple 600,000
    Troy Calhoun Air Force 750,000
    Todd Graham Tulsa 1,100,000
    Ken Niumatololo Navy 750,000
    Mark Stoops Floirda St.(DC)400,000
    Brady Hoke San Diego St. 676,000
    DeWayne Walker New Mexico St. 375,000
    Major Applewhite Texas (AHC) 250,000

  13. almost of of those guys we dont have a chance in hell of getting. stoops and applewhite are nowhere close to realistic to every coming here. Id say though any coach in d 1 would be a huge upgrade.

  14. Why is it not realistic? If you pay they will come, double a guy’s salary and he pretty much has no choice in the matter. It is up to Fred Glass to pay up.

  15. Counting a 5 point loss to a ranked team is a moral victory. Moral victories are for people who have never been a winner, they are for LOSERS and are unacceptable!

  16. “I would have totally been able to cover McNutt on that game winning TD by Iowa. Matt Earnest must have thought he was playing baseball because he was playing way of the line and hoping for a pop-fly ball. No way Iowa drives all the way down the field on 3 plays with me in the game…but, oh, I’m still suspended!”

    Tandon Doss is hurt with a concussion because the hoosier use him too much. The Muhammad kid is a winner, someone that is a playmaker like Percy Harvin of the Viking, but for some reason the we dont use him ? I have heard a lot of good things about this guy on and off the field so I ask HOOSIER NATION why is this guy on the sidelines? when IU should be using him to help win games. Its not because he’s not talented. Please do research on him.

    I’ve over heard Tandon Doss talk about how that kid should be on the field (Realtalk). It makes you QUESTION about the intergity of the program.
    I am a christian but I like winning also and if their is someone who is POSITIVE AND WILL HELP US WIN PLEASE USE HIM.

  18. I only saw the last 2 minutes of the game after the BT channel switched from the UW game. For just a few seconds I was fooled that it could actually be IU who rallys back this time to beat a top ranked opponent – but, no, Demarlo Belcher drops a great pass by Chappell that would have sealed the win. Mr. Belcher…you could have been a hero, instead, you were so afraid of taking a hit in the end zone that you lost concentration and dropped a pass that 99% receivers your height would have made. How does it feel to be a goat…and, even worse, a loser once again?

  19. To rip Belcher like that is just total ignorance. How about the numerous defensive mistakes on Iowa’s TD drive? And the numerous offensive failures early in the game? Combine all those mistakes (including Belcher’s) with the very questionable playcalling on both sides of the ball, and what you have is a loss almost totally chalked up to coaching.

    And if you want to go the other way and say great coaching allowed IU to play up to Iowa’s level and be in the game, then you have to look at the losses to lesser teams and blame the coaching entirely for the team’s failures. You can’t have it both ways.

  20. Seriously…calling Belcher a goat and a loser? I’m sure you guys are perfect every day at what you do, correct? How about a little maturity, or is that too tall a task for you?

  21. Sorry…Belcher is, indeed, the goat of this game, because this one play – with less than a minute to play – would have won the game for IU. Yes, he has had a good career at IU, but today he had a CHANCE to be a hero. These kind of chances don’t come by very often. Prediction for next week after today’s crushing defeat: Wisconsin 47 IU 16

  22. The entire coaching staff should be fired.
    Just being a good person do not give you the qualifications to be a coach in the big Ten. You got to have the IQ, and instincts.

    O- Play calling & schemes = predictable
    No run game- fast running backs with no running back instincts.

    The receivers are good but it’s the same schemes
    this is what IU has in there WR core, but they over use a few players.

    Doss = play maker (all-purpose) USED TO MUCH
    Belcher = posession reciever (tall& big)
    Turner = posession reciever (tall& big)
    Wilson = play maker (athletic)
    Hughe = posession reciever (good/special teams)
    Muhammad =play maker (all-purpose & unused?????)

    DEFENSE – No impact players in the linebackers unit,BUT THEY PLAYED GOOD TODAY IN A LOSING EFFORT

    Special teams- No good returns consistently

  23. Realtalk,
    So, you’re a Christian but you’re willing to let a guy with a Muslim-sounding name play for the Hoosiers because, you know, he’s supposed to be really good. You’re quite the stand up guy, now aren’t you?

  24. I have tied several times ..,,,we as Hoosier football nation.,,,I mean we really totally absoluteluly positivelywly undoutedly most undeniably undistib unmdistibistubitlly suck ….I will personably doante $v10,000 if indianA will sucjpk it up and get a real coaching team and get this thing moving in the …um … Right direction

  25. Come on, this is no longer a player or coaching issue. We need to continue to support every player that wears the cream and crimson. Bill Lynch, he was offered the post and who wouldn’t jump at the chance to coach at this level? It’s clearly a job much too big for him…so yes, competency is the issue, but character and integrity are not.

    HOWEVER, it is now at the point where the football program is a horrible reflection on the university and an embarrassment for thousands of alumni around the country. President McRobbie and George Glass are the two men that should be held accountable for our ongoing irrevelancy in football…IF no significant action is taken next month.

  26. with the hoosiers successfully moving the ball in the second to last drive, chappell continually snapped the ball with 12-15 seconds on a running clock. granted, if they are going to let iowa score in 4 plays, it doesn’t matter. the obvious thing is, running down the clock nefore snapping the ball hasn’t even been considered by the coaching staff. this has happened a few times over the last couple of seasons. inexcusable.

    hey mattis4, where are you now? i told you the iu football team will make you bitter.

  27. Fool (see how I abbreviated that in a most appropriate manner?):

    What about all the defensive players that had a chance to make a stop to win the game? What about the offense stalling on the drive before?

    Yes, he dropped a touchdown pass. But that was not the only single instance where a single IU player could have won the game by making a play. It was just the easiest to see and therefore the one that people who don’t know what they’re actually talking about are apt to attack.

  28. Realtalk,
    Dre Muhammed? Are you serious? How in the world can you compare him to Percy Harvin? I didn’t see anyone at Purdue shedding a tear when he jumped ship. I’d like to see him get an oppurtunity too, but to make that comparison is rediculous.

    I’m still here, and no I’m not bitter. I acually took an Iowa fan to the game with me, and after the game was over he looked at me and said “No way we should have won that game.” I looked back, smiled, and said “Welcome to Indiana football.” I’m 33, been a fan of this team all my life, and have seen a lot of ups and downs. Yesterday was a little bit of both. We hung in there with a team that was much more talented than we are, but still found a way to lose it in the end. But the fact remains that Lynch is our coach, and will be for the rest of the season. Probably will be next year too. For us to eat his salary and hire a “big name” coach like everyone wants will cost 2-4 million, which I don’t know if IU can afford. I acually think the staff has done a good job this year, especially in fixing our previously horrible D. But being a former coach, I know the best compliment you can recieve is your team plays hard, and this team played hard yesterday. They obviously love Lynch and are willing to let it all hang out for him. That being said, in the end it will come down to wins and losses, but not until the end of this year….more likely next year.

    And everyone, please back off on Belcher, I’m sure the kid is still sick at his stomach over what happend. He’s been great for us all season, let’s not rip him apart over 1 play. There will be much better days ahead for Mr.Belcher.

  29. Realtalk regarding ‘the Muhammad kid’, “I am a christian but I like winning also and if their is someone who is POSITIVE AND WILL HELP US WIN PLEASE USE HIM.”

  30. Calling me ignorant for stating the obvious is…well, ignorant. Even HoosierHoopla agrees with me in principle:

    “In the end, all Belcher had to do was what he’s done a gazillion times before. He’s 6-5 and perfectly built to make leaping catches in the end zone.

    So, in typical here-we-go-again IU fashion, he dropped the pass and Indiana once again found heartbreak.

    If he made that catch, or if the defense had gotten one last stop, all the talk about Bill Lynch not getting the final year of his contract would have become irrelevant.


    Who knows?

    Has there ever been a program in the history of any sport, any where, any time that so consistently cannot make the one play needed for victory?

    The answer is no.”

    Do I think DB is an nice kid and do I want him to do well? Yes. However, DB was the goat of this game just like Brett Favre was the goat of the NFC Championship game last year – remember him throwing an interception to IU’s Tracy Porter when the Vikings were already in field goal range? Well, many of the national talk show hosts indicated or implied that Favre was the goat despite the great year he had as QB for the Vikings.

    You may have a case if you want to call me overly harsh, but you cannot call me ignorant without being ignorant yourself.

    PS: if IU can beat Purdue in W. Lafayette this year then I’ll consider this season an improvement on the last, and I’d support giving BL one more season to show he deserves a contract extension (especially given the notable recruiting class that is poised to don the Crimson & Cream next season).

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