1. Man, you have to know how to add to put a comment here! When will IU stop playing third rate teams? How will that help them get prepared for the Big 11, soon to be 12, season?

  2. Dude be patiant…..this schedule has been in the works for years. Bob night played a ton of cupcakes. It wasnt uncommon for I.U. to start a season with 4 losses. Crean is still playing with the lineup too.

  3. FINAL: IU 72, NCCU 56.
    IU: Watford 17; Hulls 15; Elston 9, 6reb; Moore 7; Creek 6; Oladipo 5; Rivers 5, 6reb; Jones 4; Sheehey 2; Capobianco 2.
    IU: 24-58 (41%) FG; 5-18 3PT; 19-25 FT; 35 reb; 13 TO; 8 (14) fouls.
    NCCU: 22-46 (48%) FG; 4-10 3PT; 8-14 FT; 30 reb; 22 TO; 13 (25) fouls.
    NCCU: Clement 17; Leemow 15; Wilkerson 12; Manns 4; Chasten 4, 7reb; Best 2; Ingram 2.

  4. How Sad, they could never beat the real north carolina so they have to play teams like North Carolina Central LOL

  5. Hey Dolly, you will probably be one of these fans that will go out and buy IU clothing when they do become a very good team in about 2 years!

  6. Hey Dolly,

    I recall this one time, when IU beat North Carolina. If I remember correctly, it was kind of an important game, and I think they may have had some player on their team who went on to be the best that ever played.

    Maybe I’m remembering it wrong…

  7. Case,

    You are remembering it right but don’t forget the other important game against the Heels, the NC 1981. Well Hello Dolly!

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