1. Anyone else see the video of Jaquan Lyle where his buddies said he’s already committed to IU?
    it’s on youtube, INBball recruits tweeted it last night

  2. But you know VO isnt from Indy, doesnt have a shot, only 3 star, and Crean should look for an Indiana Kid?? Guess Who? I love this kid! He is a winner!

  3. I like Capo over “The Reacher” Pritchard at this point.He sees the flow better or somthing.
    V.O.= Swagger. IU looks sound so far.

  4. What is the Vegas line on ‘ over ‘ … ‘ Under ‘ on the shoulda been a Preacher rather than an IU Pritchard …fouling out of every game this year ?? God I’ve been watching Hoosier basketball for over 30 years …he seriously is terrible …I own a vitamin store and I think we will send him some ” Focus Factor ” …so he can maybe concentrate on the game … You know its a huge concern when the ESPN announcer mentioned that he was yucking it up with Watford …and missed the Wright state kid whizzing in for a lay-up … I can only hope he’s a nice kid …you know …kinda like our beloved Coach Lynch ….

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