1. I have watched with compassion and occasionally with hope this season. I’m now left only with compassion. It is not fair to those young football players to be led into such a humiliating situation. They are better than that and deserve to be led better than that. It would be reasonable for Bill Lynch to resign and help IU acquire a new coach. IU needs to actually pay a competitive salary and Bill needs to gracefully step aside. He is a good guy but apparently not the solution at IU.

  2. Hey all you Lynch Lovers …um …is it OK to FIRE him NOw ?? I mean all kidding aside …isn’t this a tad embarrassing ??? Whatcha think ??? If he had all that honor crap you all chit-chat about he would respectfully resign …and admit that wherever he go’s he loses ….Thanks Coach Bielema …you hopefully have helped Indiana finally understand that we need a new coach and staff … IF this weren’t so sad …it would be quite hilarious

  3. puddly,

    What are you talking about? Why don’t you try forming a complete sentence with proper punctuation before calling out other people as hillbillies. If you’re talking about another blog, then please link it.

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