Etherington did sign this morning

The class of 2011 at the moment, who also goes by the name Austin Etherington, signed his letter of intent with Indiana this morning.

Here is what he Tweeted afterwards.

Dustin is going to talk to Austin at some point, and we are trying to see if we get anything from IU today about Etherington. This would be Tom Crean’s first chance to talk publicly about the 6-foot-5 forward from Hamilton Heights.


  1. If I could speak to Austin…

    “Thanks for your commitment to Indiana University and the basketball program! You’re a great advocate for the team and have already earned our respect without even wearing the candy stripes, yet! Your dedication will pay off big time and fans can’t wait to see what you’ll bring to the table.”

  2. Yes, congrats to Austin! Can’t wait to see you suit up in the candy stripes! Thanks for your dedication to IU.

  3. Congratulations Austin! I’m sure his family is very proud today. Seems like a really nice kid and he’s a great talent. We will look back one day and see it as one of the best signing IU has had in a long long time. And for his “recruiting” of other players, IU owes a lot to this young man already.

  4. Great news! I hope Austin has an awesome career and I wish him nothing but the best.

    I look forward to watching him play and progress over the next four years.

    IU is a better basketball team today!!

  5. I love Austin Etherington and our 2011 class is good with he as the sole recruit! As I have said here before, I think that he can start next season for IU and be a difference maker! There is nothing that Jeremiah can do athletically that Cody can not do and he is taller. But, and this is a BIG addition, Austin CAN SHOOT and he CAN SCORE! Can someone please measure Austin officially. I have seen in print 6’5 and 6’6 and 6’7. Does he change on a daily basis? He is a great pick up for IU Basketball!

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