Etherington: ‘(Zeller) just said he had a good time’


(Photo credit to Chris Howell)

Austin Etherington said that Cody Zeller was predictably low-key after his official visit, but did say one thing of interest.

“He just said he had a good time,” Etherington said. “And that’s all the really matters.”

Etherington, who befriended Zeller when the two played together for Indiana Elite Team Indiana this past AAU season, said he tries not to push Zeller.

“You just have to know who he is,” Etherington said.

Etherington, IU’s lone verbal commitment in the class of 2011, did say that he had a good time as well during his official visit.

“It went really well,” Etherington said. ‘It was good to spend time with Cody and the coaches.

“We mainly just hung out with the players. We hung out with Kory Barnett and Jordan Hulls a lot. We watched a football game together, just hanging out with the whole team.”

Etherington also had meetings with the Kelley School of Business, since he is planning on majoring in business.

The whole scene, with Etherington, Zeller, Hanner Perea and Yogi Ferrell all on campus together, was cool, Etherington said.

“Everybody knew who we were,” Etherington said. “Everytime we went somewhere, people would just yell at Cody and Hanner and Yogi (trying to convince them to come to Indiana).”

Etherington said Perea did not mention he was planning on committing, but he was not surprised to hear th enews.

“I always felt good about Hanner, that he would end up playing with us,” Etherington said.


  1. So much of our future depends on the Zeller decision. Banner #6 or haning out in the cellar a couple more years? Yogi has pretty much said his decision hinges on Zeller as well.

  2. Give it a rest 4guards, seriously. One kid won’t make or break us. He certainly would be a valued piece to the puzzle, but a piece nonetheless. Any truth to the rumor that the Zeller family has taken out a restraining order against you?

  3. You give it a rest Mattsi4. My sources told me that Yogi’s decision hinges on what Zellers decision is.

  4. Clueless 4guards, Mattsi4 didn’t comment on that point. Go argue with yourself int he mirror.

  5. Is your source the same one that everyone else can read, called the paper? Good source chief.

  6. Ok that last post was not by me, and I don’t appreciate someone posting under my name.

    Your “sources”? Care to share who they are? If you’re talking about the same article I read, then your “sources” are the internet. I read a quote from Yogi that said he will be watching what Cody does, and it will influence his decision, but it will not be the deciding factor.

    Thank Mick, I’m guessing he rummages through Cody’s garbage as well….I think that’s the mysterious “sources” he’s talking about.

  7. Of course I would like to see Cody play for the Hoosiers but there’s alot more than one player’s contribution to win a National Championship. If we look back every banner hanging in the Hall was accomplished by outstanding guard play and a least two power players up front. If Cody goes to NC it would be huge mistake on his part but with the right Team we can get back to a final 4 and beyond.

  8. The history of college basketball is riddled with Cody Zellers that didn’t pan out. He might be OK he might not. He won’t make or break any team above juco level. I hope he comes but only a fool would think he’ll make or break a major college program.

  9. I think the posing as 4guards and others is getting a little excessive. Remind me again how that contributes to any sort of constructive discussion?

    What’s the word on the street, common knowledge or inside scoop on when Zeller is going to announce his decision? This business of wondering about it day after day is getting a bit stressful.

  10. The least the scoop can do is give us a tool to individually block posts by users we dont want to read. I would have blocked 4guards and his entourage long ago if I was able!

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