Ferrell to be at IU, and read the IDS

Yogi Ferrell Tweeted earlier today his plans to be at tonight’s season opener.

Things continue to look like they are moving quickly with the junior point guard post-Zeller commitment, but I would be surprised to see a verbal commitment happen tonight.

Also, I failed to list the IDS’ basketball preview stories in today’s Hoosier Morning. My bad.

Maurice Creek and Victor Oladipo share a bond forged by coming from the D.C. suburbs, Greg Rosenstein writes.

Verdell Jones will be the team’s most experienced leader this season, Greg also writes.

This is a season in limbo, but the light at the end of the tunnel is closer, Nathan Hart writes.

In the offseason, the team focused on building mental and physical strength, Ryan Winn writes.

Here are profiles of every player, and also a look at the Big Ten.


  1. Let’s hope we have a large, noisy crowd at Assembly Hall tonight. Come on, Yogi, get on the bus and choose IU pinstripes.

  2. Hey Yogi…Mr. Ranger says, “IU is not your average college basketball program.” How about committing tonight and joining your buddy Cody in Bloomington in 2012. Just win, baby!

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