Glass says money will be there, he is in charge of search


Indiana athletic director Fred Glass speaks to reporters on Sunday as the school announced Bill Lynch’s firing. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

Sunday’s announcement that Bill Lynch will no longer serve as Indiana’s head football coach was not a rash judgement.

Instead it was a decision weeks in the making. Athletic director Fred Glass insisted he resisted making a final decision until after Saturday’s Old Oaken Bucket game, but repeatedly said a contingency plan was in place.

He had conversations with Chuck Neinas, whose consulting firm will assist Fred Glass in the search. A transition team, led by Associate AD Scott Dolson, is in place to lead the football program. He confirmed that the next football coaching staff will be paid “significantly” more than Lynch and his staff, suggesting he knows where that money will come from.

Glass also admitted that he has a list of candidates in mind, though he declined to name any characteristics he wants in the next head coach out of fear that it would exclude any interested parties.

The assistant coaching staff has been let go, though Glass talked about a transitional period for the staff. IU will pay for interested coaches to attend an upcoming national convention (presumably in search of a new job), though Glass also said he would suggest to the new coach that he interview any interested assistants.


  1. Bill Lynch is a nice guy who would have ever become coach at IU or any other Big Ten School had Hoepner lived. He had the Good Fortune to be there. The team played well-enough to win 7 games (all Hep’s doing) but he did nothing special. He was an unsuccessful coach at Ball State and IU when he was in charge with his recruits. IU can be a “middle of the pack” Big Ten team with occasional seasons of brilliance. That’s not much to ask. Recruiting is everything. Get a coach who can recruit (or like Mallory, get MAC guys who he recognizes that he can turn into Big Ten players) and we’ll be just fine. Life in the Fall will be good just as life in the Winter is gong to be very satisfying.

  2. This was the only decision to make. Lynch may be a nice guy but he isn’t a D1 football coach. Lets hope they find the money to entice someone to come and try to build the program. I’d love to see Auburn’s O-coordinator (a dream I know) or someone from the staff of Oregon’s offense.

    IU has to have some sort of gimmick or quirky scheme to win. I wouldn’t even mind if they went the Ga. Tech route and became an option team. IU can’t get the talent to compete especially with Neb now so they have to be creative.

    Collegefootballtalk says the co-def coordinator/linebacker coach from Ohio State is on the radar

  3. Its a good day after a Great day …but I feel sad for Lynch …he has so little pizzazz about him …I’m not saying we need someone who claps 2,412 times a game like Tom Crean …but geez …at Indiana we have to have something different and unique like Hep ….I really do trust Glass on this …I really have a good gut feeling here

  4. IU is the worst BCS program in the country. They need to find a coach who can bring an identity back to the university. You might not have liked Coach Mallory’s “Three yards and a cloud of dust” offense, but it produced bowl wins and Anthony Thompson, Vaughn Dunbar, and Alex Smith to name a few. We also need to find some guys on defense who might make a tackle at least 1 out of 10 times.

  5. I don’t know about Fulmer. I lived in Knoxville during his last few years and it seemed the game (spread offenses, run/pass QB’s) was evolving quicker than he was. As somebody mentioned before, we need a gimmick (not the Pistol). Phil is very much the pro-style offense of the last decade or two.

    In any case, Fred Glass is a breath of fresh air.

  6. UT got a lot of local coverage where I live and it seemed there were Vol players arrested on a daily basis. I don’t think anyone (anywhere)wants to replicate Fulmer’s recruiting philosophy.

  7. @cooper- someone from oregon? one of the most corrupt, scandal ridden programs in the nation? iu is going to go the “kelvin sampson” route and hire someone that promises a quick fix and then incurs sanctions due to recruiting violations, putting us in the negatives for another 10 years…

  8. All I know is this …if anyone thinks there is NOT a Hoosier Nation out there willing and ready to be unleashed …then u don’t know our history …In ’88 …20,000 fans traveled over 600 miles to Atlanta to see Indiana play Tennessee in the Peach Bowl ….there were MANY more that couldn’t get tickets because Tennessee got most …This…in a nutshell …is why I think Fred Glass “gets it” …I absolutely believe he understands all aspects of what it takes ….and its also why I feel that most short time Hoosier fans don’t get it ….This guy has thought so outside the box ..Boise blue field …that I really feel good things are on the horizon at Indiana …

  9. I hope good things are on the horizan. It would be a shame to fire Bill Lynch and then settle for more of the same. This is the time to change history going forward.

  10. Harbaugh would be good, but he’s getting looks from NFL teams. No way he comes to Indiana, even though Crean will push for it I’m sure.

  11. My best wishes to Coach Lynch – I did like the guy and loved his passion, but ultimately the results were not there.

    I’m glad to see that Glass gets the fact that in order to get talent, you have to pay for it. He’s really under the gun here to get a hire that can generate the excitement that Hep did and get this team winning. If he can’t, all of these incredible upgrades to the stadium and athletic facilities will go to waste and also will shoot holes bigger than our defense the past few years to the budget. Lets face it – the lowest hanging fruit is attendance at home games for football. Get that to a respectable level and we are looking at some serious good times – for all sports. Fail and we’ll be in serious trouble for a long time.

    I just hope folks keep this search realistic. First off I don’t care about his connections to Crean – Harbaugh is NOT coming here. He’s in a great spot where he is already winning in a conference that is one of the weaker ones out there. Also take into consideration that USC is going to do nothing but decline both because of their sanctions and their idiot head coach. I’d also like to add that Oregon’s program has a lot of smoke rising from it and I would not be surprised if they are next on the NCAA’s microscope. Stanford is sitting pretty man – he’s not going anywhere but maybe to the pro’s.

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