Gordon continues to dunk on you, me and most of the NBA

The latest Eric Gordon YouTube moment came last night, when he threw down a one-handed facial on Utah’s Paul Millsap. And it was not some middle of the second-quarter, forgotten dunk. It was with six seconds left, and sent the game into overtime.

And why was it right-handed? Because Gordon told teammates he felt a pop in his left shoulder earlier in the game.

Through seven games, Gordon is averaging 21. 2 points for the L.A. Clippers, about a five point-per-game jump from last season.


  1. I picked EJ for my fantasy team, and it has helped me warm up to him more. I wish he could have left a more glorious legacy at IU, but in the end, he will always be a Hoosier.

  2. And this is being accomplished while his 3 point shot has abandoned him. He’s been horrid on threes so far, but obviously making up for it, and obviously NOT missing Mr. Baron Davis.

    I think he turns 22 on Christmas day.

  3. Two examples of the “new” IU fans. Ones who care more about the individual rather than the team.

    You can cheer all you want for TV highlights. You will never get the chance to cheer for championships.

  4. Because it’s impossible to like both individual players and a team simultaneously.

    In fact, I just tried and my head exploded.

    Oh wait, no it didn’t. Go crawl back in you hole, Observer; no one cares to read your observations.

    We’re Hoosier fans happy to see a former Hoosier succeeding in the NBA. Stop creating an issue out of nothing.

  5. OK – You’re right. We’ve only had 16 wins in the past two seasons. We should all be thrilled that one of Sampson’s players made it on You Tube.

    I think I’m getting warm and fuzzies. Almost as good as Smart from the corner in New Orleans.

  6. Go take a sedative.

    No one is claiming this trumps success of the current IU team, obviously.

    Again, it’s possible to be both happy for Gordon and rooting for the Hoosiers simultaneously. Give it some thought.

  7. Am I to assume from these comments that it’s impossible to look back on any player, game, moment, or anything attached to the Sampson era fondly? The Sampson era happened during my time in Bloomington, and while I wish it hadn’t, I’ll still remember those teams and players as Hoosiers. Some obviously had no business wearing cream and crimson, but Eric Gordon, DJ White, and a few others should be remembered as true Hoosiers. If you can’t handle the complexity of the situation, you’re missing out on great memories and great success by Hoosiers in the NBA – which yes, does help the current team, big time.

  8. Agree. He played pretty unselfish ball at IU and provided some great memories. I don’t think of him as just a highlight clip. He is a phenomenal talent with god-given gifts few athletes possess. While at Indiana he seemed like a very decent kid and he certainly had no control over what was about to come down on our program.
    Kids like Gordon work their butts off their entire life for an opportunity to play the game with the best. Why can’t we feel good for this Hoosier kid that has taken his game from the streets his childhood youth club to the biggest stage attainable?
    EJ had to have a certain amount of class..He never had one inkling of a desire to play for Purdue.

  9. Yeah, we’re posting because we’re awe-struck that “he can dunk.”
    I actually rooted for the Clippers before they drafted Eric. And it was a dunk that sent the game into overtime, which I guess you didn’t Observe. Silly things, you say silly things.

  10. I care because I like to see any IU player make it in the NBA,apparently THE OBSERVER wants all IU players to fade into infamy after they leave school! What a terrible view of life he has!

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