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Hanner Perea, center, sat with Cody Zeller, left, and Austin Etherington, right, at Night of the Living Red on Friday. Perea verbally committed to Indiana on Sunday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Hanner Perea is the highest-ranked commit since Eric Gordon, Dustin writes.
  • Fred Glass called speculation about Bill Lynch’s job premature, Dustin writes.
  • Andy reviews the Northwestern game.
  • Indiana recovered from a 2-0 deficit to beat Northwestern and claim the men’s soccer championship, Andy writes.





An explanation: One of the best lines from “Almost Famous” is the recurring use of “It’s all happening.” Seemed fitting, so here is (the fictional band from the film) Stillwater’s “Fever Dog.”


  1. I read that the iNDIANA LOOSIERS lost another football game:)Huh imagine that.
    Perea looks real happy to be a lOOSIER doesn’t he? No matter who you get, you will never be as good as the Blue in Lexington,basketball town USA.

  2. That UK fan sounds pretty frightened, doesn’t he?

    Calipari has always relied on having overwhelming talent to win. Now that the gap is narrowing, the fans are nervous. They should be.

  3. Well, we may not look as good as Blue but at least we won’t be wearing prison clothes…and we will get to keep our banners instead of them being taken away.

  4. What a bold statement from someone that really has nothing in this. I guess he is starting to worry that his program that he supports is really going to blow up soon. You can go ahead and stay on that side of the river and just hope you are not sleeping with anybody that you are related too!!

  5. I just hope it blows up sooner rather than later so we can take Teague. We all know it is coming.

  6. I think the statement should be “Calipari has always relied on having overwhelming talent to get close, but never win.”

  7. IUninehtree; you just beat me to it. Great post! For all the hype about Calipari’s great one-and-done recruits, has he ever won an NCAA Championship?

    IU will be resurging just as UK gets the NCAA hammer. Can’t wait til those haters go down.

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