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Bill Lynch speaks to his team during the summer. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Bill Lynch insisted he is not worried about his job future, though he did take one question on it Tuesday and then walked away, Dustin writes.
  • Lynch deserves to end this season without being continually asked about his job, Andy writes.
  • The basketball team is ready to play someone else, and for some of them get a look at the new jerseys, Dustin writes.
  • The women overcome a halftime deficit to win its exhibition, Jeremy writes.






The Black Keys’ “Mercy on Me”


  1. Did anybody else read the article about OSU basketball? First, they can’t get anyone in their building because no one cares about basketball even though they’ve been at or near the top of the Big 10 lately. Then Matta basically admits he’s afraid to play Cincy, Xavier, or Dayton because a loss would be too “detrimental for the program”. I’m sure that’s the kind of talk your fans want to hear, Thad. If there were any…

  2. It is so dead on here. I was thinking…if IU gets hammered by Iowa and loses to Wisconsin…should Glass let Lynch go and let one of the other coaches coach vs PSU and PU??? I ask because I don’t see where it would hurt. It would let the high majority of the fan base know he is not screwing around and it might be better for the kids in preparing for games cause GOD knows what they are doing now is not working. I forgot to add that IU could start the coaching search and all. Now I know an upset is possible but I am curious what others think on this. Thanks!

  3. If he lets Lynch go he’ll do it in a way that lets him maintain his dignity. Replacing him mid season would not do that. I think the coaching search has begun. Things will play out.

  4. Looks like Roy is personally delivering the LOI papers to Cody. I’m ready to quit caring about the Zeller saga anyway. I understand the kid has been classy and has handled the process exactly to his plan, but something about his lack of abandoning such fine logic and timetables has turned me off. There was a day in our basketball paradise that time would stop when a coach was offering you an opportunity to wear candy-stripes. I was always holding onto some foolish fantasy that Cody would wake up one morning and realize that where he falls on the historical continuum of scrappy walk-on to legendary superstar the game would be completely insignificant the internal fire, an unstoppable desire the days a childhood passion not clouded by ego, to be a Hoosier. I will forever hold dear a hope that there is still a young and talented eye that walks into Assembly Hall blinded by devout passion and a lifelong dream to be nowhere else.

  5. No way that Lynch should be removed before the end of the year. Who do you elevate? Then what happens if they win against PSU and PU? We’ll start getting all the traffic about how they should be given a contract since they’ve proven themselves over two game. Let’s just let Lynch finish the year. He has treated the program with the utmost respect. We can let him exit in a respectful way.

    I’m pretty sure that Glass is on top of all of this.

  6. J Pat,

    The things you forget when pondering if he were let go before the end of the season are the recruiting class/classes we have coming in, the players we currently have, and the other 23 athletic teams coaches. All of those mentioned have been promised, not just from Lynch, but from Glass that we would evaluate this season and all the things we continue to hear. It’s already a down program and it is not helped whatsoever by what so far have been seen as good, honest men completely going back on what they have continued to say. How would any parent, recruit, or coach trust Glass or the IU program from here on out if he not only went against his ‘I think contracts should matter’ speech, but the I will evaluate on progress and the whole season rhetoric. Also, you fire Lynch in season, it causes unwanted attention to the program and makes it more likely that some of the offensive talent we have here already would leave at the end of the year. No player wants to play at a place where they don’t know if their coach will be the same for a whole season. If its done in the off season, kids have a chance to digest it and meet a new coach before they have to comment on it or go to a practice.

    It is also part of his cleaning up all of the programs and finances. If he fires Lynch mid season that says to every coach here that what I say doesn’t matter and I am just like every other AD I say I’m not like that will fire mid season and continue to pay off coaches who aren’t here anymore. Glasses decisions and behavior go well beyond just the football team. I think people will understand if it is done after an evaluation at the end of the season, but mid season with two ‘winable’ games left of the schedule in PSU and Purdue (Notice I put winnable in quotations, I’m not saying we will win them, but we at least have a shot) Glass wouldn’t be able to settle the backlash he would get from several fronts if he pulled the trigger after losing two games we are supposed to lose. Nobody expects us to beat two top 25 teams, and they shouldn’t even if we were having a better year. You don’t go from the football program we are to beating top 25 teams, just doesn’t happen. Yes, the goal is to get to where we are expected to win those games, or have a better chance to, but even if we had Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Captain Comeback, Tony Dungy, or insert your coach of choice that we could never have the $ for, coaching here no one would expect us to beat these teams in the next 2 years with the talent we can get right now. It takes time.

  7. I have absolutley no problem with Fred Glass keeping Bill Lynch till the end of the season. If Bill Lynch’s team isn’t able to get two Big Ten wins, there is no reason to believe any of his assistants can do it. Fred Glass needs to be ready on Monday November 29th to announce Lynch’s release and a few days later the hiring of a new head coach.

  8. I completely disagree hoagland. He had chance after chance to win and has been a complete failure. The sooner lynch leaves the program the better for EVERYONE. With your logic Sampson should still be coach, hell we could of honored his contract. There needs to be a movement to remove Glass if he does not fire Lynch after this year. He is the most clueless AD we have ever had. Its been obvious for over three years now that Lynch is not good enough to coach in the big ten. I think the real debate needs to be on the next coach. I say we take a shot on an div 2 coach who has a track record of winning. This is the worst coaching staff i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Maybe Jane Heppner can coach the rest of the season, i know she cant be worse than billy boy.

  9. Although I concur ….as well as….I think I can speak for the majority …..of HOOSIER fans out here in Arizona….that Bill Lynch needs to go….

    However, I totally agree that Indiana needs to let Lynch finish the season no matter what….

    God, I can’t believe I just said that ! LOL

    What good would it really do to let him go at any point from today thru seasons end?? Just ask Minnesota…they have had defections, suspensions etc….AND this was AFTER Brewster was let go….didn’t do them any good…..they are getting whacked every game after he was fired…

    Who, honestly, really cares if Indiana go’s 6 and 6 this season…..that WILL NOT get us to a bowl game with a miserable 2-6 Big Ten record. Ain’t gonna happen, so whats the point ??

    Lynch is so insanely obviously over his head and these coordinators…..what a mess and what a joke….but, as many have mentioned, they have done their best, sadly, and have represented Indiana with class….

    Believe me…..the phone has been ringing off the hook in Bloomington regarding what we fans think of Lynch and this program…..

    I have called and MANY just in our little Hoosier group here in the mountains of Arizona have called and voiced BIG TIME disappointment….

    I truly believe big changes are on the horizon…..all those THOUSANDS of empty seats in that sparkling new end-zone speak volumes….as quiet as it is in Memorial Stadium….One could hear a pin drop during the Northwestern game….

    Let Lynch finish…..and THEN Mr. Fred Glass needs to work overtime to get Indiana Football to some respectability….

    Indiana…We’re All for You….IU !!

  10. I think there is some justifiable frustration towards Glass right now for the nonchalant way in which he smugly declared “Of course Lynch will be back.” In his position, he should start by setting some standards or some expectations for improvement, giving us a window into his thought process. After that, he can express his confidence in the coach. But to look at a team which has clearly gone in one direction – down – since the lucky, overachieving 3 conference win bowl team, and not give us any sense that he sees some problems that need fixing, is maddening.

    Downing: thanks for the welcome back. Hopefully it is permanent, but apparently Remora is stealing my IP address, so I may be intermittent for a while.

  11. Irrelevant if Glass fires Lynch before end of season or immediately after. It will not change the outcome of any of the remaining games. The key is to have a coach hired on the day you terminate Lynch. If Glass has not begun the process required to find Lynch’s replacment, he’s being derelict in his duties. Get the new coach on board immediately after Lynch is terminated so you can reduce the number of recruits that jump ship and/or allow the new coach to bring some of his recruits with him to IU. Remember, the recruiting process is not complete until the ink is on the contract. There will be a lot of players committing to places other than the schools they made verbal committments to before signing date. IU needs to be in position to capture some of those players, or at least retain Lynch’s verbally committed recruits. The sooner you have a quality head coach in place, the more likely you are to salvage or improve the recruiting class. That’s what matters most.

    Secondarily, if you delay too long, the best candidates will be picked up by other schools desiring a coaching change. Glass needs to be poised to sign his guy as soon as the candidate is legally able to do so.

    But all this is kind of silly. IU will not fire Lynch at the end of the 2010 season. IU does NOT have the money, or is simply unwilling, to pay Lynch his $658,750 severence and spend what is necessary to hire a good new coach. That’s just too much risk for a politician like Glass. Too many reasons to justify keeping Lynch on for the final year of his contract. IU’s administrators are thinking in short-term financial terms, not long term strategic terms. They’re managers, not leaders.

  12. I enjoyed reading the posts above, thanks. I don’t know what I think about it really, was just thinking out loud. I see Hoag and Rich’s views and see it both ways I guess.

  13. Rich,

    I could maybe understand if you said Mike Davis, but really Sampson? I’m pretty positive that Cheating with a really good team that ran roughshod, and running a clean program but not winning with a program that never has are very different things. If he hadn’t cheated again were people calling for Sampson’s head with top 25 team? No, they were talking about the Final 4.

    Also, it is not my logic that you are questioning, I stated Glass’ logic. His logic is that contracts should matter and he will not make any decisions out of haste, but will evaluate and make the best choice after he has digested everything. My logic was that in the position he is in, with what he has said, and all the groups (not just you, or fans)he is accountable to, he can’t fire him mid season, it is just a bad move.

    With Glass’ logic, you know THE GUY WHO HAS THE POWER AND IS MAKING THE CALL, he gains nothing by letting Lynch go mid season. Nothing. What has Minnesota gained? I didn’t say Glass shouldn’t look for a new coach and miss out or any of that. That has nothing to do with letting Lynch go mid season or not. He can do those things with a coach still employed.

    Glass is not stupid and understands that he has to balance the opinions and eyes of many different groups, its a business, not just please the guy sitting on his couch. That’s why he is an AD and you are the guy on the couch. It is never as easy as just well he’s not winning, I’ll get rid of him because people are unhappy. I don’t think Glass is happy, but you can’t just make moves on impulse like it’s Madden. This is real life and there are various factors and backlash for every decision. Also, he has a certain bubble of protection because he did not make the original Lynch hire. Lynch wasn’t brought in and deemed the best to interview, he came to be head coach under tough circumstances. You can’t get rid of an AD who has so far done a pretty good job just because he is trying to be conscious of money and doesn’t fire a guy mid season. I hope no one ever gives you money to manage their assets. Ever.

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