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Guy-Marc Michel watches Wednesday’s game from the bench. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • Christian Watford played like a man that had been set free from the rigors of the post and did not want to go back, Dustin writes.
  • This team, more than the past two, is able to withstand the loss of a player like Michel, I wrote.
  • Bill Lynch was aware of Greg Heban before the former baseball player walked on to the football team, Andy writes.






Black Keys’ “Tighten Up.”


  1. The foreign kids aren’t worth it unless they are an ELITE talent such as Perea. Baylor people are still saying not to be so sure Perea will qualify.

  2. As always, 4guards is the first to jump in with his usual negativity (unless he’s hyping Cody Zeller)….

  3. Soooo people from the other school primarily recruiting Perea, who just lost him to IU, are casting doubt on his eligibility?

    What a reliable source.

  4. Baylor is shoveling out of their own waist deep manure house to mess around in the backyard of anyone else.

  5. Yeah, those Baylor folks seem really stand up and all, 2 thumbs up there for sure.

    I kind of crack up at a couple posts I read that talk in a negative light about Guy and say we really don’t need him and he is bad and blah blah. I watched Guy Friday night. I ask the question, Will he help our team this this year??? The answer, Hell yeah…tons! He is a total upgrade from Pritch. I am so worn out on Pritch, it was hard to watch him last night. Not dominant in any was vs his own team!

  6. I am not saying I believe it or that it is a reliable source. Basically I am saying Perea is worth the risk, Bawa and Michel were not.

  7. JPat,
    I wouldn’t dump on Pritchard too hard. He is playing with one hand. He is playing out of position because quite frankly he is our best option at Center.

  8. 4G, you have been better lately, it is just hard to sift through people that use your 4G name. Guy is hands down our best option at center if/when he is cleared. Pritch is our only option right now but in all honesty, I would put Capo over Pritch in a few weeks. At least Capo shows some motivation. As far as the hand is concerned, that does not matter to me…Pritch does not look any better than he did last year, even with the weight loss. He is a role or bench player at best! I hate to bag on him but it is just how I feel!

  9. I agree that Pritchard is a bench/ role player on a good Big10 team. However, Capo does not deserve a roster spot on a good Big10 team. I mean last year Pritchard averaged more points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and Pritchard shot over 60% from the field while Capo shot under 40% from the field. Not sure how you could validate starting Capo over Pritchard by any means.

  10. Definitely agree with J Pat. Guy is without a doubt our best option at center. I just can’t imagine this will result in anything more than a brief suspension… And for when they got him and considering that he is an upgrade over anyone we currently have, I think Michel was worth it.

  11. GMM will be the man starting when cleared officially, again. Capo is a good substitute and role player who has some upside to develop for the future. TP is a practice player only with no upside to be anything else during the remainder of his career at IU.

  12. 4G, Capo got so many less minutes than Pritch…it is really not a fair way to look at it. I ask you this…if Capo had come in the same year Pritch did, who would be starting now? I think it would be Capo. Just my opinion, no more no less. Jordan and Clarion, agree completely! Like the upside comment and let’s face it, Capo can shoot and from a ways out…

  13. I think TP probably played a lot more minutes than BC, and more than likely due to the fact that BC was a true freshman, and TP had a whole season under his belt. TP shot a better percentage than him too because he never shot from more than 2 or 3 feet from the basket and several of those, that would have probably been misses, were blocked. The only difference I seen in TP last night was he was a few pounds lighter than last year.

  14. You say Capo can shoot, but he shoots under 40% from the field. Pritchard shoots over 60%. This has nothing to do with minutes. And do you think Crean gives Prtichard more minutes because maybe he is better?
    To answer your question, yes I think Pritchard sitll starts over Capo if they come in same year.

  15. I’ll sum up my view on Pritchard succinctly: I don’t feel confident when he’s on the floor, and frankly, he doesn’t look confident when he’s on the floor either.

  16. But that said, I don’t feel confident when Capo’s on the floor either. I guess I’m fresh out of luck.

    4guards — I don’t think either is an ideal center. It’s all about picking the least bad center. That’s why I and others think Michel’s presence could affect the team positively, simply because it allows those guys to play the 4 more often.

  17. 4G, Pritch shoots lay ups, capo can shoot the 3 and yes it does have a lot to do with minutes. You can look it up how many more minutes Pritch played, it is not even close. With minutes comes experience…should I say that again? We can agree to disagree. Casey, agreed!

  18. Hey all. I am not saying Capo is going to ever set the world on fire at IU but I would like to see what he can do. I know what Pritch can do…

  19. It is not just playing with one hand, it is one handed with his OPPOSITE HAND. (Yes, he is left handed) He is trying to do things that when he originally committed here, he would not have been asked to do.

    There is no way that Guy is ‘hands down’ the better option. He has done what, swatted 4 layups in a scrimmage? He is better than Bawa or Tijan, but dude has a long way to go to play at the speed (almost sounds laughable, i know) of the big ten.

  20. Jpat,
    Maybe Capo should stick to layups since he shoots such a horrible percentage.
    Hoagland is dead on about everything he just stated. It is good to see that some IU fans still understand the game.

  21. 4guards,

    It’s unfortunate that when, every so often, someone tries to engage in a civil discussion with you, you choose to be an ass.

    Hoagland — I don’t think anyone is arguing with your point that Pritchard is having to do things he would’ve never had to originally. All people are saying is that he’s not doing those things extremely well.

    I think one pre-season game is not enough to draw too many conclusions about any of the players, though.

  22. lastly, if Pritch avgs a Double double this year…I will admit I am wrong. At his height with as much experience and playing time as he has had, he should be at or close to a 10 and 10!!!

  23. I was not saying anything about you JPat when I said that about Hoagland.
    I apologize if it came off that way, but in general it is just sad that our fanbase used to be the most knowledgeable in the country, but today there a lot of blind followers who really have no clue what they are talking about. It is just sad how far we have fallen.

  24. I think when Capo is on the floor, IU is a little more versitile and harder to guard, than with Pritchard. TP sets some badass screens and defends really well at times. Capo is just a little more savy and played as well or better than TP, when allowed minutes. Capo is similar to Jared Odle in what he could bring.

  25. double double this year, period!!! What did he avg last year and what is his career avg?

    Last year his avg was 4.2 pts and 3.5 rebounds.

    Career is 4.9 pts and 7 rebounds.

    Now I know in my heart with my so-called limited bball skills and knowledge that Guy can get us at least 5 and 7 this year and I bet Capo could as well. I am out…

  26. so you think Guy can average as many boards in the Big10 that he did at that JUCO in Idaho?
    I admit that Pritchard has regressed, our coaching is severly lacking in that area. I am just saying he is our best option.

  27. Guy, if he plays, will be able to change the flow and take away the easy crap points that teams would score on IU the last two years. Those things are as important as free throws in my opinion. Guys presence will allow Pritchard and Capo to do thier jobs in blocking out. This will allow Guy and the guards more rebounds as well. They are what they are. If guy or TP don’t get 10 boards a game its because everyone is rebounding well. Just need to stop the leak in the middle.

  28. 4G, I have tried to have this rational discussion with you and now you are blaming coaching. Come on man, try! I do think Guy can get us 5 and 7 if he plays 25 or more minutes a game. Don’t forget he blocks shots as well!!!

  29. Come on people. Layoff 4guards. I kind of like him —– but then again I like migraine headaches and chronic back pain

  30. 4guards the reason that basketball at IU fell so far is because the academicians and the faculty hated Bobby Knight.Enter Myles Brand and the Bozo that followed him. Blame the people responsible and not the people who are trying like hell to pick up the pieces.

  31. People are entitled to their opinion to be sure. Mine was different than some here, so I stated it. You can break down stats to a point or two here or there, but just like any other sport or statistic, they can all be taken out of context.

    Pritch does the little things like help side D and showing on screens that Guy just won’t be ready to do. Do you see Guy and think Center much more than when you look at Pritch? Well, yea, but looks don’t mean anything. A huge guy doesn’t do well if the other 4 guys have to cover for him or work around him on the offensive end and make up for him in transition, even if that means you give up 4 blocks a game.

    For me it comes down to this, does anyone really have any true hope of seeing Guy guard Johnson, Tisdale, Lauderdale, Nix, or Sampson anywhere that is more than 5 feet from the basket? Sticking with a guard for a step or two while showing on a ball screen? Understanding and being quick enough on help side D? Complain all you want, and he does pick up a lot of fouls and make some mistakes, but Pritch is the best we have at some of these little things that people don’t like to account for. A good number of his fouls last year, were him coming over to cover for someone else. He at least gives you a shot at stopping people that the others don’t.

  32. I understand what your saying Hoagland. What I am saying is this. If Guy is in there, TP will not have to be so concerned with help defense. Stategically it should create more oppurtunity for our guards to be more aggressive and TP can focus on his man. I don’t think Crean is worried about those opposing players mentioned ripping off 15 to 20 footers all night. If Guy can provide what Jobe and Bawa could not, shot altering, easy close buckets, IU will be alot better on defense. Having Creek back with Watford and Oladipo on the perimeter will be tough matchups for most teams.

  33. Haog, I do see him covering the guys you name just as well as Pritch. I really do but I have one scrimmage to go on to be honest. Mass sums it up best for me I guess. Guy when in the game will have a shot blocking mentality and it should help big time. Question is can he stay out of foul trouble and can he shoot a free throw. Anyone want to look up Pritch’s free throw % from last year…what was it 30 or 40%…

  34. it is just sad that our fanbase used to be the most knowledgeable in the country, but today there a lot of blind followers(one gave me a rather clueless and creepy stare from this thing I just discovered called a mirror) who really have no clue what they are talking about.

  35. I remember when Kent Bensen came to IU. No one thought he was worth a damn. But he had size, the frame and a lot of heart. His development was amazing, and by his Junior Year, he was one of the best big men in NCAA BB. Of course, he was surrounded by talent and had been coached by the best coach in America.

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