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Jordan Hulls comes to the bench during Wednesday’s win against Franklin. Chris Howell | Herald-Times


  • The competition between Daniel Moore and Jordan Hulls is one of three post-Franklin questions I answered.
  • Seniority does not determine who plays at Indiana, but seniority (or, at least, the advantages of it) plays a part, Dustin writes.
  • Andy trusts a Big Ten referee that happened to play at Indiana and now has a son on the team.






Needtobreathe’s “Won’t Turn Back.”


  1. Few things in life are as satisfying as a crisp Washington apple. A fall Friday in Bloomington, however, comes pretty darned close.

    Happy Friday to the Scoop community, and here’s to a Zeller commit and Lynch firing in the near future – two things that should warm the heart of any Hoosier.

  2. While I applaud the eternal optimism of Mattsi4, I concur with the pragmatic prioritization of the other posters.

    As far as satisfying, I might add a crisp morning in any number of places in Montana, all of which would be better if Rachel McAdams somehow showed up!

  3. Glad to see a little push for Moore for the starting guard position! Hulls has a great BB IQ but needs to focus playing the point. Really don’t believe that PG is the natural position for him but those are the cards he”s been dealt. In order for IU to become an up tempo team we need that ultra fast point. Yogi would be perfect but there’s still 2 years at best before if he dose come to IU before he could help. We could really use alot more fast brake points this year!! Looks like Watford could be huge for us playing the 3. All the elements are there to be upper half BT, now can they do it?

  4. Moore challenging Hulls is laughable. It would be like Dawson challenging Zeller. We all know the outcome.

  5. 4guards, I’ll give you this…you ARE consistent with your comments, even if I do largely completely disagree with you. As much as I’d like for Zeller to pick IU as his collegiate home, I wouldn’t be banking on Zeller doing anything against Dawson besides shooting 3’s and getting tossed around like a ragdoll in the paint. That’s not to say that Zeller won’t put on muscle and weight and neutralize those shortcomings (I’m sure the S&C coaches will work on that), but as of right now those two players just have completely different games.

  6. I know this is kind of a lame comment, but I dig the new uni’s — going back to a more old school “INDIANA” on the front.

  7. Yeah, the uniforms numbers are a little different also. More Square or bolder, cleaner looking. Unless I am seeing things…No one has really talked about them much. I believe it was mentioned during live talk Wed.

  8. 4guards,

    I love how you act like Dawson isn’t a monster. He’s going to be great.

    You like to tout the fact that Cody had 20 pts and and 26 rebounds “on Dawson,” but ignore the fact that Dawson had a game high 22 and nabbed 11 rebounds of his own.

    Zeller’s numbers were certainly better, but it’s not like Dawson didn’t have a great game as well.

  9. I have to agree with 4guards on this one, Zeller completely dominated Dawson in the title game. TWENTY SIX REBOUNDS!!!!! Only 11 for Dawson. Points being almost even, clearly big time advantage Zeller.

  10. If Dawson was 5 in. taller and 10 lb. heavier, Zeller would have not had all those 26 rebounds nor would there have been OT and the trophy would be in NW Indiana. Zeller was only bigger not better.

  11. Matts,

    I will be in the stands for sure at least for kickoff. By the way, do you post on CBSsports? If this is you, glad to have you!

  12. I’m not saying Zeller isn’t a great player. I’m not tearing anyone down.

    I’m just saying to say Dawson got “owned” when he lead all players in scoring and still had 11 rebounds is a little silly.

    If Zeller scored 20 on Dawson, then that means Dawson dropped 22 on Zeller. All the stats tell me is that Zeller is a stronger rebounder — not that either isn’t a great player, or that one “owned” the other.

    It’s also noteworthy to point out that Cody Zeller is 6’11” and Dawson is 6’6″.

    A five-inch difference in height could certainly explain the difference in rebounding. What say you, 4guards?

    If Cody went up against a 7’4″ center, I bet he’d get out-rebounded as well.

  13. Another thing you guys overlook is that Zeller won the game. That is the most important thing.
    And Hotel Boy, once again you make no sense. You could just as easily say if Zeller were 5″ taller and 10 lbs heavier he would have dominated even more. The thing is… he isn’t.

  14. I surly believe 4guards 4tards whateva he prefers is a Die-hard IU fan that loves IU but to feel important and to have ppl converse with him he takes on the skip bayless attitude…I believe he laughs at that crap he writes but laugh even harder when he takes over post and all the comments be directed towards him..anyhow 4 whatever u prefer keep up the hate makes me believe IU is back because when no one is hating then u must be doing something wrong

  15. 4guards — teams win games, not players. You forget that when discussing the championship game, and you forget that when you repeatedly declare Zeller the most important recruit in NCAA history.

    Your response to Clarion’s supposed indecipherable statement makes even less sense.

    The point is that when one player is five inches taller than another, he’s generally going to pull down more rebounds by default. It’s simple.

  16. Casey,
    I have never declared Zeller the most important recruit in NCAA history. I have said he is the most important IU recruit since Bailey. There is a big difference.
    So let me just ask you then, Are you saying Dawson is better than Zeller or are you just wanting to argue with me again?
    Take a stance you have to pick one, who do you take?

  17. 4guards,

    I understand you haven’t said that. Hyperbole, my friend.

    I’m not saying either is better than the other. I’d be lying if I said I’d seen either of them play enough to declare that. And I don’t feel the right to claim who will be better in college.

    What I am saying is that you’re once again ignoring parts of a story for the benefit of pushing your point of view.

    – You ignore the situation Crean inherited when you rip his every move
    – You ignore the five-inch differential and the fact that Dawson had a great game when you unequivocally declare Zeller “owned” him in the championship.
    – You ignore that Dawson, Teague and Rivera shunned EVERY school in the state when harping on Crean for not keeping Indiana kids in Indiana.
    – You ignore Alford’s record in the Big Ten (which is on par with Mike Davis’) when claiming he should be here instead of Crean.
    – You ignore the commitments of Patterson, Lyles, Blackmon Jr., Etherington, Jurkin and Perea when you say that Crean hasn’t turned around recruiting unless he lands Zeller.

    You’re not consistent and you bring no objectivity on the table. It makes carrying out any sort of productive conversation with you very difficult.

  18. There is no comparison. Dawson is a far better all-around basketball player than Zeller. Take it to the bank and let it earn NBA interest.

    Let’s not forget that Alford owned Kieth Smart on a stat sheet most nights until “everything hinged” on a true 5-star Dawsonesque basketball move to bring us home a 5th banner.

    Dawson’s name was never mentioned by the last surviving member our once “knowledgeable fanbase” until he landed at Michigan State…And what a horrible misfortune it has become to miss on the recruit from Gary Wallace when it’s now a little more mud from Scoop’s overzealous Zeller-expert to sling at our coach.

  19. Nothing new for Casey to dodge questions. At least he admitted that he knows nothing about what he was arguing to begin with.
    Smart hit the shot, but Alford brought us home the banner. Don’t kid yourself.

  20. Well fellas, whether the glass in half empty or half full, I need another beer to watch this team play. It’s been a long, hard year for the IU faithful, but I still haven’t given up hope on the season. The D has played better and better each weak, although the offense does seem to be stuck in reverse right now. But it seems like every other year we knock off a ranked team at home, so here’s hoping this is the week.

    I used to post on CBS but there doesn;t seem to be a whole lot of activity over there anymore. Plus I like this sit alot better. But yes, I will be in the stands as well, and I’m sure I’ll stick around for the whole game as well. GO HOOSIERS!!

  21. Just a few comments to finish out the week; spraying to all fields.

    Nothing better anywhere than a clear, crisp, sunny day in B-town during the fall. Beautiful!

    Mattsi4; I sense from the comments, or lack of comments on this board, that IU football is in the reaview mirror for most IU fans. It will be interesting to see how many fans are in the seats tomorrow or if the Iowa fans outnumber the Hooosier fans. Only thing to look forward to now is the Purdue game. Let’s “hope” IU can pull that one out for the seniors and salvage some pride. “Hope springs eternal”, but reality will bite the Hoosiers in the butt once again tomorrow. Just hope it stays within 30 points.

    Did anyone read the letter from Larry Stern, on page 3 in the “Mailbag” section of the latest issue of Inside Indiana (good publication)? Larry is a dedicated Hoosier football fan who articulates the source of his frustration as a Hoosier football fan. He nails it perfectly. If you have not read it, get a copy and check it out. I’m sure Aruss won’t agree, but I believe Mr. Stern hit the bull eye.

    4guards; your comment “the most important IU recruit since Bailey” sets a new standard for inanity. If Zeller does come to IU, let’s hope he has greater success than Bailey did. But I fear all the hype will be impossible for him to live up to, just like it was for Bailey. You would have been less rediculous if you had written, “the most hyped Hoosier recruit since Bailey.” Hoosier recruiting is on the rise, regardless of Zeller’s decision and the world will not end if Zeller goes to UNC (well, sounds like it will for you.)

  22. Bailey was a 4 year starter on a loaded team who he took to the Final 4. He finished 6th on IU’s all time scoring list. 1st team all Big10, 3rd team All-American.
    I would call that pretty successful.
    And no the world will not end if Zeller goes to UNC, just our rebuilding project.

  23. Damon Bailey was not considered an important recruit. There have been many more important players since then, as well. There was a little fanfare, as he had been mentioned in a book as an eighth grader, but only a dunce would think it was a big deal recruiting Bailey. He was a nice player but never anything special.

  24. Aruss is a moron who lost a bet and promised to never post on here again. He broke that promise and should be considered irrelevant.

  25. How many players have had over 30,000 people show up to watch them play in a high school basketball game? I think that classifies him as a very big deal and a very important recruit for that time with the fanfare surrounding him in a time before the internet and chat boards were an everyday thing.

  26. 4guards,

    I’m not dodging a question — I’m just admitting that I don’t have enough information to make a statement about which player is better, since I don’t hang out and creep at high schools with enough frequency to know their games inside and out. I also have a job — so forgive me for not watching enough YouTube videos to be an expert, which is apparently the sole qualification.

    Ignorance doesn’t lie in admitting you don’t have enough information to make a final decision; it lies in acting as if you do, when you don’t.

    That’s your M.O.

    Speaking of dodging, you failed to address any of my points about how you ignore relevant information. Start by addressing that, then I’ll answer your questions.

  27. Also,

    Since it’s “nothing new,” for me to dodge questions, can you cite a few examples of when I’ve done so.

    You accusing me of dodging questions is laughably and tragically ironic. Seriously, are you kidding?

  28. Podunker,
    As much as I hate to admit it, you are correct sir. It’s that time of year when IU football takes its well-deserved back seat to the basketball team. IU should be glad tomorrow is the last home game, if we lose again they would hate to see an almost completely empty Memorial Stadium for the last home game. I am still holding out hope for the last 4 games, especially the Penn St game (since I’m driving 10 hours to watch it, I’m really hoping for a win) I guess we’ll just see what happens. But for the record, I love talking all IU sports, and there seems to be alot of great, knowledgable fans on here. Plus the coverage from Dustin, Hugh, and Andy is top-notch.

  29. mattis4

    “the defense is getting better and better each weak”. what a great slip. sigmund would be proud. it sure is great being young and eager like you. i remember those days before the hoosiers made me old and bitter.

  30. It does seem the defense is making some advancements but why can’t the offense be making the same measure. There have been injuries on both sides of the ball. The jet sweeps, over using the quick out pass, the insertion of Kiel, bubble screens, over emphasis of Doss, running plays for BC against NW, failure to get NT and ZDW the ball in space have all added up to more failed plays than successful ones this season. There has been a lot of talk on here about the performance of the two defensive coordinators but it is my guess in evaluating results Matt Canada and his scheming and play calling is a bigger disappointment. He has not developed this offense to even last years level.

    As a side note, the Zeller recruitment is the most important since Creek.

  31. Clarion-

    You beat me to the punch. I was going to say that the Zeller recruitment is the most important since Adam Ahfeld. But then I remembered he was a walk-on.

  32. Envision there is no University of Washington. Envision Washington State is Indiana University. Envision WSU never acknowledging or giving credence to basketball players from Seattle and all surrounding suburbs/municipalities within 100 miles because WSU did not consider that part of the state relevant in it’s recruiting. Why? This is how Indiana University now looks at recruiting Indiana. Its small-minded individuals like 4guards that attempt to distort the importance of recruiting the entire state. They idolize the days of Bobby Knight buy yet completely misrepresent the man by acting like he had their same narrow focus and confined view their own. Knight recruited every corner the state. Knight went across borders and across other boundaries not a territory. Knight crossed the borders of demographics and stereotypes. If Zeller was from Northwest Indiana or the Chicago metro area we would have never heard this ridiculous hype surrounding one recruit. Say what you will, there’s been rarely a day the last twelve months I haven’t been on this blog and the top recruit from Gary Wallace was never relevant in the discussions. Most had conveniently wiped him off the board and assumed he was going to Purdue. He went to MSU. I don’t believe MSU really got into moving on the kid until it was obvious only a school in Lafayette was ever truly interested in the kid. Izzo saw the door cracking open and he quickly seized upon the opportunity. Even Scoop journalists rarely brought Dawson’s name to attention and the narrow recruiting focus that looks at Indiana as half a state has seemingly engulfed all opinions on this blog surrounding the program. It isn’t just about Zeller. The collective voice appears completely void of anything happening north of Indianapolis. We’re looking at Kentucky before Chicago or northern Ohio. I am convinced Crean has already learned quickly this cultural transformation that has taken over Bloomington. How easy we have made it for him to brag of great inroads in recruiting by only landing kids like Zeller that conform to certain stereotypical prejudices of where the “right” kids come from. We are a dead basketball program if our new coach buys into this holier-than-thou mentality that assumes anything other our happy-go-lucky Mayberry streets are mean streets. There is no singular player that defines a program. What defines a program is its ability to never give up on individuals. Maybe our program hinges more on our ability to one day open our eyes. I was here in the 1970’s. This painted 4guards’ canvas did not surround Bloomington in the heyday his idols and the “defining” heroes his picture of the past. It’s a slanted look. It’s an unfair look. Knight was far from a perfect coach, but in his overreaching and often unfair judgments, he took down individuals indiscriminately and never shut out recruiting based on any neighborhood or holier-than-thou cultural view our Emerald City. It’s a distorted and harmful image that never existed. Our future hinges on never shutting the door on a kid. Never assuming a particular area is full of thugs because it’s called Gary, Indiana. Programs like A-Hope contains very little “hope” if they are merely public images a very ugly portrait transforming in the attic the covered canvas a more hideous and hidden truth.

  33. correction:

    “Seattle and all surrounding suburbs/municipalities within 100 miles because WSU did not consider that part of the state relevant in its recruiting. Why? This is how Indiana University now looks at recruiting Indiana. It’s perpetuated by the small-mindedness of individuals like 4guards that attempt to distort the importance of recruiting the entire state. They idolize the days of Bobby Knight but yet completely misrepresent the man..”

  34. I have never said not to recuit North of Indy. I say recruit the entire state. Close the borders. It’s just not many kids worthy of IU come out of Gary.

  35. Mike P. I haven’t been to a HS Final Four since Indiana went to the ‘class’ system but I’d say every kids playing in a Final Four had 30,000 people show up to watch them play. Seriously, does anyone think Jared Jeffries wasn’t a bigger deal than Damon? Or Creek. Or Gordon. Or a dozen other guys. He was a nice player, but seriously.

  36. Elston is a Sampson recruit. Hanner is an A-Hope connection that has just landed at a Northern Indiana Catholic boarding school not part of IHSAA. Between attempts to build Bloomington South High School into a basketball academy and the strange influence of Indiana Elite and A-Hope programs that exert far too much ideological influences on IU basketball, there’s hardly any room for genuine town-to-town, gym-to-gym, high school recruiting going on throughout the state.

    And to say “not many kids worthy of IU come out of Gary” is a perfect example of contributing to the communal approach that is closing us off from many fine student-athletes. As a graduate of Indiana and a lifetime resident the state, it sickens me to think how this type of attitude infects good kids with a set of beliefs toward IU that I’m finding each year a greater difficulty to have a proud association. Don’t blame Tom Crean for those attitudes. Don’t blame Crean for the controlling forces entrenched around IU basketball that have far too many hands in too many pockets where they don’t belong in a state institution founded on liberal principles.

  37. Chet,

    In the 1990 championship game, 41,000 people watched Damon Bailey take his BNL Stars to the state title! Single game attendance! NO PLAYER in IU basketball history has or will ever have that many people show up to watch him play in a high school basketball game.

    If you don’t think the attendance was because of Bailey, than you’re fooling yourself.

    I will ask you this, who is the all time leading scorer in Indiana High School Basketball history? Coming out of high school, Damon Bailey was higher touted than ANYONE you mentioned.

    There has not been the hype around another recruit like there was Bailey until Zeller.

    Please, don’t bring up Gordon, the only reason his story was a big deal was he flip-flopped to IU after firing Davis and hiring Sampson. Plus he was a 1 and done. Jefferies, really good player, no where near the hype surrounding him as Zeller or Bailey. He left early as well. Zeller, if we get him will be a four year player. Now lets hope he lives up to the hype!

  38. I blame sampson,

    Coach Crean had to re-recruit Elston after Sanctions was fired to solidify his verbal. Hanner certainly is an A-Hope kid but the reference to the IHSAA is not relevant to anything. When he gave his verbal the bed he was sleeping in was and is still in La Porte, Indiana. I just checked the map for what part of the state the county of my birth is located and I’ll be damned if it isn’t north of the Hoosier capital, just as Fort Wayne being James Blackmon’s home and AE’s home of Arcadia is. Oh I forgot TP’s home of Westlake, Ohio is also in the NE part of that state. So much for not recruiting to the North.

    Mike P,

    That is a load of hype. When Bailey’s recruitment was going on I felt how big it was even where I lived. I am in that same community today and CZ’s is nowhere as big a sports topic as DB’s was even to the IU buffs I still chum with. He just does not hold that same aura. I don’t know maybe the world has actually gotten bigger. But I would rather think there is much more Hoosier HS talent presently available widening the focus.

  39. HC,

    I don’t think Zeller holds the same as Bailey cause Cody is the 3rd in a line of Zellers and the other two haven’t exactly set the world on fire with their collegiate play.

    My point was simply there hasn’t been a player with the hype around him that Zeller has since Bailey. His importance might only be symbolic, but that symbolic importance is higher than any player I can remember in my years of following IU basketball.

  40. Do you guys think Baily’s hype was earned and Zellers hype is fabricated by us IU fans that wish for a savior, or a flagship of which to plant our Hoosier flag.

  41. This “symbolic importance” stuff is pure garbage. It would mean something if he put his heart into being a Hoosier from the beginning no matter what state our basketball program. I don’t think the kid has that strong of passion for the game and it’s obvious the passion even less to sacrifice anything to wear cream and crimson. I don’t really care where the kid goes and I certainly don’t think he’s is the type of talent that can put a team on his shoulders without other very important pieces to compliment his cumbersome and one-dimensional game. The kid is not even that coordinated. This is not the next Steve Downing that will embarrass the best center in the country at a Final Four. DeAndre Thomas had better feet and Marco Killingsworth a better overall game.

    The hype artists need some smelling salts. Cody won’t be the first flop that landed way too high on a rankings list.

    Chet talks sanity on this thread.

  42. This “symbolic importance” stuff is pure garbage. It would mean something if he put his heart into being a Hoosier from the beginning no matter what state our basketball program. I don’t think the kid has that strong of passion for the game and it’s obvious the passion even less to sacrifice anything to wear cream and crimson. I don’t really care where the kid goes and I certainly don’t think he’s is the type of talent that can put a team on his shoulders without other very important pieces to compliment his cumbersome and one-dimensional game. The kid is not even that coordinated. This is not the next Steve Downing that will embarrass the best center in the country at a Final Four. DeAndre Thomas had better feet and Marco Killingsworth a better overall game.

    The hype artists need some smelling salts. Cody won’t be the first flop that landed way too high on a rankings list.

    Chet talks sanity on this thread.

  43. I blame sampson/all hype,

    The symbolic importance is not garbage. I have my doubts about what Zeller will be in the future, but as it stands now he is a highly ranked recruit who is very highly respected by his peers.

    They see him choosing Crean & IU, that gives Crean future recruiting leverage with other highly rated players for future classes. But keep on hating.

  44. To me the hype stems from going against UNC for the services of a homegrown kid, when over 7 of that last 10 years he would have been handed over without a fight. Getting Zeller means having the ability to add top talent to the program for certain but beating out the Tar Heels for even a Hoosier HS baller may say more about the future of the program.

  45. Zeller is a future All-American. He is better than both his brothers and Tyler will be a first round draft pick. I don’t think I would say it is purely symbolic.

  46. My supporting IU basketball has never hinged on one coach or one recruit. Don’t call me a hater when the biggest proponent of Zeller on Scoop is a blogger that has made it his secondary mission to bombard our coach with unfounded contempt and baseless attacks. He has ridiculed him to no end and believes his savior basketball player will bring IU back despite the incompetent coach we have in charge. My opinions about Zeller( whether shared by the majority or from the tiniest minority)has nothing to do with hate. In my eyes the success of our new coach and the rebuilding process the IU basketball program does not even remotely “hinge”, nor has zero effect, the level of my appreciation for the unsung heroes now wearing cream and crimson and every future Hoosier team I cheer for this day forward. If anything, I look at kids like Elston as much more saviors our program. The kids that would fight and claw to wear our uniform in our darkest hour mean much more to me. So you keep deluding yourself like 4gaurds that one recruit is bigger the name IU and one name is capable all praise for opening some symbolic floodgate as if he’s Moses parting the Red Sea and saving us from the idle purgatory our last cheating coach and the incompetence our current. I can occasionally buy into some good old-fashioned harmless hype, but the ridiculous exaggerations surrounding this kid is abnormal and motivated by more than just wanting winning basketball returning to IU.

    I am far from a perfect fan. I will come around and learn to forgive Zeller for placing the name North Carolina on his list. And though his time here will likely be wasted by playing for an “incompetent” coach(a view his loudest cheerleader on Scoop that I do not share)that has merely shown he can maybe recruit, I will adopt him quickly and clap my guts out like clap-happy Crean when he trots onto McCracken Court in candy-stripes for the first time. As I said before, I’m far from a perfect fan like you and 4guards…I’ll likely hold onto my old prejudices I can’t abandon and find more joy when I see guys like Elston and Watford earning All-Big 10 honors than any excitement I’d ever get from a Cody commitment that finally acknowledges we’re the perfect fit his big fat shoe..For he shall now raise his staff, part our Big Red Sea, and bring the “Domino” followers back their homeland! And what if we don’t win it all within 2 years his arrival? Can’t you see it coming? Can’t you hear the 4guards’ drums pounding? It’s time for a Crean crucifixion! Time for our next savior! Time for…. EVERYTHING HINGES ON LOBO STEVO!

  47. That is the problem with 90% of the people on here. You become negative toward anything 4guards talks about because of your hatred toward him going after Crean. 4guards is just like the majority of us on here, just someone posting his opinion. Even though his hatred toward all things Crean makes me discount most things he says like the rest of you do, he does have valid points on a lot of things when he isn’t mudslinging Crean.

    And yes, you are being a hater on Zeller, it might be because of 4guards, but that doesn’t change the fact you are ripping on a high school kid for making sure he makes the right decision for the rest of his life.

    I have never claimed Zeller will be the savior of IU basketball ON THE COURT, but if you don’t think his recruitment and ultimately his commitment to IU isn’t a major deal for Crean and the near future of this program, then you are either blinded by your hatred for 4guards or just a fool, and I don’t believe you’re a fool.

  48. I have no hatred toward 4guards. I kind of like the guy and I think he sort of knows it. Opinions are rarely void of ulterior motivations and far too often lose perspective by an innate desire our ineffectual voices to be accepted and legitimized. And to be blinded by a blind man would be an interesting concept and one that sounds rather appealing to me (like the horrible monster blinded his aggression because the blind man had better vision without his sight the prejudices every man’s clearer look). I only point out the obvious about 4guards. You can know how to split atoms without a desire to use such knowledge against the future your own species. 4guards knowledge of the game is irrelevant to me and likely distorted when his ultimate desires are aimed at destruction the man in charge. He is building his slander-bomb and recognition his basketball expertise provides him the plutonium. Since the first days I saw his name posting on this blog(back when he was using “Stevealford”) he has been on a nonstop campaign to discredit our head coach. And whether or not we land Zeller, I believe there’s a high probability his slanderous missiles of words will be pointed the same direction. Maybe I’m wrong to call him a “Crean-hater”. Maybe he’s just a Crean-doubter. And maybe I’m a Zeller-doubter. And maybe I just don’t happen to share in a belief that Zeller is that impacting a force as a basketball player. For those that believe Crean needs this type of high-profile recruit to help ease there own doubts his abilities to make IU relevant again, Zeller is obviously an important reaffirmation their convictions our new coach. Maybe I’m not part of that crowd. Maybe I didn’t have the convictions to begin with. Maybe I just don’t desire to build an arsenal of slander against one man. Maybe Perea filled my deep hole of doubt. Maybe Dawson would have filled it more. Maybe I’m just part of the blind faithful. I am from a cabin in the woods. I would have no problem putting a Sampson monster like Eli Holman back into a Hoosier jersey. It would be very heartwarming to this blind “fool”, and likely, in my heightened perceptions keener the other senses not blinded by desires of destruction or the hype a manufactured saving resurrection, make us just as strong a team. And maybe just to try would make us a better species this world. It would be the blind arrogance a superior beast I would much more fear to share my cigar and offer hot cup of soup. And maybe that righteous and foolish arrogance started long before a blind coach named Crean inherited the castle of IU hoops.

  49. Dear I blame Sampson;

    A bit too heavy, man. Maybe you need a different forum through which to articulate your philosophy? Either that, or you were trying to make a post that no one could counter.

    Take it easy on that cold medicine.

  50. Dear podunker-

    It’s just how I feel, man. Sorry I gassed you so bad..Haven’t you ever taken joy in the pleasures of analarticulation? Stick a suppository in your mouth if you don’t like it. I have the freedom to say whatever the hell I please. Who decides you get the giant eraser to clean the chalkboard? And if it’s too heavy, don’t strain your fly sack. This aint a weight room. Nobody is asking you to curl it 10 times.

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