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OK, a new Hoosier Morning setup I am trying out this week. I’ve been tracking the number of clicks on each link, and it’s pretty clear what kind of stories interest you fair readers and what do not. So, with that in mind, we’re going to try this out. If you like it, let me know. If you don’t, the same thing.



For this year’s basketball preview, Dustin sat down with Maurice Creek and talked at length about the knee injury that ended Creek’s freshman season. But also how Creek got to Indiana and the relationship he built with his stepfather through the game of basketball. It’s very good, so good Creek Tweeted about it last night.

Also in the preview, I called for 17 wins and a trip to a postseason tournament and the two of us profiled each and every member of the team (writing about Taylor Wayer = difficult).


As the season begins, different outlets are taking different stabs at trying to determine where Indiana is at, in year 3 of the post-nuclear rebuilding project. One of the better takes is from ESPN.com’s Eamonn Brennan (also a former IDS and Inside the Hall man).

Two years later, the phrase raises as many questions as it answers. In 2010, what is Indiana basketball? After a decade of turmoil, what remains? What has changed? And how does a new coach with a bombed-out roster navigate the unique mixture of challenges — its fan base’s desperate desire not only to win, but to win The Indiana Way — that a program like Indiana presents?

There’s no question Crean’s challenge has been significant. In some ways, Crean himself didn’t know what he was getting himself into.

“Looking back, there’s no question that the Indiana job I took and the Indiana job it became were two different jobs,” Crean said. “People’s memories can be a little short-lived.”


Denard Robinson is not going to win the Heisman. Michigan’s defense is too bad, and Robinson’s playing style also lends itself to him injuring himself. But the fact remains he is one of the more dynamic college football players of the last decade. I’d go as far as to say no player in the country gives you a greater senses of anticipation with each and every snap.

The national college writers have moved on from Robinson, but a Michigan Daily reporter, Ryan Kartje, has done a tremendous job of putting together a compelling, different profile of Robinson, without using Robinson at all. Instead Kartje flew to Deerfield Beach, Fla. and watched a Michigan game with Robinson’s family, on an old TV in what amounts to a driveway.

To those who follow the Michigan football team, he’s a savior and an enigma. He doesn’t say much. He’s quiet, always reserved. His eyes give nothing away. Ann Arbor wonders. Who is Denard Robinson? How can someone so young be capable of so much? Can he really handle the weight of a program? His parents wonder. Have they done all they can? Has he learned enough to be ready?

There are so many questions.

Here, around this television, there are answers.


As we draw closer to an announcement — all indications are it is scheduled for Wednesday in Washington — the Indiana media continues to debate and pick apart the decision-making process from both sides.

The latest angle, which has come up repeatedly in the comments here, is that Cody Zeller is not a savior. He’s a very good basketball player, and an important recruit, but not someone who can single-handedly bring Indiana a banner. That’s what the Star’s Terry Hutchens writes in his blog.

Cody Zeller isn’t Eric Gordon. I’m not sure he’s even Damon Bailey. And I don’t think it’s fair for IU fans to expect that either. Cody Zeller needs to be allowed to be Cody Zeller. If that happens, I think he could have a great career at IU. But if he becomes the victim of unrealistic expectations then the IU fanbase will have done him a great disservice.

Like Hutch, I agree that Zeller is not a prospect on the level of Gordon or Bailey — for one thing, both were guards and did not need someone to get him the ball. But I also think most fans know that. It is Indiana, and the fans are smarter here than at the average institution. The fervor is over what it means in the rebuilding project. I doubt the intrigue would be half of this if Zeller was choosing Kelvin Sampson’s Indiana versus North Carolina.


I cannot forget maybe my favorite part of Hoosier Morning — the song choice. Here is Pearl Jam’s “Just Breathe.”


  1. Just made my morning with the song choice, even though IMO it is one of the weaker songs from Backspacer. Watch as many of the songs from the Austin City Limits concert as possible. Great stuff.

    Also, love the 17 win prediction. That would make for an exciting year.

  2. That song launched itself into my top 10 PJ songs when I first heard it…too bad more bands can’t have such a long-lasting relevance these days. Too many fly-by-night, overproduced, undertalented groups the past 10 years or so (and counting)….

  3. I like the new format! I really like your 17 win prediction. I predict 20+ wins and a minimum elite 8 finish…

  4. Zeller is no Eric Goron. That is correct, because he will be here longer than 1 year. In order to hang banners, we need some of the best 3-4 year players in the country. In my opinion, Zeller is the best 3-4 year player in the country in this class.

  5. Eh – don’t care much for the new format. I liked how the previous format focused on whatever was the main matter at hand (preview or recap of coming or completed game), highlighted the takes from the other side of the ball, and gave an around the horn look at the rest of the conference. I was disappointed to not see those other links once I scrolled beyond the 5 items.

    It feels like this format will share about 1/4 of the links the old format did. Plus I don’t like the links being buried so much in the text.

    Anyway, that’s just one regular reader’s opinion about this particular feature of the blog. I was a fan of the efficient breakdown of links in the previous format. I appreciated it as a vetted RSS reader of sorts. Hopefully that expanse of content won’t be lost in the change.

  6. Like the new format too. Great PJ song. Eddie Vedder is kinda “out there” but is a real talent and they have some great music in their catalog.

  7. I prefer the previous format. Also, I come to this site to read about Hoosier sports, especially football/basketball and could care less for the music.

  8. ^That’s funny 4guards. People will like you more now. Here’s what a live feed to 4guards’ laptop will look like during the Cody Countdown.

  9. I preferred the old format because it gave a lot of quick links that you could take or leave. I also liked the fact that it gave a sense of what was going on around the big ten. I think a mix of the two formats could work. You could have the starting five, and then just quickly list the other links after that. And I for one enjoy the song of the day, so I would keep that either way.

  10. The song on Wednesday should be One Shining Moment. Because it will be the first step to hanging banner #6.

  11. Like the old format better – it gives more perspective on the state of other programs & fanbases around the league, relative to ours.

    The new format highlights stories from sites most of us already check out, but the previous format brought more variety to the table.

  12. I liked the old format better as well. This one just feels like less information being passed on to the reader.

  13. I have tomorrows culturally appropriate song choice for Scoop. If we could only get Dan Dakich and 4guards to sing it on the airwaves to Cody.

  14. On 2) the link did not work
    On 4) You are WRONG! Cody Zeller IS THAT GOOD! There is not one player on any college roster in the State of Indiana who was ranked #20 or above as a senior in HS! Cody is more like Payton Manning than Eric Gordon. He will love his 3-4 years in the college game. We all knew with Eric that if we did not win championships in his one and only season-then there was NOTHING more that he would do for IU Basketball as a player. We will have fully 3 and probably 4 years to win championships at Indiana with Cody! That is why the commitments of Ron, Peter and Hanner are so important. Cody KNOWS that he will always be surrounded by great talent during his 4 years at IU! He is as important as they come in basketball recruiting because of his PLAY first and because of his reputation second!

  15. Will there be a hot tub party at Andy Graham’s pad after the signing? I’ll bring the Mr. Bubble.

  16. I like the new format and the old one but this one I feel gets to the point better and easier.

    I have not posted on the football game. I felt it was the best played game all year and a game in which IU was truly prepared for. The team seemed motivated and “up’ for the game. The play calling was not predictable like it has been. I told my wife at the beginning of the 4th quarter that I could not bash the coaching staff at all on this one game. It stinks IU had to lose but they did. A loss is a loss! I am happy the season is over in Bloomington…I hate not seeing one Big 10 win all season, pathetic!

  17. Payton Manning? Who is he? A twin brother, perhaps?

    Folks, the gloriousness of the day cannot be overstated. Almost 70 degrees out there, with enough golden and amber leaves on the trees to remind you that fall is still hanging on. In my hometown it is a grim and gray 45 degrees and drizzly, and the local football teams lost by a combined 80 points over the weekend.

    Be thankful for Bloomington.

  18. I’m thankful for Pierre’s baguettes, the beautiful cobblestone pathways of Annecy, Beluga caviar, and the sweet smell of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese coming from 4guards’ basement….and Husky Tom.

  19. Hotel Boy agrees with me? That is a first.
    I thought for sure he would like the new setup better just because I liked the old.

  20. 4brainfarts,

    I do not give a damn what way the wind blows against your wet finger because your credibility is zero.

  21. Prefer either old format or mixture of the two. Nice to have a variety of stories and pick and choose. This is too little and already covered.


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