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In part II of his series focused on the 10 years since Bob Knight’s firing, Dustin got Mike Davis to open up about his time at Indiana and what led to him leaving the Hoosiers. He admitted he now feels like he should have left after the Final Four run and that Indiana deserves everything for his success during and since his time in Bloomington.

Davis announced his resignation on Feb. 16 but coached out the year, which ended with the Hoosiers losing in the second round of the NCAA Tournament to Gonzaga.

“Indiana deserved better,” Davis said. “I owe them. I owe Indiana everything I have right now because they gave me a chance to be a head coach. . It wore on me for so long, and it started to wear on the players, and when that happens, it’s time for an adult to step away. The fans and the players deserved something better.”

At the time, Davis believed something better for Indiana meant hiring one of its own, maybe an alum or maybe just a native of the state. Someone all the fans would immediately rally around, putting the hard feelings from the Knight termination in the past once and for all. Davis even said that publicly on a media teleconference days before his resignation.

But IU decided not to go that route.


In my 3 questions (and answers) following Ferris State, I break down the Cody Zeller announcement, Verdell Jones’ return to the lineup, and how many 3-pointers should Indiana make during a game in which it takes 27 of them.

Chris Korman did what he does best: add a dose of reality and wit to a situation that has raveled out of control. No one knows where Cody Zeller is going, he writes for Inside the Hall, and the rumors are more hopes than anything else.

Nobody I’ve talked to in Indiana seems to have a very strong feeling about where Zeller will go. He’s a quiet, unassuming kid. It always made me chuckle when somebody would tell me that Cody “didn’t really like Brad Stevens” — which is just plain hard to believe in general — or that he “didn’t like the vibe at North Carolina.” These thoughts were clearly, at best, hopes turned into thoughts. I don’t believe that Zeller would have revealed feelings like that, nor that he would have had them. You don’t narrow it down to three schools if you have concerns like that about two of them.

The Star’s Kyle Neddenriep unveiled his new class of 2012 rankings, and Gary Harris No. 1. Ron Patterson comes in at No. 5, as well. The players on campus now believe there are reasons for optimism, the Terre Haute Tribune-Star’s Andy Proffet writes.

Friday’s opponent, Florida Gulf Coast, is looking for a breakout season after bringing in a large freshmen class, the Eagle News’ Jon Galamay writes.


Wide receiver Damarlo Belcher has been hard on himself since dropping the ball that would have defeated Iowa, Dustin writes.

“It was a high ball,” Belcher said. “I tried my best to go up and get it. I was trying to tuck it in while I was up in the air. It hit my knee on the way down, so it kinda popped out. I felt like a failure.”

After Wisconsin ran through Indiana last season, the Hoosiers know what is coming on Saturday, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope writes.

In Madison, there is concern about what is going in to those computer polls and what the results mean for the Badgers, Madison.com’s Tom Mulhern writes.


Let’s start with basketball, eh? Wisconsin’s recruits, including the son of BTN analyst Jim Jackson, are eager learners, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz writes. Purdue’s offense was far from great (outside of Terone Johnson’s 17 points), but the defense was good in the final exhibition game, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Mike Carmin writes.

There were real signs of potential and promise in Illinois’ season opener, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine writes. And a look at recruiting young players, and the possible rule changes on offering scholarships, from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf.

The Michigan State Spartans may be the best of the Tom Izzo era, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode writes.

There are plenty of obvious reasons. Tom Izzo’s 16th MSU team has a chance to be one of his best because it seems to have generous amounts of talent, experience, versatility and motivation.

It’s the kind of team that only comes around every few years, even for a program with six Final Four appearances in the past dozen seasons.

“We have every component,” junior guard Korie Lucious said. “We have bigs that can do it down low. We have guards that can do it outside. I think we just have an all-around group of guys that’s willing to win. And if we put all our talents together collectively, I think we can do unstoppable things.”

Now to football: It’s November in the Big Ten, and that means Ohio State is ready to dominate, the Columbus Dispatch’s Ken Gordon writes. When Penn State heads to Columbus, Matt McGloin will be the starting quarterback, the Harrisburg Patriot-News’ Jared Shanker writes.

Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase and the rest of the offense wear a band around their wrist that reads F.I.S.T., the Champaign News-Gazette’s Bob Asmussen writes. Danny Hope and Rich Rodriguez are hoping to ignore their clash last season, AnnArbor.com’s Pete Bigelow writes.


The Bravery’s “An Honest Mistake.”


  1. I have to think that sometime in the next 24 hours the loosing coaches have to be getting a phone call at which time there could be leaks.

  2. Today it is ALL ABOUT AUSTIN ETHERINGTON!! He will re-write every Indiana 3-point shooting record, get 20 plus minutes a game as a freshman, rebound, pass, play defense, be smart with the ball, and show the IU fans what a TOTAL TEAM player is all about! Welcome to Bloomington Austin! I am excited!

  3. Etherington is a great addition, but will never touch Steve Alford’s 107 in a season, or his career percentage of .530

  4. 4guards – he does not have to “touch Steve Alford’s 107 in a season, or his career percentage of .530; just play within his abilities and he will be a major contributor – it’s all about contributions from all!!

  5. Just how important is college ball these days to a favored recruit? Just how vital in the process selecting the right institution for a nationally top-rated basketball talent? Just how long does the wound in a heart last when banners aren’t hoisted at the school they’ve invested all the efforts a lifetime of hoops dreams?

  6. I’m with Speedway, Demarlo is far from a failure. He made a valiant effort and couldn’t hold on. There were many plays in the game that could have made a difference toward the final outcome.

  7. For some reason; i look at the photo with Coach Creans held down walking through Assembly Hall; and get the opinion that he just received the “bad news” regarding Cody.

  8. For some reason; i get the feeling when I look at CTC’s photo with his head down walking through AH – he just received “bad news” from CZ via phone

  9. If the All-Time records were “cheap” it would NOT be Indiana! Austin, your goals are lofty: 283 career, 107 single season, 9 in a game, .569 season%, .530 career% for 3-pointers. I think that you can do it-but if you don’t reach each or any of these records, it is NOT a problem! Just do your best and everything will work out well! If you look up the definition of “absurd” (“contrary to reason”-implies a logical or statistical impossibility) you will see that you misused that word-perhaps you were searching for words like “unlikely”, “improbable”, etc…with adjectives like “highly”, “very”, etc… Each of these records was set by an IU basketball player, and each will likely be bettered at some point in the future. Austin is a renowned 3-point shooter and Coach Crean utilizes an offense that stresses the 3-point shot. Austin has as much of a chance to better these records as anyone you can name. He is likely to have 4 full years to work on them!

  10. countdown to Cody, that video may just do the best job of portraying 4guards humanly possible. The only thing that might have made it better is if Stevie had swooped in and rescued him from those two Scoop bloggers that were laughing at him and being mean to him.

  11. How the hell could you ever mistake MD for Tom Crean? Look at the MD trademark, rolled up paper, just like Denny Crum. Failed Lasik surgery?

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