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Cody Zeller talks to reporters on Thursday in the Hatchet House at Washington. David Snodgress | Herald-Times



Oh, so many stories today about this. Let’s start with Dustin’s, which focused on everything that had happened before and then after Cody Zeller said seven words: “Next year I am gonna go to IU.” I wrote about what signing Zeller means for the program going forward, and how he may be the rare player who can handle the focus and pressure.

“He can handle it,” said Lorri Zeller, Cody’s mother. “I think if anyone can handle it, it’s him.”

This was a kid who withstood his father Steve telling him on three separate nights why he should go to each of the three finalists. Tyler, Steve said, got mad when Steve did the same thing then; Cody was, by far, the calmest.

He’s mentally tough, blocking out all outside distractions as he made his decision. He’s physically tough, tying the state record with 26 rebounds against Gary Wallace in the 3A title game last March.

Zeller will have to be both at Indiana. The hopes and dreams of a million and one Hoosiers are now on the broad shoulders of the Zeller that did not get away.

Here is a full index to Inside the Hall’s coverage, which was wide-ranging and far-reaching. The IDS’ Nathan Hart admits he does not want to engage in hyperbole, but then states Zeller is the best thing to happen to IU since Tom Crean arrived.

The Star’s Jeff Rabjohns focused on what this means in the greater context of bringing Indiana back. The whole thing meant so much to Crean that he was momentarily speechless, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio writes.

Here is part of Crean’s press conference from yesterday:


We timed this well, it seems. The fourth part of Dustin’s “Out of the Shadow” series is on Crean, and what he has done to respect Bob Knight’s legacy while also forging one of his own.

“Some coaches definitely don’t want to be judged on what has been there before, good or bad,” Fischer said. “I don’t think Tom has any problem that. He knows Bob Knight built a great tradition at Indiana. I don’t think Tom has any issue with celebrating that. … He’s far enough removed that he can.”

Still, perhaps some fans will never forgive the university for dismissing Knight. But the 10 years of boiling tumult following it have at least cooled to a simmer, and Crean can use Knight’s legacy as a tool to build with instead of a burden to shoulder.

“I think he’s the first guy who is in a position to really build his own era,” Glass said. “We’ve been blessed with great eras here, going back to Everett Dean and Branch McCracken. He’s the first person since coach Knight who’s equipped to have that era.”

Perhaps it will be an era like Knight’s and McCracken’s that included national championship banners. Perhaps it won’t. But after 10 years, the beginning of the Tom Crean era may finally mean the Era of Post Bob Knight chaos is over.


Big day all around for Indiana, especially on the soccer pitch. Indiana’s Will Bruin was named Big Ten Player of the Year on Thursday, and first-year coach Todd Yeagley took home Coach of the Year honors. And Jeremy focused on Joe Tolen, a do-it-effectively player for the Hoosiers, in advance of this weekend’s Big Ten Tournament.

There’s also a basketball game today, the season-opener, against Florida Gulf Coast. Dustin wrote about how excited Crean is to play three games in five days. Will carried Indiana against Ferris State, but Indiana expects better execution tonight, the IDS’ Ryan Winn writes.

In advance of today’s women’s basketball opener, Jeremy wrote about the journey of Latvian Kristiana Stauere to be a part of IU’s team.

In advance of Saturday’s game against Wisconsin, the IDS’ Geoffrey Miller looks at all the factors that lead to a decision on Bill Lynch’s job future, while the IDS’ Justin Albers determines the losing culture is Indiana’s biggest problem.


Six teams open up the regular season tonight. At Ohio State, the Buckeyes will probably not get a chance to use its big lineup with Jared Sullinger and Dallas Lauderdale together, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist writes.

Penn State is focused on putting last season’s troubles behind them, starting with a win against Lehigh, the Daily Collegian’s Alex Angert writes. A predictable start at Minnesota, with star Devoe Joseph suspended indefinitely because of off-court issues, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf writes.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo is calling freshman Adreian Payne the most athletic big man he has coached, the Lansing State-Journal’s Joe Rexrode writes. In Northwestern guard Juice Thompson’s final season on campus, the Wildcats will lean on him heavily to run the offense, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein writes.

Oh, you want football too? A really nice read today from the Des Moines Register’s Andre Logue on Iowa linebacker Jeremiha Hunter and how he raises his two-year-old twins.

For the past three years, thousands of Hawkeye football fans have seen Jeremiha Hunter as a sometimes-unheralded defender, with 236 career tackles and an occasional appearance in the highlight reels.

His father sees a 22-year-old man who took on the responsibility of raising twins, mourned the death of a childhood friend and embraced a family legacy of helping others.

“If I had to say something about (Jeremiha’s) time in Iowa, it was his maturation,” Brian Hunter said, “from his freshman year until now.”


Rumor has it that Crean enjoys the U2. With that in mind, I would bet this was played once or twice yesterday on the iPod. Here is U2’s “Beautiful Day.”


  1. I am predicting Cody will hang a banner his Sophomore year if Creek and Watford stay 4 years.

  2. It’s really me. And yes I think Zeller is that good. Also wouldn’t surprise me if Harris is on that squad as well.

  3. Personally, I don’t think Jurkin will contribute much at all his freshman year. It would prob be a good thing to consider a reshirt year for him.

  4. 4guards- everyone is glad you are done whining for the moment, and we look forward to having you on board.

    However, what we’d appreciate is that for once in your life you admit you were wrong, and prematurely harsh in your judgmentes.

    What we aren’t about to forget is how you whined every day about “Crean being in Missouri instead of at Cody’s practice”; Crean “turning his back on Indiana kids” etc. You know you are guilty of saying that. It turns out that the whole time, Crean was hitting the state hard, and now the fruits are beginning to show.

    You were wrong, wrong, wrong 4tards. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and even Bush admitted it. Be a man and admit that when you criticized Crean for not recruiting the state, he was actually doing the opposite.

    You can go a long ways by simply saying “yes, I admit.”

  5. I don’t feel I was wrong, because at that time Crean was not getting the job done on the recruiting trail. He should have done much better on our last class. Now he is flat out getting it done on the recruiting trail and you won’t hear that out of me. The truth is that the things I said were true, and those things are not happening any longer. If I would have said, Crean will never get recruiting turned around then I would agree with you.

  6. What I’m hearing from Coach Crean is making me believe we are truly in the Crean Era and it’s gon’a be a hell of a fun ride!!!

  7. The things you said weren’t true. While you bashed him, Crean was in the laboratory carrying out his plan to make things better. You used simplistic surface-level observations and bad sources to condemn him, when you really didn’t know what was going on.

    Now you are eating crow, and Crean gets the last laugh. Next time, be more cautious in your proclamations.

  8. You are not making any sense. I bashed the 2010 class and rightfully so. It sucks. We can’t have that here.
    I never bashed the 2011 class unless I prefaced it with IF WE LOSE ZELLER.
    The things I said about Crean were true. I believe he learned from his mistakes and is doing it the right way now. That doesn’t mean he didn’t fail miserably in the beginning.

  9. What you view as “mistakes” weren’t mistakes – they were simply symptoms of the precarious position the program was in after Sampsongate. And now, even those symptoms – a lower ranked 2010 class – appear to be better than we thought. So you are wrong there, too.

    By the way you are due for another name change, since even your name is an inaccurate criticism of the coach.

  10. By the way, I lit up the Kentucky boards last night after I heard about Kanter, from both a UW and IU perspective.

    Didn’t say anything rude, just told them the truth: they got what they deserved, and that UW and IU were going to put a pounding this year on their freshmen flops.

    They responded like a pack of wild dogs. I was banned from the chat rooms quicker than you can say Cheater.

  11. No matter. We got the commit from Terrence Ross, Tony Wroten (through legal means), and will probably get Choi too.

  12. I will admit that I went to a few UNC message boards over lunch. I did not type anything but they are really worried now about their big man situation. Some are very sour as well about Cody picking IU and all….funny!

  13. Can we please just agree to disagree on whether or not 4guards should be eating crow? Neither side is ever going to let up, and I really don’t want to still be reading this same discussion in 2013. Thanks.

  14. Hugh, I made my peace but notice there is one constant every time…

    This is one time I had to battle…

  15. Stick It,
    No, I will be watching on TV.
    I actually planned on boycotting this season, but I received free tickets to a game later this year from NOTLR.

  16. I, too, am quite weary of the 4guards vs. everyone else banter. 4guards, I don’t actually always disagree with you, but even so, how about giving things a rest. Everyone else, I often agree with you, but again, how about giving it a rest?

    4guards, I will give you credit–you gave Crean credit when Cody committed. Based on that, I think you’ll do the same if/when the team plays well this season. Until such time as we can make a determination on the team’s play, I say we put the discussion on hiatus.

    Is it really looking realistic that Yogi Ferrell will commit sometime soon?

  17. After seeing what Hugh and eric wrote, I want to apologize to anyone that read anything I wrote and thought…I wish they would just stop!

    eric, it looks like next week I am reading but not this weekend…don’t know for sure…

  18. Does anyone else feel like Crean has put the kid gloves on with his offense so far? I completely understand why he would/has so this is not a bash rather an observation, and hopefully they will be taken off as our newly acquired talent starts to arrive in the next couple of years. I have just heard from a lot of places that he has a very large play book, but so far we have not seen very much. I understand dumbing it down, or needing the talent, but it has seemed extreme, we run maybe 10 plays if that. Thoughts?

  19. Here is the thing: We all know that the future is very, very bright for this program, with the flood of talent that is flowing in. Crean has shown us that he can get the pieces we need to get back to elite status.

    Why don’t we all simply get behind the team this year, scream and shout as loud as we can, hope for the best, and not turn sour when we hit the inevitable bumps? It seems easy enough.

  20. Hoag, I have noticed that as well. I bet as the year goes on, it will expand. Also, do you run fewer plays really well or a ton of plays and not execute???

  21. He can’t admit he was wrong. He simply can’t do it. There isn’t the tiniest drop of the manhood required to admit it in him.

  22. J Pat, no worries. I just want to focus on basketball. Husky’s right, the future is bright. Wow that rhymed.

    As for Crean’s offense, I’d say this year we might see more variety. We’ve got better experience, some depth and developing talent. But of course I’m not a coach.

  23. Eric, none of us are. Sure, a lot of us coach but not at this level. That’s one of the reasons so many of the coaching critiques are humorous. Nobody here would go one a website and second guess a neurosurgeon or a physicist but lots of folks think they could coach a Big Ten basketball team. Funny.

  24. I still like to visualize the picture of VO stuffing raw crow down 4tickturds throat after the Ferris State game.

  25. Husky Tom,
    Very well said, let’s put all this crap behind us and support this team! We should see very improved basketball this season.

    Very funny, all these lazy boy coaches crack me up.

    I dreamed about that last night, it was awesome lol.

  26. What’s the word from the Purdue boards regarding Zeller signing with IU?

    I think the best way to celebrate the news of IU signing Zeller is to simply ignore the one infamous and inane poster from now on? His refusal to admit he was wrong has eliminated the very small amount of credibility he had to begin with. Now that the season is underway, we can focus on the games, the current players, the coaching decisions, etc. Much more fun than debating with judgementally challenged.

  27. Without “the one infamous and inane poster” this blog would have been a bore. Unlike some on this site whose writings, though wrapped in gentility and obvious pandering to the majority, fail to conceal a bitter and cutting tone that violently surfaces like hidden shiv sent up the ribs any opinion contrary their superficial blabber.

    What loser would want to visit a Purdue board? When you sit at the front of the classroom there will always be whispers from the back.

  28. Ulterior: are you referring to me with your “pandering” accusations? If so, just call me out; don’t participate in the same veiling and disguising that you condemn.

  29. Yes. You are a pandering Podunker that likes to play Jack the Ripper on Scoop. If you don’t think so then it is you that need eyes removed your rectum.

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